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JavaScript web scripting language - Ask questions about JavaScript development, jQuery, Vue, React, the DOM, cross-browser scripting, event handling, OOP, cookies, client-side form validation, built-in objects like Date, String, Array and Object, performance and more.
thread by: iam_clint | last post Feb 19 '07 by: iam_clint
This is a list of offsite links with good information on them (if you have any links to add please pm me) Remember when looking for examples use examples from 2 or more sites if you are not sure the code is cross browser compatible. General Javascript http://www.w3schools.com/ - Javascript examples (not as cross-browser friendly as...
thread by: iam_clint | last post Jan 11 '07 by: iam_clint
Javascript vs JSP I would like to note that JSP and JS are 2 different languages and are not used for the same thing. You would find better help for jsp posting under the Java forum. Posting GuideLines Please follow these guidelines when posting questions. Submitting clear and concise questions allow those reading to understand your...
thread by: VercelJoy | last post 4 Weeks Ago by: jjay2024
Got any recommendations for a blog CMS for nextjs? So far found Strapi, Directus and a few others. Looking for suggestions. Anything easy to maintain and allow easy frequent posting.
thread by: aa123db | last post Mar 31 '24 by: aa123db
Variable and constants Use var or let for variables and const fror constants. Var foo ='bar'; Let foo ='bar';const baz ='bar'; Functions function $name$ ($parameters$) { } (($parameters$)=> { }).call(/*|| value%20of%20parameters||*/);
thread by: Shllpp 09 | last post Mar 28 '24 by: dev7060
If u are using a keypad phone, how do u turn on JavaScript, to access features like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram....
thread by: abbasky | last post Jan 20 '24 by: abbasky
### Vandf component communication method one: data sharing ​ Vandf components can achieve data exchange through data sharing, state sharing, events, and other methods. Vandf's data exchange method is achieved through upper level data transmission, input from the Input component, click outside the box to trigger the change event, and then...
thread by: BarryA | last post Aug 21 '23 by: BarryA
I'm facing an issue while developing a full-stack JavaScript application that involves asynchronous data fetching. I'm using technologies like Node.js for the backend and React for the front end. The problem arises when I try to fetch data from the backend API asynchronously and update the UI using React components. The data seems to be returning...
thread by: rex1984823 | last post Aug 1 '23 by: erikbower65
hi, i'm still a newbie in programming, and just started practicing JavaScript a month ago; i tried install VS recently , i follow the set up tutorial on VS Q&A and youtube, whenever i adding a new code in the editor the output doesn't seems follow up, it felt kinda delay, please help to check if i missing something on the setting up, thanks!
thread by: DizelArs | last post Jun 8 '23 by: DizelArs
Hi all) Faced with a problem, element.click() event doesn't work in Safari browser. Tried various tricks like emulating touch event through a function: let clickEvent = new Event('click', { bubbles: true, cancelable: true, view: window
thread by: divyac | last post May 11 '23 by: gerargliuchnagl
I am doing an id card project using php/mysql and also i have many id card templates.If i click on any template,that particular id card should become editable and one should be able to change the personal details over the template.i must have text boxes specifying different fields on a side and if one enters the data in the text boxes that should...
thread by: DANILIN | last post Mar 13 '23 by: DANILIN
Knapsack 0-1 JavaScript binary & rosettacode & WE Classic Knapsack problem is solved in many ways My newest program synthesizes all ciphers from 0 & 1 adding an extra register and 0 remain on left in cipher Number of comparisons decreases from N! to 2^N for example N=10 & N!=3628800 >> 2^N=1024
thread by: karyoker | last post Feb 12 '23 by: karyoker
I can set cookies in JS but cant wrap my mind around how to use them for example in this case the cookie value is a button that I want to put in a div so the client can use it. I know this question is vague but I am doing things never done before. My main site is http://videosanctuary.com/bot.html Click image for video and you will get an idea...
thread by: Carl1543 | last post Jan 3 '23 by: Carl1543
Ive been facing a problem where one of the Cron jobs processes was suddenly killed or crashed. Im using PHP MVC on Cloudways as my server. Previously I used node.js pm2 to restarted the cron job manually on cloudways terminal, I would like to ask that is it possible to achieve restart cron job process automatically by using Node.js PM2?
