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Transferspreads heet Trapping Error for Duplicate records

I have a procedure to automate bringing several Excel files into our
Access tables, on a daily basis.

The problem is that if the user has a problem, and tries to run the
import again (maybe 3 files imported then there was a data problem and
they want to re-import after fixing the problem), I can't get the Error
handling to fire if the user is attempting to import duplicate key

Message when I try to import records already on the table. There are
17 records on the .xls.

Microsoft Access was unable to append all the data to the table

The contents in the fields of 0 record(s) were deleted, and 17
record(s) were lost due to key violations.

Here is my code. I've tried trapping error 3022, 10014, 10018 and none
of them works.

I looked on prior posts, but didn't see the same problem. Thank you
very much.

Sub ImportData()
On Error GoTo ImportData_Err

SaleDate = Me.getSaleDate
strMsg = "Nothing Imported"
' POS10A - Store Sales T:StoreSalesDat a

strStepErrorMsg = "POS10A"
strImportFileNa me = Format([SaleDate], "mm-dd-yy") & " POS10A" &

' MsgBox strImportFileNa me

DoCmd.TransferS preadsheet acImport, 8, "T:Store Sales Data", _
"\\server-03\Building19\P roductionImport s\" & strImportFileNa me,
True, ""

strMsg = "POS10A imported"

' 9 other import files here - all basically the same format
' MDYYMMDD.xls - Spags Tax Data

strImportFileNa me = "TX" & Format([SaleDate], "yymmdd") & ".xls"

' MsgBox strImportFileNa me

DoCmd.TransferS preadsheet acImport, 8, "tblSpagsTaxInf o", _
"\\server-03\Building19\P roductionImport s\" &
strImportFileNa me, True, ""

strMsg = "Spags Tax, " & strMsg

Importdata_Exit :
Exit Sub

If Err.Number = 10014 Then
' If the problem is duplicate key, tell the user what was already
' and the query or table that had the problem (**??? tried error
MsgBox "Data was imported for " & strMsg
MsgBox "The problem file or query is " & strStepErrorMsg
If Err.Number = 10018 Then
' If the problem is duplicate key, tell the user what was already
' and the query or table that had the problem
MsgBox "Data was imported for " & strMsg
MsgBox "The problem file or query is " & strStepErrorMsg

' If the problem is not dup key, display the error information
MsgBox "Data was imported for " & strMsg
MsgBox "The problem file or query is " & strStepErrorMsg
MsgBox Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & "Please call
Sara with this info."
End If
End If

Resume Importdata_Exit

End Sub

Jan 10 '06 #1
6 8210
I just want to reiterate my issues with the transferspreads heet

I hate using it, it's SO buggy.... and definately gives you errors (as
seen by Sara's problems with the above)

Now, Onto Sara...

There are two ways to 'error trap' this situation...

I will describe breifly how to do each..

1) Use the Transferspreads heet methos to x-fer to a 'temp' table, and
then have a query add data that is not duplicated between the 2 tables

2) (The better way IMHO) Import progmatically, checking on each record.
Assuming you don't have thousands of lines in any of the spreadsheets,
it's really not a big deal to do it progrmatically. ..

I have started making a wiki on MrExcel.com on how to progmatically
transfer data to and from Excel/Access.. if you require more info, I
will point you in the right direction.


Jan 10 '06 #2
I appreciate the thoughts, but I am not that sophisticated, so I'd
rather do the error trapping if I could.

Anyone else have ideas?


Jan 10 '06 #3
Change the error handler so that it will show you the error number that
occurs when the user tries to add duplicate records:

msgbox err.Number & " " & err.Description

Then you'll know what error is occuring so you can trap it.


"sara" <sa*******@yaho o.com> wrote in message
news:11******** **************@ g43g2000cwa.goo glegroups.com.. .
I appreciate the thoughts, but I am not that sophisticated, so I'd
rather do the error trapping if I could.

Anyone else have ideas?


Jan 10 '06 #4
I do display the Error Number. The message I put in the post comes up
BEFORE it gets to error handling, so there is no number. If I say "NO"
to the message, I get 2501 - the Transferspreads heet was cancelled. If
I say "Yes" the code just moves on, which isn't what I want.

Any ideas? Anyone?


Jan 11 '06 #5
LMAO... I think I just got what you are trying to do... heh...

kinda anyhow....

To get rid of the annoying "The contents in the fields of 0 record(s)
were deleted, and 17
record(s) were lost due to key violations. " message, use the command
"DoCmd.Setwarni ngs = False"

However you said:
If I say "NO"
to the message, I get 2501 - the Transferspreads heet was cancelled. If
I say "Yes" the code just moves on, which isn't what I want.

So, what exactly DO you want it do after the message?


Jan 11 '06 #6
I have been setting warnings to False (and then true later). However,
IF the user tries to import a day she already imported or (more likely)
corrected some data and wanted to import the NEW data, the message that
tells her there is already data for that date on the table is
suppressed, due to False.

I want to be able to trab the message that there are duplicate keys and
tell the user. The manager could then evaluate: Delete the "old"
records that they were trying to correct, or whatever.

We get our data emailed to us from a 3rd party every day, and, on
occasion, we have these problems. I just can't get the code to NOT
suppress that message - so I can deal with it myself.

Is this more clear? Any ideas?

Thank you -

Jan 11 '06 #7

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