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JavaScript web scripting language - Ask questions about JavaScript development, jQuery, Vue, React, the DOM, cross-browser scripting, event handling, OOP, cookies, client-side form validation, built-in objects like Date, String, Array and Object, performance and more.
thread by: Trisha8 | last post Jul 14 '21 by: priti kumari
i want to return value from ajax function to the function where ajax call has been made. function val() { var temp=ajaxfun();//ajax function; } function ajaxfun() { //url,type, data will go here and then
thread by: tdrsam | last post Jul 13 '21 by: Seneltali
I have a web form that keeps getting submission from what I'm guessing is a spambot. None of the data I'm getting in the emails matches the form on the website, not even the subject line which is a hidden input. I can't figure out how to stop them. I tried using recaptcha but couldn't make it work (kinda hate it anyway), I also tried using a...
thread by: Amendachase | last post Jun 4 '21 by: Banfa
Change the div position when certain event triggers (Using pure JavaScript) Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am looking forward to achieving a vibration effect for a div that is relatively positioned, dynamically on click event in pure javascript without any typescript injections, Is there any optimum way to achieve said milestone...
thread by: DADof3 | last post May 6 '21 by: dev7060
I have an issue where I need to set the value for checkboxes so that if the box is checked I pass a certain value and if the box is left unchecked i also pass a value. Right now the code I have written is working fine if the box is checked. I am not getting anything to pass when the box is unchecked. Here is the javascript i have written. ...
thread by: saraemadi97 | last post Apr 25 '21 by: saraemadi97
I have this code in Javascript (minesweeper) but I want to add this article in the code . How ? --- class Minefield { /* Construct a minefield with the given width, height, and the number of mines. */ constructor(width, height, mines) { /* Sanitize input parameters. */ width = Number(width); height =...
thread by: KIFA7 | last post Apr 21 '21 by: KIFA7
Could I get the directions how to enable JavaScript on my, NOKIA 2.3 MOBILE PHONE. Help much appreciated.
thread by: skolbaek | last post Mar 11 '21 by: Dormilich
Hello, I have a page with multiple users listed, and for each user multiple forms that should be able to be submited individual, with a response div that shows up on successfull submit and then disapear again af 10 sec. when I have a single form it works as it should, although you are only able to submit 1 time, but the big issues comes when I...
thread by: sharpda | last post Mar 2 '21 by: Sherin
I'm trying to create an online quiz that uses JS script. What I'd like to do is take the varibles "Percentage" and "n" from the JS script function and insert them into MySql. Code below. <script type="text/jscript"> function quizResult(form, questionArray) { totalQuestions = form.totalQuestions.value; totalCorrect = 0; ...
thread by: mahirinku | last post Feb 16 '21 by: mirandapalmer
how to add new more options in select box options using JavaScript . Please tell me what i do for add more options in options box using JavaScript .
thread by: aryankanse6 | last post Feb 14 '21 by: dreamtext
I am developing a server-side app that cannot run in the browser, and therefore I cannot debug with DevTools. If I want to debug an object I need to print the object to shell using JSON.stringify OR require('util').inspect These work okay but it's not anywhere near as good as a browser's DevTools. So, I am wondering, is there a better...
thread by: preet11 | last post Feb 3 '21 by: Sherin
I created a jsp page having 1 textbox and play button...I hv sound files(.wav) of each english alphabet..I want to play the files sequentially acc. to the alphabets written in the textbox on button click... Example::: if i write "abc" in the textbox..Then it will play a den b den c.....
thread by: namita | last post Jan 11 '21 by: Sherin
how can we hide unchecked row in table i hv a table with about 30 rows which have a checkbox and a bit of text each. What i am attempting to get a approach to do is to have 2 buttons at the bottom of the page - HIDE & SHOW. When the HIDE button is clicked i wana to hide all of the table rows which have UNCHECKED textboxes. When the SHOW button...
thread by: Yuvapriya | last post Jan 1 '21 by: Sherin
validation for login page with radio button, if click on super admin radio button,i s <td><font color="white">Role</font></td> <td> <input type="radio" id="sa" name="admin"><font color="white">Superadmin</font></input> <input type="radio" id="ad" name="admin"><font color="white">Admin</font></input> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><font...
thread by: KeredDrahcir | last post Dec 24 '20 by: Sherin
I have a script which creates a background image slideshow. I've been trying different scripts which are available on the net and this is almost perfect apart from one bug. I was hoping someone could help me. <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript1.2"> //Background Image Slideshow- Dynamic Drive (www.dynamicdrive.com) //For...
thread by: Xillez | last post Dec 13 '20 by: dev7060
Language is TypeScript (didn't have a specific category). Say I have a object hierarchy like so: let obj = { instance_id: "<some uuid>" child1: { child2: {
thread by: Shepard | last post Dec 10 '20 by: Sherin
Hi, I have two fields of date in this format yyyymm(from date and to date) I have the following code: function populateYearSelect() { d = new Date(); curr_year = d.getFullYear(); // curr_month = d.getMonth(); for(i = 0; i < 2; i++)
thread by: tintin2300 | last post Dec 9 '20 by: tintin2300
<?php //database connection here ?> <table class = "TOTAL" border =" 1"> <thead> <tr> <th>Component</th> <th>Item Name </th> <th>Price </th>
thread by: cristobal | last post Dec 7 '20 by: Sherin
i need know how to add close button to tab header
thread by: simon2x1 | last post Nov 27 '20 by: Sherin
I use the NicEdit(www.nicedit.com) text-editor on my Text Area which is working and the below code to hide and show text area after selecting a value in the drop down it will show the text area but this is what i need help with: 1) i want the text area to show even before you select any value from the drop down. 2) i want the Text...
Claus Mygind
thread by: Claus Mygind | last post Nov 23 '20 by: Sherin
I am using FireFox only I am attaching a eventListner to a <span id="someId"> </span> tag I am trying to add and remove eventListners on the fly. I have no problem adding the listner, which I do like this:
thread by: adam024 | last post Nov 22 '20 by: sabre
Guys please i need some help , when i write npx create-react-app <my-app> this is what's happened Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Try the new cross-platform PowerShell https://aka.ms/pscore6 PS C:\Users\ADAM> cd Desktop PS C:\Users\ADAM\Desktop> cd react-folder
thread by: alexsunny123 | last post Nov 14 '20 by: dev7060
Hello, I know I can reproduce what is written in input boxes in other input boxes --- like with "shipping" and "billing" addresses. However, I haven't been able to make it so I can present that entered data somewhere else - like when people enter data on a website and then there answers show up in "Settings." I tried adding:...
thread by: lando19 | last post Nov 12 '20 by: dev7060
I am making a simple audio recorder and editor with p5.js and p5.sound. I have searched the docs and Google for this answer and have not found it. So I am asking the professionals. I want to know how to save the p5.js sound file with the effects added. For example, I tried this: soundFile.setVolume(3); save(soundFile, "mySound.wav"); It...
thread by: bhitra | last post Nov 6 '20 by: SioSio
Hi I have 3 groups of checkbox. One is for fruit platter, cake platter, wraps, .each has 7 checkboxes. I want to add unlimited number of groups and keep checkboxes. So i need a javascript to pass checkbox values to textbox so i can upload to mysql database. For eg:for fruit platter: apple, orange,kiwi fruit, etc. I found couple of javascripts but...
thread by: TerraFree | last post Oct 30 '20 by: AjayGohil
Where should i put my javascript file calls? Inside the head tag or at the end of the body tag? Are there benefits for choosing one over the other?

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