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Sporadic display of activex control

I have an Activex Control created in VB6, which, displays no problem on any
machine I have, but, on some machines of others, it does not. All machines
are running either XP or Windows 2000, and all are running MSIE6.x, woth
security settings set to display this control.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how such a simple control can be so
sporadic in it;s showing on a page. It always downloads - it just doesn't
always show. I'm enclosing my html for the page where the code is displayed
(which is at http://www.technalink.com/vdist/tobul/ )

<TITLE>Tobul Accumulator Virtual Distributor</TITLE>
CLASSID="clsid: 389F5C65-B8BB-4A6E-9C8E-187C28427CED" ALIGN="CENTER"
CODEBASE="http://technalink.com/vdist/tobul/TobulWEB.CAB#ve rsion=1,0,0,10" >
and the INF file (generated from PDW) as follows:

signature="$CHI CAGO$"
CopyFiles=insta ll.files
RegisterOCXs=Re gisterFiles
[RInstallApplica tionFiles]
CopyFiles=insta ll.files
RegisterOCXs=Re gisterFiles
install.files=1 1
[SourceDisksName s]
1=%DiskName%,To bulWEB.CAB,1

TobulWEB.ocx=To bulWEB.ocx
mscomctl.ocx=ms comctl.ocx
msstdfmt.dll=ms stdfmt.dll
comdlg32.ocx=co mdlg32.ocx
msstkprp.dll=ms stkprp.dll
msvbvm60.dll=ms vbvm60.dll
oleaut32.dll=ol eaut32.dll
olepro32.dll=ol epro32.dll
asycfilt.dll=as ycfilt.dll
stdole2.tlb=std ole2.tlb
TobulWEB.ocx=To bulWEB.ocx
mscomctl.ocx=ms comctl.ocx
msstdfmt.dll=ms stdfmt.dll
comdlg32.ocx=co mdlg32.ocx
msstkprp.dll=ms stkprp.dll
msvbvm60.dll=ms vbvm60.dll
oleaut32.dll=ol eaut32.dll
olepro32.dll=ol epro32.dll
asycfilt.dll=as ycfilt.dll
stdole2.tlb=std ole2.tlb

[SourceDisksFile s]

RegisterServer= yes
FileVersion=1,0 ,0,10

hook=mscomctl.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,88,62
[mscomctl.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/MSComCtl.cab
InfFile=MSComCt l.inf

hook=msstdfmt.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,88,4
[msstdfmt.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/MSStdFmt.cab
InfFile=MSStdFm t.inf

hook=comdlg32.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,84,18
[comdlg32.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/ComDlg32.cab
InfFile=ComDlg3 2.inf

hook=MSMAPI32.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,81,69
[MSMAPI32.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/MSMapi32.cab
InfFile=MSMapi3 2.inf

hook=msstkprp.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,88,77
[msstkprp.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/MsStkPrp.cab
InfFile=MsStkPr p.inf

hook=msvbvm60.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=6,0 ,96,90
[msvbvm60.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe

hook=oleaut32.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=3,5 0,5016,0
[oleaut32.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe

hook=olepro32.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=5,0 ,5014,0
[olepro32.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe

hook=asycfilt.c ab_Installer
FileVersion=3,5 0,5014,0
[asycfilt.cab_In staller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe

hook=stdole2.ca b_Installer
FileVersion=3,5 0,5014,0
[stdole2.cab_Ins taller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe

hook=COMCAT.cab _Installer
FileVersion=4,7 1,1460,1
[COMCAT.cab_Inst aller]
file-win32-x86=http://activex.microso ft.com/controls/vb6/VBRun60.cab
run=%EXTRACT_DI R%\VBRun60.exe
%11%\olepro32.d ll
%11%\oleaut32.d ll
%11%\msvbvm60.d ll
%11%\msstkprp.d ll
%11%\MSMAPI32.O CX
%11%\comdlg32.o cx
%11%\msstdfmt.d ll
%11%\mscomctl.o cx
%11%\TobulWEB.o cx

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