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thread by: Ganon11 | last post Jan 19 '07 by: Ganon11
The Miscellaneous Discussions forum is for any technology related question, comment, concern, or discussion. However, we encourage you to look at the full list of forums before deciding this is the best place for your thread. For instance, a question about C/C++ technically fits into this forum, but it would be much better in our C/C++ forum. ...
thread by: bsetec | last post 2 Days Ago by: developercat
Secure Health Records: Blockchain ensures secure storage of patient health records, protecting against unauthorized access and tampering while enabling seamless data sharing among healthcare providers. Interoperable Data Exchange: By providing a standardized and secure platform for sharing health data, blockchain enhances interoperability among...
thread by: boylegu | last post 2 Days Ago by: developercat
thread by: authenticcrypto | last post 1 Week Ago by: authenticcrypto
### Authentic Crypto Recovery: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Solutions for Crypto Asset Recovery In the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, safeguarding digital assets has become a paramount concern for investors and enthusiasts alike. Despite the robust security measures often associated with blockchain technology, incidents of lost or...
thread by: bsmnconsultancy | last post 1 Week Ago by: BeryBurns
In today's digital era, a well-designed website is crucial for businesses looking to succeed. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation in Toronto, having a strong online presence can significantly impact your brand's success. BSMN Consultancy, a leader in Website Development in Toronto offers valuable insights into creating...
thread by: albertmarshall9 | last post 1 Week Ago by: albertmarshall9
Contact seasoned professionals and knowledgeable people who can assist you in connecting with trustworthy QuickBooks users by using our QuickBooks user list. It is a well-known accounting application that Intuit developed. Its goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses handle their finances more skillfully. It offers a range of services,...
thread by: kapil04 | last post 1 Week Ago by: kapil04
"Discover exciting study opportunities in Germany for Indian students! Explore top universities, diverse programs, and vibrant student life. Prepare for a successful career with world-class education and cultural experiences. Start your journey to studying in Germany today!" Visit: Study In Germany For Indian Students
thread by: AnnySharma | last post 1 Week Ago by: AnnySharma
Primary 5 maths questions often include topics like fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry, and word problems. For students seeking additional support, there are numerous options for online tuition in Singapore. These online platforms provide tailored lessons, interactive exercises, and expert guidance to help students master these challenging...
thread by: carnico | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: dev7060
Hi, We are an educational institute. We are looking to implement something unique, we want to add multiple forms/surveys on the same page, we want each feedback form/survey under student name and rank so they can easily provide the feedback and then that feedback should be displayed on the same page with that student name with other details of the...
thread by: olivasmith | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: dev7060
Hi, This is my first post in this community. I just wanted to know that is R Language Good For Website Development? And what are the major benefits of using R language? Thanks in Advance
thread by: fadmo | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: fadmo
Full Breakout Game With Python including complete code and full explanations. https://codingwithfad.com/create-a-breakout-game-with-python-3/ Enjoy Smiley
thread by: brizy | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: brizy
Create a stunning website in minutes with our no-code website builder. Choose from a variety of beautiful templates and customize your website to fit your brand with our White Label builder.
thread by: dietervansteenw | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: dietervansteenw
Hi, I've been using the following folder layout for a while now: |-log # modulewith logging setup and custom handlers |-__init__.py |-my_logger.py |-config # folder |-__init__.py |-config.py
thread by: olivasmith | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: olivasmith
Dear Community Members, I have just started learning Azure and I got some free and paid resources. However, my learning is going good but I stack at one topic that Blueprint, I am not familiar with blueprint when I search it on Google, I came to this article- What is Azure Blueprint. However, many of my doubts have been cleared now but I want...
thread by: olivasmith | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: olivasmith
Hi, My name is Olivia and I belongs to New York City. I was born and brought up in UK. I did masters from NYC and settled here with my family. I am a software engineer, working with H&M. I am glad to be a post of this community.
thread by: snowman67 | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: developercat
I am writing an RFQ for a software to support my alternativecancer.us web site and need to add a late clause. I haven’t seen any, but I was thinking of a 1% penalty for the first week late and adding 1% to the penalty every week so if not delivered until after the second week the penalty is 2%…. Has anybody seen any late penalties in a...
thread by: AnderAI | last post 3 Weeks Ago by: developercat
Hi everyone, Iím currently writing a PhD about software (tailored made) development contracts. As a lawyer, Iím trying to understand an engineerís point of view in a contractual relationship, and particularly, what developers/engineers struggle with during a software development project. The aim of my research is to find the best solution in...
thread by: DGrund | last post 4 Weeks Ago by: DGrund
This sounds a little weird, but I switched computers from a W11 Pro machine to a W10 Pro machine. On the W10 computer, whenever I print a file (ANY printer on my system), it takes about 10-15 seconds for the printing to start. On the W11 machine, it was instantaneous. Is there a W11:W10 reason for this? Thanks!
thread by: Sergey98 | last post 4 Weeks Ago by: Sergey98
Looking for a reliable VPN to ensure privacy and security online? Discover Hide VPN! Our service allows you to browse the web anonymously and securely, bypassing restrictions and protecting your data. Safeguard your online activities with Hide VPN today!
thread by: hefaz | last post May 2 '24 by: william23413
If you ever have used mig33 chat application back in between 2006 to 2014, you know there were some gamerooms, where people joined to play games. Like if I give an example: A chatroom named: "LowCard" People can join the room and chat when someone types: "!start bet_amount" the bot game is started people types "!j" to join with spending the...
thread by: tracyyun | last post Apr 20 '24 by: tracyyun
Dear forum friends, With the development of smart home technology, a variety of wireless communication protocols have appeared on the market, such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Each protocol has its own unique characteristics and advantages, but as a user who is planning to build a smart home system, I am a bit confused by the...
thread by: marktang | last post Apr 16 '24 by: marktang
ONU (Optical Network Unit) is one of the key components for providing high-speed Internet services. Its primary function is to act as an endpoint device located at the user's premises. However, people are often confused as to whether an ONU can Work As a Router. In this blog post, weíll explore What is ONU, What Is Router, ONU & Routerís main...
thread by: nemocccc | last post Apr 10 '24 by: dev7060
hello, everyone, I want to develop a software for my android phone for daily needs, any suggestions?
thread by: emmanuelkatto | last post Apr 2 '24 by: emmanuelkatto
Hi All, I am Emmanuel katto from Uganda. I want to ask what challenges you've faced while migrating a website to cloud. Please let me know. Thanks! Emmanuel
thread by: taylorcarr | last post Mar 30 '24 by: taylorcarr
A Canon printer is a smart device known for being advanced, efficient, and reliable. It is designed for home, office, and hybrid workspace use and can also be used for a variety of purposes. However, Canon printers can also experience problems, like other devices. Many users have reported that they are struggling with their Canon printer not...
thread by: MeoLessi9 | last post Mar 28 '24 by: dev7060
I have VirtualBox installed on Windows 11 and now I would like to install Kali on a virtual machine. However, on the official website, I see two options: "Installer images" and "Virtual machines". Which one should I use for the virtual machine and what is the difference between them?. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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