thread by: SwissProgrammer | last post Dec 29 '22 by: dev7060
Is there javascript already written that can be placed into the url location box that would remove all variations of anything relating to Google from a web page? Example of similar activity: In Firefox, on Microsoft Windows, I can right-mouse-click on a web page, then press the "Q" key on the keyboard, and then in the "Search HTML" input...
thread by: SwissProgrammer | last post Dec 29 '22 by: SwissProgrammer
I have some code that I tested and it works on a bytes.com page to remove some iframe advertising. I would like to adapt it to remove all google advertising on every page that I use it on. I copy the following and paste it into the url location bar, then type in the j for the beginning then click the Enter key and it works. avascript:...
thread by: shivajikobardan | last post Dec 19 '22 by: Dormilich
Promises syntax that I learnt: let p = new Promise(function (resolve, reject) { let x = 20, y = 20; if (x == y) { resolve(); } else {
thread by: HarrySto | last post Dec 19 '22 by: HarrySto
Here is a poorly written function to change the price of a product that takes into account many different conditions. You need to refactor, since the function itself is terribly unreadable. Where to start refactoring or what methods to use to start refactoring? function changePrice($this = null) { if ($this == null) { var rel_price = ...
thread by: Hightopo | last post Dec 14 '22 by: HarrySto
Let's take a look at the final effect of the game at first: Watch it on YouTube Now let's talk about how to achieve it with Javascript. The game is made using HT for Web, with about 100 lines of code. Initialize the scene First, let's do some initialization work, including initializing the 3D scene, setting the ground grid, and enabling...
thread by: markleo | last post Nov 28 '22 by: markleo
I have requirements about execute process pipeline and concurrency tasks, 1. pipe I want to have a library, usage like below: ``` const res = func( xxx ).pipe( yyy ).pipe( zzz ) ``` 2. concurrency tasks ```
thread by: CyberMage | last post Nov 19 '22 by: CyberMage
Hello everyone. I am cybersecurity student and i'm writing a term paper on the topic "Personal sign vulnerability". I have found a few examples on github, but they don't work properly. Every time i'm signing the message on testnet(Eth Goerly, Polygon Mumbai) i receive next error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value. I have enough...
thread by: CyberMage | last post Nov 19 '22 by: CyberMage
Hello everyone. I am cybersecurity student and i'm writing a term paper on the topic "Personal sign vulnerability". I have found a few examples on github, but they don't work properly. Every time i'm signing the message on testnet(Eth Goerly, Polygon Mumbai) i receive next error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value. I have enough...
thread by: Saanvi Sen | last post Nov 17 '22 by: Arushi
Hello everyone, Can you guys suggest to me some best JavaScript Chart Libraries for my project? It would be great if you could suggest the libraries based on React? Thanks in advance!
thread by: adamjblakey | last post Nov 14 '22 by: Abfd
Hi, I am trying to add this to my website which is a promo code script which connects to JS simple cart but doesn't seem to be working and does not even create an action like the JS is being triggered. Can anyone see why this is not running the function? <div class="cartRow" id="promoCodeDiv">Promo Code: <input type="text" id="code"...
thread by: WIPE | last post Nov 14 '22 by: Abfd
I must call a PHP page with a Javascript command. I developed a function that does almost exactly what I needed: View code: Example 1 But in the last part where it makes me "view" (document.getElementById('showResult')) only the result, I need to do it in a way that instead calls me another PHP page, where it will execute the instructions...
thread by: sofiatarhonska | last post Oct 22 '22 by: Lord123
Probably everyone knows that ReactJS is a wonderful library for building web-applications. However, it doesn't look so easy to add some backend features to it. For example, how would you build in a contact form? In this post I'm going to cover some methods on how to do it simply. First of all, you cannot send emails with just React, you...
thread by: yogeshkr | last post Oct 22 '22 by: zmbd
i cant figure out how to get when i have to find the all records in the mongo db document and check a field which is true or false from each document inside collection here i am first finding all user from user table after that taking the user ids and finding teir course registrations if the course registration is true then i have to increase...
thread by: Tanu Anu | last post Aug 2 '22 by: Tanu Anu
checkboxSelection : function(rowNode){ if(rownode.data && (!rowNode.data.canDelete) || rowNode.DeleteStatus === SmgDeleteStatus.Deleted || (rowNode.data.IsFavorite == "No"))){ retuen true; } retuen false; } But this is completely removingthe checkbox, I want checkbox but it should be in a disabled way. please help me...

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