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Invoking Generic Methods with Generic Arguments

I'm having an issue with invoking a Generic method that takes Generic Arguments.

My method signature is
public void GenericMethodWi thGenericArgume nts<E, V>(List<EtheFir stList, List<VtheSecond List);

I pass the name of the method, the arguments for the "GenericMethodW ithGenericArgum ents" to another method, which is supposed to invoke this method using the Invoke method in the MethodInfo class.

My process of invocation is as follows

public static void InvokeGenericMe thod(object theInstance, string theMethodToInvo ke, object[] theMethodArgume nts, Type[] theArgumentType s,
Type[] theArgumentPara meterTypes)

MethodInfo testMethodToInv oke = null;
MethodInfo[] instanceMethods = null;

// Get all the instance methods
instanceMethods = theInstance.Get Type().GetMetho ds();

// Go through each method in the instance
foreach (MethodInfo method in instanceMethods )

// Search for the method to inovke.
if (theMethodToInv oke.Equals(meth od.Name))
testMethodToInv oke = method.MakeGene ricMethod(theAr gumentTypes);
if (method.Contain sGenericParamet ers)
Type[] genericParamete rs = new Type[theArgumentType s.Length];
for (int i = 0; i < genericParamete rs.Length; ++i)
if (theMethodArgum ents[i].GetType().IsGe nericType)
Type genericDefiniti on = theArgumentType s[i].GetGenericType Definition();
genericParamete rs[i] = genericDefiniti on.MakeGenericT ype(theArgument ParameterTypes[i]);

genericParamete rs[i] = theMethodArgume nts[i].GetType();
testMethodToInv oke = method.MakeGene ricMethod(gener icParameters);


// Call method under test
testMethodToInv oke.Invoke(theI nstance, theMethodArgume nts);
catch (Exception e)


My method class is InvokeGenericMe thod(instance, "GenericMethodW ithGenericArgum ents", new object[] { list1, list2 }, new Type[] {typeof(List<in t>), typeof(List<dou ble>)}, new Type[]{typeof(int), typeof(double)} );

The exception I get says {"Object of type 'System.Collect ions.Generic.Li st`1[System.Int32]' cannot be converted to type 'System.Collect ions.Generic.Li st`1[System.Collecti ons.Generic.Lis t`1[System.Int32]]'."}.

The question I have is with the two lines below:

Type genericDefiniti on = theArgumentType s[i].GetGenericType Definition();
genericParamete rs[i] = genericDefiniti on.MakeGenericT ype(theArgument ParameterTypes[i]);
Why does my argument expected wrap the List into another List of int's instead of a List of int's? I'm not sure how to figure this out with the reading material I have. I went through the MSDN documentation and could not figure out why my arguments are failing.
Any help to fix this, or pointers to any documentation for this issue will be much appreciated.

May 7 '07 #1
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On Mon, 07 May 2007 11:02:14 -0700, Suds <na*******@nosp am.nospamwrote:
I'm having an issue with invoking a Generic method that takes Generic

My method signature is
public void GenericMethodWi thGenericArgume nts<E, V>(List<E>
theFirstList, List<VtheSecond List);
I'm having trouble parsing your code. You formatted it, which makes it
hard to read, and there seems to be a bunch of stuff in there not related
to your actual question, which makes it hard to focus on what actually is

However, that said...just looking at your usage and your question, I am
guessing that the fundamental issue is a mistake in your generic method
declaration. That is, you have specified that the parameters will be
List<Eand List<Vtypes, and then the E and V types you pass in are
themselves lists. This results in the parameters being lists of lists. I
think what you actually want is this:

public void GenericMethodWi thGenericArgume nts<E, V>(E, V) where E :
List<Object>, V : List<Object>;

Or something like that (generics are still new to me, and I'm not certain
about the exact syntax for the contraints). The idea being that you
constrain the parameters to types that are themselves generic lists
containing Object instances.

May 7 '07 #2

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