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Why laravel is famous between developers?

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I am New Developer in PHP. still, laravel is worthy? Why Laravel is so famous?
Mar 8 '21 #1
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Larvel is simply a framework environment that has a lot of basic things which are a given that saves time in writing the php code, and makes it easier to scale up an application. However, if you don't understand pure php, Larvel isn't going to help you much. It's better to learn pure php first, and THEN look at frameworks.
Mar 8 '21 #2
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Laravel is open-source, one of the highly used modern web application frameworks that design customized web applications quickly and easily. It has a unique architecture, where it is possible for developers to create their own infrastructure that is specifically designed for their application. Laravel attempts to take common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. So, it is famous for developers.
Mar 15 '21 #3
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That is true, (and I agree it can make things much easier for the PHP initiated) but it also encourages bad code writing for the uninitiated- simply put, larvel was not written in such a way that is forgiving in terms of security, thus the uninitiated shouldn't be using it if they don't know how to write secure php code. Rather, I view frameworks as making learning PHP code a little more difficult because then you have to learn BOTH the framework AND PHP, plus things won't work quite the same way in an environment without the framework.
Mar 17 '21 #4
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Laravel is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework that facilitates large-scale projects and offers a variety of libraries, tools, and templates.
Here are some reasons why most of the developers choose Laravel framework:
1) Laravel simplifies the development process with clean and reusable code.
2) Easy to use
3) MVC architecture
4) Security
5) Object oriented libraries.
6) Availability Of Pre-Built Components.
Feb 20 '23 #5
In an era where frameworks and programming languages are increasing, building high-performance web applications can be challenging. Laravel framework has maintained its top spot on the top PHP MVC frameworks list. With Laravel, you can enjoy the creative experience to the fullest extent, while accessing a wealth of elegant features that cover all aspects of everyday use cases. Developing robust web applications with PHP is undoubtedly easier with Laravel.

You can read our article on why use larvel to gain in-depth insights.
Feb 21 '23 #6
Riya Bajpai
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Laravel is famous because it is easy to learn, and that's a big plus. Developers donít want to get bogged down in complex, messy code. And businesses definitely donít want to wait around for their new web application. Blade is Laravelís built-in and lightweight template engine, which allows developers to create a web page easily using dynamic content seeding. Artisan is Laravelís powerful built-in command line tool, which helps automate repetitive tasks and manage database migration. Laravel is designed to integrate testing quickly and seamlessly into any web development process.
4 Weeks Ago #7
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Laravel is a popular open-source PHP web application framework released in 2011. It has gained significant popularity among developers for various reasons, including:

Elegant syntax and clear documentation: Laravel's syntax is clean and easy to understand, and it provides comprehensive documentation that helps developers get up and running quickly.

MVC architecture: The franework follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which divides the application logic into three interconnected components. This allows for a clean separation of concerns, making the code easier to maintain and update.

Built-in tools and features: This open-source web app has many built-in tools and features that make common tasks, such as authentication, routing, and caching, easy to implement.

Rapid development: Laravel's scaffolding tools allow developers to quickly generate the basic code for their application, which can significantly speed up the development process.

Large and active community: It has a large and active community of developers, which means there are many resources available, including documentation, tutorials, and packages.

Security: Laravel takes security seriously and includes features such as CSRF protection, hashed password storage, and encryption out of the box.
3 Weeks Ago #8

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