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How NOT to save a form or report

1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I use the following routine to open a form or report, check if there is an OnLoad event, if not I add it.

Experimentall I type
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. PP_OpenForm(2,"RptSeminarbesucher", acPreview)
into the Debug Window

I then add a line of code to translate the form into a foreign language. All works perfectly ... nearly.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Function PP_OpenForm(FormOrReport As Integer, FormReportName As String, Optional StrView As String = acNormal, _
  2.     Optional StrFilterName As String, Optional StrWhereCondition As String, _
  3.     Optional varDataMode As Variant = acFormPropertySettings, _
  4.     Optional varWindowMode As Variant = acWindowNormal, Optional varOpenArgs As Variant)
  6.     'PP_OpenForm(2,"RptSeminarbesucher", acPreview)
  8.     Dim TypeOfObject As Object
  9.     Dim Mdl As Module
  10.     Dim StartLine As Long, EndLine As Long
  11.     Dim StartCol As Long, EndCol As Long
  12.     Dim Increment As Integer
  13.     Dim HasMdl As Boolean
  14.     Dim ModuleAdded As Boolean
  15.     Dim PP_LoadAdded As Boolean
  16.     Dim ProcLineCount As Long
  18.     ' Opens a form and insert PP_Load me.Name into the On open Event
  20.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then
  21.         DoCmd.OpenForm FormReportName, acDesign
  22.         Set TypeOfObject = Forms!FormReportName
  23.     Else
  24.         DoCmd.OpenReport FormReportName, acDesign
  25.         Set TypeOfObject = Reports(FormReportName)
  26.     End If
  28.     HasMdl = TypeOfObject.HasModule             ' Save has module
  29.     If TypeOfObject.HasModule = 0 Then
  30.         TypeOfObject.HasModule = -1
  31.     End If
  33.     Increment = 2
  35.     Set Mdl = TypeOfObject.Module
  37.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then                    ' Form
  38.         Mdl.Find "Form_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  39.         If StartLine = 0 Then                       ' Sub Form_Load not found
  40.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Load", "Form")
  41.             ModuleAdded = -1
  42.         End If
  43.     Else                                        ' Report
  44.         Mdl.Find "Report_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  45.         If StartLine = 0 Then
  46.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Load", "Report")
  47.         End If
  48.     End If
  50.     Mdl.Find "PP_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  52.     'StartLine = 0
  53.     If StartLine = 0 Then
  54.         Mdl.InsertLines StartLine + Increment, "    PP_Load " & Chr$(34) & TypeOfObject.name & Chr$(34)
  55.         PP_LoadAdded = -1
  56.     End If
  58.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then
  59.         DoCmd.OpenForm FormReportName, StrView, StrFilterName, StrWhereCondition, varDataMode, varWindowMode, varOpenArgs
  60.     Else
  61.         DoCmd.OpenReport FormReportName, StrView, StrFilterName, StrWhereCondition, varWindowMode, varOpenArgs
  62.     End If
  64. CleanUp:
  65.     DoEvents
  67.     Exit Function
  69. End Function
The problem is when the form or report is closed I am prompted whether to save it. The answer is always "NO"

Now I do not want to modify any forms or reports so is there a way or preventing the question and just closing the form or report unchanged?

Oct 4 '17 #1
10 3417
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi Phil.

In the Form_Unload() event procedure have it set the Cancel parameter based on whether or not it's been closed by your special closing code. In your special closing code (probably behind a Close button) ensure you close the Form or Report with code similar to :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Call DoCmd.Close(ObjectType:={acForm or acReport} _
  2.                , ObjectName:=Me.Name _
  3.                , Save:=acSaveNo)
This (How to Close a Main Form Without Saving Changes of any Subforms) may also help.
Oct 5 '17 #2
1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Hi Neopa

Thanks for reply, but still no dice.

