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JavaScript web scripting language - Ask questions about JavaScript development, jQuery, Vue, React, the DOM, cross-browser scripting, event handling, OOP, cookies, client-side form validation, built-in objects like Date, String, Array and Object, performance and more.
thread by: christyjs | last post Jul 28 '16 by: christyjs
if (Gender === "") { var bCheck = false; for (var i = 0; i < Gender.length; i++) { if (Gender.checked) { bCheck = true; } } if (bCheck === false) { ...
thread by: zphp01 | last post Jul 27 '16 by: Rebecca999
Hello: I need to insert a word document into a web page so that visitors can print it or save a copy. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm new with html and javascript. Thanks! Pete
thread by: samvb | last post Jul 13 '16 by: gits
Hey Fellas, I am seriously in despair. I have a CI driven app in domaina.com. I need to send cross domain request to a SINGLE controller in it from domainb.com. It will be an ajax call using POST method. It sends a single number and get a text reply from domaina.com. htaccess is not really an option as I only call a single controller...
thread by: dbrewerton | last post Jul 9 '16 by: dbrewerton
thread by: spaleaplli1 | last post Jun 28 '16 by: spaleaplli1
i want below numbers only should be validate. 0891234567 089-1234567 +49(89)123456 0049-89-123456 089 123456-78 Thanks in advance.
thread by: virtualweb | last post Jun 8 '16 by: virtualweb
Hi: My form asks the user the following question: If you have a "Discount Code" enter it below. Most people will not have a code so the field cannot be required, but when it is filled, I want the jquery validation to guard me against malicious code. The form works great. The field is checking for "alpha numeric values" and "minimum...
thread by: metalcat | last post May 29 '16 by: metalcat
Hello, I'm trying to convert an existing menu and submenus in javascript by using DOM methods. The previous one uses only document.write. I do not manage to show the sub-menus with the onmouseover event. see lines 18 & 19: function affiche(id) {
thread by: tdrsam | last post May 20 '16 by: Dormilich
I'm wondering what a usable - but modern - set of technologies is for someone that isn't very experienced with coding. I've been coding for about three years and think I have a fairly decent understanding of the basics but trying to use modern frameworks just seems too difficult. I've tried using node.js (V5.1.0), with express. I have version...
thread by: Atari78 | last post May 18 '16 by: Dormilich
I'm trying to convert my VB Script to a Javascript. This is very important to me because VB script is not supported anymore. Please can someone help me? <script language=VBSCRIPT> <!-- function geturl(nRep) dim url dim sFrom dim sTo sFrom = year(date()-7) & "-" & right("00" & month(date()-7),2) & "-" &...
thread by: tdrsam | last post May 18 '16 by: tdrsam
I can't find an answer to this: What do I do after a new user signs up to my express.js app? I have a view, and this in the routes/index file that correspnds: router.get('/users/firstSignIn', function(req, res, next) { res.render('uesrs/firstSignIn', { title: 'title' }); });
thread by: sathisharavind | last post Apr 29 '16 by: Dormilich
deleting a row of table that cursor pointing to it.so can any one help me how to do this..?
thread by: skyller | last post Apr 18 '16 by: skyller
So i have a main webpage which contains 3 links of other 3 webpages i created. When i click on for example link to PAGE 1, it loads the PAGE 1 within a <div id="article> on my main page: <PAGE 1> <PAGE 2> <PAGE 3> <div id="article"> </div> Now on my main webpage i assigned a toggle function to the div article and on the very page i used jquery...
thread by: aunk | last post Apr 17 '16 by: aunk
function callPHPHead(s, m, y, d) { var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (xhttp.readyState == 4 && xhttp.status == 200) { document.getElementById("idMo").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("idMo").innerHTML = xhttp.responseText; } }; var c =...
thread by: newtojs | last post Apr 14 '16 by: Dormilich
Hello, var string = "My name is {0} and I am {1} years old."; var result = bob.string.formatString(sFormat, "myname", 25); I want to write a function such that I can pass the string with required number of arguments and it will return me the formatted string with all {0} , {1}, .. replaced by my passed arguments. Something like: ...
thread by: Imre | last post Apr 14 '16 by: gits
Befor uploading Images to Server I want to get the height and width of Images. To do it, I use FileReader. var f = files; //Item from input files var oFReader = new window.FileReader(); oFReader.readAsDataURL(f); oFReader.onload = function (oFrEvent) { var res = oFrEvent.target.result; var img = new Image(); ...
thread by: suvarnareddy | last post Apr 12 '16 by: Dormilich
I am learner of nodejs.In nodejs using model contains virtual method.I want clear explanation about virtual method
thread by: iamprabs | last post Apr 9 '16 by: iamprabs
i am working on webapp. In this webapp i want add a seek bar, volume, current time/total time,play/pause, and a timer (time should start when the video is playing and should pause, video is paused) in this webapp i just want to calculate the total number to sec. video is played by user. thank you in advance. <html> <body> <div...
thread by: pattabhi87 | last post Apr 4 '16 by: Dormilich
my doubt is i am seleected image from browse button before submitting image is converted bytes.So back end it stores like string. In my js function i wrote below code.If i submit its converts into bits,i want byte information.That byte information how can i set spring mvc controller. Please help me. function readURL(input) { if...
thread by: dessie1luv | last post Apr 4 '16 by: jmrker
I am having trouble making my next button work. On clicking the next button , I need the images to change to the next one. There are three images. I am not sure if I have my javascript code in the wrong place or the location of the images do not work. here is my code below: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Lab 5, Part 2</title> <meta...
thread by: tadasyan | last post Mar 21 '16 by: Dormilich
I want to use ajax to fill input fields depending on the select element <select name="service" onchange="fillFields(this.options.value)"> Js code looks like: function fillFields(inc){ var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4 && xmlhttp.status == 200) {
thread by: ferhat11341 | last post Mar 18 '16 by: ferhat11341
hello everyone, i made a small click game, but i want the button the spawn at random places within the page, like every 1000ms, it changes from position.(The button called "Klik Hier!") can someone help? this is the code i have now. (yes, its a mess, but i am learning, and try to get it work for school)(id ect. are written in dutch) (get the...
thread by: Diksha Ruth | last post Mar 13 '16 by: Dormilich
I'm using javascript ajax to submit values to receive confirmation for an availability. I have this error when i try to submit even with the status 404. I did this to try to find my error. What does this mean? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"...
thread by: samvb | last post Mar 4 '16 by: samvb
How do you solve such a problem? I am using sdkslider jQuery plugin to have a full-width sliding images. The images are maximum 1280 wide and 1024 in height. Here is the problem now... The sdkslider comes with predefined CSS setting where its height is 550px or so. Image must be set to the same height too. 100% hides the image deep inside the...
thread by: lucoin | last post Mar 3 '16 by: ramonlm
Hello guys, I met a problem about php and javascipt For a tickets booking system, when a customer search for flights from one city, so in the data base there should be many routes to different cities, like from Sydney, it can go to Landon, Paris and Beijing and etc. So first I use php to get the data from data base, and use a loop to list all...
thread by: samvb | last post Mar 3 '16 by: samvb
I have implemented blueimp jQuery upload with CodeIgniter three. It works great in my development server but not in production. I have used the default script.js provided. During upload, the file uploaded shows 100 with tick (to be it is uploaded at least to temporary folder or something) but it never goes anywhere. After upload is completed, it...

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