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Expanding menu script...

I'm having a problem with a script I'm writing. It's designed to expan
a menu using the div tag and some scripting. Basically, there's
division for the "upper level" menus and a division for the men
options below them. the script is designed to simply toggle th
"display" property from "block" to "none" everytime the user clicks o
a supermenu. all i get, though, is an error on the page. here's wha
i've pared it down to:
var Temp = document.all[("s"+divNum)];
Temp.style["display"] = "block";
where the division I'm trying to open has an id value of "s0" and
call the function using javascript:open Menu(0).
so as it stands all the script does is open the submenu once, but if
can get that to work the rest will be cake. does anyone know how t
make this work?
p.s. sorry for the capitalization, the shift key on this keyboar
doesn't work very well >_

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Jul 20 '05 #1
3 1944

Seriously, if anyone could help me..

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Jul 20 '05 #2
In article <Mr************ *****@mail.foru m4designers.com >,
Mr************* ****@mail.forum 4designers.com enlightened us with...

I'm having a problem with a script I'm writing. It's designed to expand
a menu using the div tag and some scripting. Basically, there's a
division for the "upper level" menus and a division for the menu
options below them. the script is designed to simply toggle the
"display" property from "block" to "none" everytime the user clicks on
a supermenu. all i get, though, is an error on the page. here's what
i've pared it down to:
var Temp = document.all[("s"+divNum)];
Temp.style["display"] = "block";

Your script is IE only, using document.all.

That makes it hard for non-IE users to help you at all.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishab le
from magic.

Jul 20 '05 #3
"MrKillingt on" <Mr************ *****@mail.foru m4designers.com > wrote in
message news:Mr******** *********@mail. forum4designers .com...
... . all i get, though, is an error on the page.
You don't see any reason to mention what that error actually was?
here's what i've pared it down to:
How? Why?
var Temp = document.all[("s"+divNum)];
Temp.style["display"] = "block";
Assuming the browser implements the Microsoft proprietary -
document.all - collection, the mark-up is as described, the ID is unique
on the page (and does not correspond with any NAME attributes), the
browser implements a - style - object on its element objects and
recognises and responds to the dynamic setting of the - display -
property on that - style - object, then the above code should behave as

Of course you are the only person in a position to tell if all of those
assumptions are correct, as you have not provided that information to
... javascript:open Menu(0).
So is that a javascript: pseudo protocol HREF on a link (in which case:-

<URL: http://www.jibbering.com/faq/#FAQ4_24 >

- and don't do that) or is it an event handling attribute with a
superfluous label, and if so, with which element is it associated? The
DIV? Some other element?

<snip>p.s. sorry for the capitalization, the shift key on
this keyboard doesn't work very well >_<
In a plain text medium like Usenet details like capitalisation and
formatting can go a long way towards improving communication. Simple
things like separating paragraphs (and code blocks) with a blank line
make reading posts considerably easier. And you do not encourage people
to help by discouraging them from reading your question.

<snip> Posted via http://www.forum4designers.com


Beyond the fact that the totally inappropriate presentation of
comp.lang.javes cript on forum4designers .com serves to inhibit the
comprehension of most of the code presented on the group, the fact that
forum4designers .com attempted to perpetrate a deception as to the nature
of the service they were providing and still do not adequately attribute
the sources of their content has resulted in a certain level of enmity
for forum4designes. com developing on Usenet. As a result
forum4designers .com is probably an unwise place to ask for help from,
and it is certainly not a good place to read comp.lang.javas cript from.

You would probably be best off accessing Usenet through some sort of
newsreader software (and your ISP's news server(s)), and if web based
assess is all that is possible for you groups.coogle.c om present
comp.lang.javas cript in an undistorted from and allow posting to the
group. There are also numerous other providers of web based access, some
of which do a reasonable job of presenting the group, and none of which
have yet achieved the negative reputation of forum4designers .com.

Jul 20 '05 #4

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