Here is the full code.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Function PP_OpenForm(FormOrReport As Integer, FormReportName As String, Optional StrView As String = acNormal, _
  2.     Optional StrFilterName As String, Optional StrWhereCondition As String, _
  3.     Optional varDataMode As Variant = acFormPropertySettings, _
  4.     Optional varWindowMode As Variant = acWindowNormal, Optional varOpenArgs As Variant)
  6.     '?PP_OpenForm(2,"RptSeminarbesucher",acPreview)
  8.     Dim TypeOfObject As Object
  9.     Dim Mdl As Module
  10.     Dim StartLine As Long, EndLine As Long
  11.     Dim StartCol As Long, EndCol As Long
  12.     Dim Increment As Integer
  13.     Dim HasMdl As Boolean
  14.     Dim ProcLineCount As Long
  15.     Dim InsertStr As String
  16.     Dim LoadStartLine As Long
  17.     Dim UnloadStartLine As Long
  19.     ' Opens a form and insert PP_Load me.Name into the On open Event
  21.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then
  22.         DoCmd.OpenForm FormReportName, acDesign
  23.         Set TypeOfObject = Forms!FormReportName
  24.     Else
  25.         DoCmd.OpenReport FormReportName, acDesign
  26.         Set TypeOfObject = Reports(FormReportName)
  27.     End If
  29.     HasMdl = TypeOfObject.HasModule             ' Save has module
  30.     If TypeOfObject.HasModule = 0 Then
  31.         TypeOfObject.HasModule = -1
  32.     End If
  34.     Increment = 2
  36.     Set Mdl = TypeOfObject.Module
  38.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then                    ' Form
  39.         Mdl.Find "Form_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  40.         If StartLine = 0 Then                       ' Sub Form_Load not found
  41.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Load", "Form")
  42.         End If
  43.     Else                                        ' Report
  44.         Mdl.Find "Report_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  45.         If StartLine = 0 Then
  46.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Load", "Report")
  47.         End If
  48.     End If
  50.     LoadStartLine = StartLine
  52.     StartLine = 0
  53.     Mdl.Find "PP_Load", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol, True, True
  55.     If StartLine = 0 Then
  56.         InsertStr = "    PP_Load  " & Chr$(34) & TypeOfObject.name & Chr$(34)
  57.         Mdl.InsertLines LoadStartLine + Increment, InsertStr
  58.     End If
  60.     ' Unload procedure to stop it asking to save
  61.     StartLine = 0
  63.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then                    ' Form
  64.         Mdl.Find "Form_Unload", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  65.         If StartLine = 0 Then                       ' Sub Form_Load not found
  66.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Unload", "Form")
  67.         End If
  68.     Else
  69.         Mdl.Find "Report_Unload", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  70.         If StartLine = 0 Then
  71.             StartLine = Mdl.CreateEventProc("Unload", "Report")
  72.         End If
  73.     End If
  75.     UnloadStartLine = StartLine
  77.     StartLine = 0
  79.     Mdl.Find "PP_Unload", StartLine, StartCol, EndLine, EndCol
  81.     If StartLine = 0 Then
  82.         InsertStr = "    PP_Unload  " & FormOrReport & ", " & Chr$(34) & TypeOfObject.name & Chr$(34)
  83.         Mdl.InsertLines UnloadStartLine + Increment, InsertStr
  84.     End If
  86.     Debug.Print Mdl.Lines(1, 15)
  88.     If FormOrReport = 1 Then
  89.         DoCmd.OpenForm FormReportName, StrView, StrFilterName, StrWhereCondition, varDataMode, varWindowMode, varOpenArgs
  90.     Else
  91.         DoCmd.OpenReport FormReportName, StrView, StrFilterName, StrWhereCondition, varWindowMode, varOpenArgs
  92.     End If
  94. End Function
  96. Function PP_Unload(ObjType As Integer, ObjName As String) As Boolean
  98.     On Error GoTo PP_Onload_Err
  100.     If ObjType = 1 Then                     ' Form
  101.         DoCmd.Close acForm, ObjName, acSaveNo
  102.     Else
  103.         DoCmd.Close acReport, ObjName, acSaveNo
  104.     End If
  106. PP_Onload_Exit:
  107.     Exit Function
  109. PP_Onload_Err:
  110.     If Err = 2585 Then
  111.         Resume PP_Onload_Exit
  112.     Else
  113.         LogError Err, Err.Description, "PP_Unload"
  114.     End If
  116. End Function
After running the code, the Debug statement shows the correct code for the "Modified report". The Report opens correctly in the desired language, but still asks me to save it when I close the report.

Any further thoughts

Oct 5 '17 #3
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
No further thoughts Phil, but you may like to reread what I said in my earlier post. LMK if further explanation is required.
Oct 6 '17 #4
1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I have a vague idea that it may be possible to create a "virtual" copy of the form or report and append it to the database AllForms or AllReports collections.

Then make the necessary changes to this virtual report, display it, and on closing just remove remove it from the Allforms or AllReprts collection.

Is this likely to work?
Is there likely to be database bloat issues?

Oct 6 '17 #5
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Is this likely to work?
No. I may be mistaken but I don't see any reason to assume that would have the effect you're after.
Is there likely to be database bloat issues?
No. If you were to try it I don't see any reason that it would cause any more bloat than opening Forms/Reports in the usual way.

I'm afraid I have a very busy weekend ahead Phil. When I can though, I'll try to fit in posting more details about how I use the technique i outlined in my earlier post. I'm surprised that Access doesn't treat changes made while in display view as temporary automatically myself. That would leave you with nothing to do. However, they don't, so I've developed a fairly straightforward technique to handle exactly that which I use in many of my Forms. Some Forms and most Reports don't need it but for those that do I use the technique explained earlier. It's always worked perfectly for me.
Oct 6 '17 #6
1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Thanks to all for advice

The problem is solved don't ask how, but involves class modules & virtual forms. Anyway it works for forms so I think I can use the same technique for reports.

Here goes ...

Oct 8 '17 #7
1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Spoke too soon. The routine works perfectly for forms, but I can't get it to work for Reports.

To Clarify, this is a program to translate any database into a different language. Obviously it has limitations but it translates Labels, Captions, Command Buttons, Check Boxes, Option Buttons, Control Tip Text, Status Bar, Combo & List boxes where there is a value list, some Combo & List boxes where there is a query on both forms or reports.

An output language is selected and what should happen is that you either have a command button open the form or report (or even use the debug window).

The form if the command is for Form, use the code
PLP_OpenFormRep ort 1, "FormName"

and for Reports
PLP_OpenFormRep ort 2, "ReportName "

It works perfectly for forms, but have been struggling for a week using pretty well identical code to get it to work for Reports, but with no joy.

If anyone has any time to spare, I would be grateful for assistance, but it may or may not be a 5 minute job

Thanks for any volunteers

Oct 9 '17 #8
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'd certainly love to help you through this Phil. Unfortunately, for now, I'm up to my eyeballs on various different levels so working hard simply to avoid drowning.

Maybe at the weekend I may get some time to talk you through it. In the meantime, when I get a little less time as it will take less, I'd like to flesh out my earlier suggestion so that it's understandable to a larger audience. My earlier comments were certainly kept brief but it seems clear now there were probably a little too cryptic.

I haven't forgotten you or this particular issue.

Oct 11 '17 #9
1,430 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Thanks Adrian, I really appreciate your offer. In the mean time, I have more than enough to keep me out of mischief


Oct 11 '17 #10

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