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Invoking generic method with type constraint at runtime


I need to invoke a generic method determined at runtime. The method has two
arguments, a string and a generic type that is constrained to a struct:

public void Add<T>(string key, T value) where T : struct

The method is an instance member located on a class called
CmsPropertyMana ger. I also have a number of other "Add" methods with
different overloads.

Usually, I find it quite easy to go by reflecting the type and bind to the
method, but this time it's been really hard to determine the correct binding
parameters. When I inspect the method info, I can see that the generic
argument is having a base type of System.ValueTyp e. However, using this as
the binding signature doesn't yield any results.

// Acquire the method info (this is the part that I'm having trouble with)
MethodInfo methodInfo = typeof(CmsPrope rtyManager).Get Method("Add", new
Type[] { typeof(string), typeof(System.V alueType) });

// Acquire the generic method info
MethodInfo genericInfo = methodInfo.Make GenericMethod(t ype.Type);

// Invoke with a struct (represented by o)
genericInfo.Inv oke(null, new object[] { this.uiKeyName. Value, o });

Please note that once I have the method / generic method info everything is
fine and dandy; that is, if I hardcode the methodinfo reference to the right
index in the reflected type (CmsPropertyMan ager) the rest of the reflection
part works perfectly).

Thanks in advance.

With regards
Anders Borum / SphereWorks
Microsoft Certified Professional (.NET MCP)

Oct 1 '08 #1
3 2259
There is no single GetMethod overload that does what you want; you
need to do it manually:

static MethodInfo FindAddMethod()
foreach(MethodI nfo method in typeof(CmsPrope rtyManager)
.GetMethods(Bin dingFlags.Publi c | BindingFlags.In stance))
if (method.Name == "Add" &&
method.IsGeneri cMethodDefiniti on)
Type[] typeArgs = method.GetGener icArguments();
ParameterInfo[] args = method.GetParam eters();
if (typeArgs.Lengt h == 1 && args.Length == 2
&& args[0].ParameterType == typeof(string)
&& args[1].ParameterType == typeArgs[0])
return method;
return null;

[C# MVP]
Oct 2 '08 #2
Hi Marc,

I found a few examples like yours on the net and was curious if there's
really no other way. Then again, I guess it doesn't matter if I am the one
doing the looping instead of the reflection infrastructure. In any case,
thanks a lot for the feedback - I'm sure I can take it from here :)

With regards
Anders Borum / SphereWorks

Oct 2 '08 #3
If you have LINQ (.NET 3.5/C# 3.0) then you can get rid of the looping
etc - but I'll let you make your own decision as to whether it is any

MethodInfo add = (
from method in typeof(CmsPrope rtyManager)
.GetMethods(Bin dingFlags.Publi c | BindingFlags.In stance)
where method.Name == "Add" && method.IsGeneri cMethod
let typeArgs = method.GetGener icArguments()
where typeArgs.Length == 1
let args = method.GetParam eters()
where args.Length == 2
&& args[0].ParameterType == typeof(string)
&& args[1].ParameterType == typeArgs[0]
select method).Single( );

Oct 2 '08 #4

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