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Designer error "could not find type..."

I've got a project I've been working on for a few weeks. I've been using
the BindingSource control - I've got four of them on this particular form.

This morning I went to view the report in the designer and got:

Could not find type 'LandarcBL.Budg et'. Please make sure that the
assembly that contains this type is referenced. If this type is a part of
your development project, make sure that the project has been successfully
Hide Edit

System.Componen tModel.Design.S erialization.Co deDomSerializer Base.Error(IDes ignerSerializat ionManager
manager, String exceptionText, String helpLink)
System.Componen tModel.Design.S erialization.Co deDomSerializer Base.Deserializ eExpression(IDe signerSerializa tionManager
manager, String name, CodeExpression expression)
System.Componen tModel.Design.S erialization.Co deDomSerializer Base.Deserializ eAssignStatemen t(IDesignerSeri alizationManage r
manager, CodeAssignState ment statement)
System.Componen tModel.Design.S erialization.Co deDomSerializer Base.Deserializ eStatement(IDes ignerSerializat ionManager
manager, CodeStatement statement)
When I click Edit it takes me to the MainForm.Design er.CS line:
this.budgetBind ingSource.DataS ource = typeof(LandarcB L.Budget);

When I hover the mouse over LandarcBL.Budge t is shows me the intellisense.
It's finding it just fine of course.

I can hit F5 and run the form just fine. I added another form, added a
BindingSource, set its DataSource to the same class and that form loads in
the designer just fine.

This morning I did a bunch of stuff - ran the form, closed VS, and I don't
know what else, and it started working again. Now none of that is having
any affect.

I've found many reports of this problem with google but no real solution to
my exact circumstances.

Anyone have any ideas?
Jan 6 '06
11 6587
Yeah, my fix was temporary. And I've seen that one too where the
DataGridView goes off wild reloading all the columns even though I've
explicity set them already.

The BindingSource bindings are getting hosed about once or twice a day, and
I have to go through the procedure of removing the binding code and then
resetting it. I'm not going to use the IDE any more for that either (at
least as a permanent setup).

It's pretty pathetic though because that destroys a big chuch of the benefit
of using the BindingSource components in the first place. You have to
wonder how such significant bugs get through.

"Marc Gravell" <mg******@rm.co m> wrote in message
news:ep******** ********@tk2msf tngp13.phx.gbl. ..
Not to mention the bug where the IDE gets confused and thinks there are
multiple "column1" (etc) definitions and then refuses to load...

I've only really used this approach with objects. Generally I find that if
I lay the bindings out *once* in the IDE (and then cut the bindings code
etc), I actually find it *easier*, not harder, to use. I can live without
seeing the bindings at design time (re your grid point, most of the time
when I am using columns, the exact columns and sequence is dynamic anyway,
so the designer isn't much use), and I find that not having all those
extra variables around makes life much easier.

And yes I know you can turn off the variable declaration in 2005 (for some
elements), but they still annoy me. Another benefit of the approach of
cutting the binding code is that I can essentially write a void
SetupBindings(B indingSource source) method, and bind via that from the
calling code; this means I can then share a BindingSource at runtime,
which allows me to do some very neat things:
* Multiple non-modal forms all using the same cursor position without any
extra code
* Complex forms where each tab has been written as a control; each control
can (again) use the same BindingSource

It means I have a lot less code to mess with when I change the current
object being displayed.

Now... back to reading your OPF stuff... <g>


"Joanna Carter [TeamB]" <jo****@not.for .spam> wrote in message
news:er******** *****@TK2MSFTNG P12.phx.gbl...
"Marc Gravell" <mg******@rm.co m> a écrit dans le message de news:
uI************* *@TK2MSFTNGP15. phx.gbl...

|I had this problem (or one very similar) back in December; my workaround
| (not fix) was to cut the data-binding code from the designer code into
| own method that is called in the ctor outside of InitializeCompo nent().
| The downside is that I can't amend my bindings in the IDE, but
| once I have set them up I'm doing much of this anyway... and when I do
| to change them I can do it in source-code easily enough. Plus it gives
| more flexibility to use converters etc.

I suppose the only real downside to this is not being able to layout the
columns in a grid by using the designer provided columns. Presumably this
works with database driven datasources ? If so, then it really ought to
with objects as well; if not, then it is obviously a pretty major bug
really should be fixed.


Joanna Carter [TeamB]
Consultant Software Engineer

Jan 11 '06 #11
"Marc Gravell" <mg******@rm.co m> a écrit dans le message de news:
ep************* ***@tk2msftngp1 3.phx.gbl...

| Now... back to reading your OPF stuff... <g>

Please bear in mind that it is a bit old now and I really must update it to
C# sometime :-)


Joanna Carter [TeamB]
Consultant Software Engineer
Jan 12 '06 #12

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