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Parallel approach & Pilot Approach

13 New Member
what are Parallel approach & Pilot Approach in the implementation phase of the s/w development?
Dec 6 '09 #1
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parallel approach: here
pilot approach: ??? never really heard that term ... i guess it means prototyping approach?

kind regards
Dec 7 '09 #2
13 New Member
I heard this term pilot approach when i was going through the 5 phases of s/w development.

In the last phase i.e. the Implementation phase, it is written over there that there are two techniques used for the implementation of a s/w namely pilot approach and parallel approach.

now i m unable to understand this, as if we are using these approaches then why in the implementation phase. this should be used in coding phase or some other related to it.

Please suggest me what to do about these approaches.

Also the link that you provided is not for implemenation phase. please help me out.
Dec 7 '09 #3
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there are no such things as THE! 5 phases of software development - some models state more others less phases of a development cycle - typically the implementation == coding ... basicly (in simple words) the prototyping approach (which i think is the term that is meant) is used in a way so that you would start to implement a pilot (prototype) of the software (and give it a release no.) ... then test it, learn from the mistakes, drop the pilot and write a new one with the lessons learned from the 'old' one ... so you basicly create release no. 2 ... and so on ... when you do that the parallel way ... then you would create concurrent versions ... which may diverge during development and often needs to be merged at one point. you could see any branch of the parallel development as an own cycle ... where you might use the prototyping approach for its own ... as you might see ... which itself is a 'linear' process.
Dec 7 '09 #4
13 New Member
today i went to my faculty member n asked for the answer, then her reply was -

pilot approach is the one where we start from the database of the s/w.
# first of all we define the number of tables needed
# thereafter we define the columns for the tables.
# then we design the forms according to the database.

pilot is to drive the flight, the same condition applies here. we move from the ground to the sky.

In parallel approach, we first design the form n den create the table for that,
if we design another form den in parallel we create table for that.
this is parallel approach.

This was her reply, when i asked her for the approach.

and by implementation phase i mean the phase in which we install the s/w and maintenance is done thereafter.
Dec 7 '09 #5
13 New Member
please suggest me whether dis is the right answer or not, i got confused in d answer provided by u n my faculty.
Dec 7 '09 #6
5,000 Recognized Expert Expert
First off you need to use proper English. Do not replace "you" with 'u', or "and" with 'n', or "the" with 'd'. If you continue to use SMSpeak you will be reprimanded.

Second, it sounds like your professor is just making up a suitable term as a metaphor for the type of software development approach. Is she teaching out of a text book? What does the text book define it as?

It's okay to make up terms and phrases to describe complex ideas. If you like the term "pilot" and "parallel" then use it. But if you come to me and say "we need to build a new program for our customer, I think we should use the 'pilot' approach"; don't expect me to know what the heck you are talking about.
Dec 7 '09 #7
13 New Member
sorry sir for using sms type language, it wont be repeated.

And please dont angry with my reply. I got bit confused and thats why i am asking you for that.

And she was not teaching from any textbook. I am going through the LMS provided by the company GTT. just visit www.gtterp.com
and login with ganeshshinde as userid and password. Allow pop-up for that.
there in the 2nd module that is in the s/w development, in the slide of implementation and maintenance slide u will come to the above mentioned approaches
Dec 7 '09 #8
5,000 Recognized Expert Expert
No one is angry with your reply. I'm just warning you to be sure that you are learning about industry standard information. Because if you put on your CV or resume 'Familiar with both pilot and parallel approach to software development" the recruiter or employer is not going to know what you are talking about.

What you refer to sounds like what I would call data driven development. That is where you let the data and its interactions dictate how your program is going to be designed.

Other people probably call it something different. The point is: don't get hung up on labels or terms.
Dec 7 '09 #9
5,390 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Basicly without knowing what the OP exactly needs to know and what about all this should be ... i think it is guesswork to try to explain any software development approaches or methods or whatever ... since we currently not know what he is talking about ... what i think is not the problem of the OP ... more a problem of his teacher or whatever, who didn't ask or tell the standards terms that are connected to the issue. For me it seems to be a quite strange kind of learning/teaching when quite common things will be explained/named with terms that diverge from common terms.

kind regards
Dec 8 '09 #10

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