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PHP web programming language - Ask questions about php scripting, databases, mysql, templates, PEAR, php functions, PHP-GTK, setup and installation, object oriented programming, classes, files, security, sessions, arrays and more.
thread by: Markus | last post May 31 '10 by: Dormilich
Before you post please: Turn on PHP Debugging Messages - this will help yourself and our experts to solve your problem. Please provide the error details in your post. Read the Posting Guidelines. Some of the main posting guidelines we would like you to follow when posting (in brief): Pick a good thread title -
thread by: Wilford24 | last post 6 Days Ago by: marianklux
Greetings, I run a tech blog site and its a PHP-based website. But there is a XSS attack occurs on my website. So for that reason, the traffic of my site is gradually decreasing. Here is my website. Can anyone please suggest what to do? How can I save my website?
thread by: Percepticon77 | last post 1 Week Ago by: developercat
I want to cache part of my application to make it faster. The database I use is MySQL. How do I know what to cache in redis? Should I be caching MySQL results? Or the output we send to the client? What else can I use redis for to improve application performance?
thread by: muto222 | last post 2 Weeks Ago by: dev7060
How can i add a mobile payment intergratation into php mysql website.
PHP Secure
thread by: PHP Secure | last post Nov 17 '23 by: PHP Secure
Heyo, my name is Theo! My team and I have just finished working on the PHP code security scanner and I'm the one in charge of asking people in the coding community for feedback. As you can tell, our team is really small since a Senior Backend Dev was tasked with this ahaha. But actually, I've been chosen for this since I'm really passionate...
thread by: bencryer | last post Jun 9 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
I want to learn java anyone can give me resources of java
thread by: gogoalshop | last post Jun 9 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
Hi all, I want to loop and call a function every 1000 milliseconds with wx.CallLater. I implemented this (see below), but it does not factor in the delay - it seems to execute automatically. How can I get this to wait 1000 milliseconds between function calls? This function is within a class. In my main module, I instantiate an object of...
thread by: Matthew3360 | last post Jun 5 '23 by: Niheel
Hi, I have been trying to connect to a local host using php curl. But I am finding it hard to do this. I am doing the curl get request from my web server and have made sure to enable curl. I get a 404 error when i try and connect. How could i fix this. $concurl = curl_init(); curl_setopt($concurl, CURLOPT_URL,...
thread by: Matthew3360 | last post Jun 5 '23 by: Niheel
Hi there. I have been struggling to find out how to use a variable as my location in my header redirect function. Here is my code. header("Location:".$urlback); Is this the right layout the redirect. I keep finding it is not redirecting and is just ignoring the request. Kind regards Matthew
thread by: exploretech | last post May 30 '23 by: miabaker
Which programming language does PHP resemble? Please tell me
thread by: venkateshm2280 | last post Mar 21 '23 by: Vanisha
Is it possible to remove the last row of the downloaded csv file, and the removed row will gets added in next sheet. May I know is this possible in PHP. As I searched in google and I didnt find any solutions.
thread by: nander | last post Mar 13 '23 by: nander
Hi has anyone seen an error like this before I believe it has to do with logging into a page using domain credentials but our logins have been converted to exchange online (PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: ldap_get_dn(): Argument #2 ($entry) must be of type LDAP\ResultEntry, bool given in /var/www/html/folder/external/ldap.php:26\nStack...
thread by: luna Baker | last post Mar 9 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
I am New Developer in PHP. still, laravel is worthy? Why Laravel is so famous?
thread by: Atli | last post Mar 4 '23 by: xeamcopz
You may be wondering why you would want to put your files “into” the database, rather than just onto the file-system. Well, most of the time, you wouldn’t. In situations where your PHP application needs to store entire files, the preferred method is to save the file onto the server’s file-system, and store the physical location of the file in...
thread by: Nithin George | last post Feb 26 '23 by: bakertaylor28
<?php include 'connection.php'; if(isset($_POST)) { $name1=$_POST; $email1=$_POST; $re_email1=$_POST; $npass1=$_POST; $npass2=$_POST; $phone1=$_POST;
thread by: Atli | last post Feb 26 '23 by: bakertaylor28
Introduction: Sessions are one of the simplest and more powerful tools in a web developers arsenal. This tool is invaluable in dynamic web page development and it is one of those things every developer needs to know how to use. This article explains the basics of PHP Sessions. Assumptions: Basic PHP knowledge is required (variables, arrays...
thread by: pbmods | last post Feb 26 '23 by: bakertaylor28
A somewhat obscure hack has emerged recently that is an offshoot of the now-infamous XSS. It is known as Cross-Site Request Forgery, or XSRF for short. XSRF is a form of temporary identity theft that can cause your computer to initiate banking transactions, send emails or text messages, or even change account info on your favorite site......
thread by: Ajithguru741 | last post Feb 25 '23 by: bakertaylor28
i am trying to built urer registration and user login page the registration page works perfectly fine.(the enterted data is stored the the database with $hash password) <?php $showError="false"; if($_SERVER == "POST"){ include '_dbconnect.php';
thread by: bakertaylor28 | last post Feb 25 '23 by: bakertaylor28
How do we use something like the following? I can't seem to find anything practical on how to use the true/false return or on how to supply parameters to a function. <?php function validate_email($email){ $exp = "^+(+)*@(+(+))+$"; if(eregi($exp,$email)){
thread by: hadimansouri | last post Feb 21 '23 by: Vanisha
Which book or books do you suggest to learn PHP at different levels (from beginner to professional)?
thread by: testLearn | last post Feb 16 '23 by: Vanisha
I have a php variable where the html contents are read as a string in php and I want to remove just the contents of the href and be the other intact. $string = '<a href="javascript:#one">String</a>'; now I want to make this as given below. <a href="https://bytes.com/">String</a>. Please note that javascript#one is not constant, It is dynamic
thread by: narutikli64 | last post Feb 16 '23 by: Vanisha
Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to web development. I know JavaScript and work primarily with JavaScript frameworks - Vue, Angular, Node/Express, and so forth. I'm wondering if it would be worth it to learn PHP and at least one PHP framework like Laravel. Is there any advantage to using PHP? Any major differences in capabilities between PHP...
thread by: Noorain | last post Feb 15 '23 by: Vanisha
hi i use following codes. here crystal report open in pdf format. <?php //- Variables - for your RPT and PDF //echo "Print Report Test";
thread by: xarzu | last post Feb 15 '23 by: Vanisha
What are the pros and cons of plain PHP or Classic ASP? PHP and Classic ASP are server-side scripting languages. What is wrong with having a website written in this instead of the trendy JavaScript Frameworks like React, Angular etc.? If memory serves me correctly, there is an issue with security where you can post in a text box some script and...
thread by: ravi6070 | last post Dec 12 '22 by: ravi6070
i get error msg like this.... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xamppp\htdocs\crud\display.php on line 54 my code is <?php include 'connect.php'; ?> <!DOCTYPE html>
thread by: tayyab772 | last post Oct 18 '22 by: dev7060
Hi Actually i have a problem in my php sql ecommerce project that i am not able to change currency symbol $ to pkr and i tried to change it from php files and phpmyadmin but never find any solution .If someone can guide me ill be thankfull

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