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Parallel approach & Pilot Approach

13 New Member
what are Parallel approach & Pilot Approach in the implementation phase of the s/w development?
Dec 6 '09
24 15118
13 New Member
hello sir........

just have a look over this page, it may give a little idea that the terms are correctly used....... but may be that you use it some other way.


it includes the last phase of s/w development and methods of implementation
Dec 8 '09 #11
5,390 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
so ... the terms are not directly used as development approches ... those things are just plain 'rollout' methods ... that's why i said that it would be guesswork without knowing what you are talking about in general ...
Dec 8 '09 #12
5,000 Recognized Expert Expert
hello sir........

just have a look over this page, it may give a little idea that the terms are correctly used....... but may be that you use it some other way.


it includes the last phase of s/w development and methods of implementation
Looks like you answered your own question then?
Dec 8 '09 #13
13 New Member
the corresponding link was provided my faculty......

and i posted it to make you sure that the terms used were not incorrect.
Dec 8 '09 #14
5,000 Recognized Expert Expert
According to the link provided by your faculty the parallel and pilot approach have nothing to do with the implementation phase of software development.

Sounds like a trick question to me.
Dec 8 '09 #15
13 New Member
By implementation phase i mean the last phase of installing and maintaining the s/w and as it is clear from the link provided that the two approaches can be used for the same.

And as the respective moderators have suggested previously that there is no termed known as pilot approach, i would like to request them to please visit the link and check it out whether there is anything known as pilot approach or not.

Also they had said that they don't know what the heck i am talking about.

I would like to ask you a simple question that if the terms are not correctly used(or you may have not heard of the terms) then it means that the "McKinnon Secondary College in Australia" is giving us the wrong information. Is it like that?

I have already given the explanation that my teacher gave me, please suggest me that whether it is right or do you have any explanations for the terms.

Dec 9 '09 #16
13 New Member
In my childhood i was taught by my physics teacher that "it is better for a science student to keep mum rather than answering wrong"
Dec 9 '09 #17
5,000 Recognized Expert Expert
In my childhood i was taught by my physics teacher that "it is better for a science student to keep mum rather than answering wrong"
First off let me say that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Your physics teacher should be defenestrated. If you think you know the answer then speak up. If you are wrong then you learned something.

Second, implementation phase in s/w development is when you sit down in front of your computer and start implementing the code. Installation and maintenance of the software is not the "implementa tion phase" it is the maintenance phase. So in answer to your question, the parallel and pilot approach do correspond to the ways in which a company or individual can install or "roll-out" a product, but it doesn't make any sense when applied to implementing software.

If you reread the previous posts, no one said that you don't know what the heck you are talking about. I said that you shouldn't expect me to know what you are talking about if we were in an interview situation.

Finally, your original question was:
what are Parallel approach & Pilot Approach in the implementation phase of the s/w development?
Given the link that you have provided I think we can say this has been answered. The answer is, there is no such thing as Parallel or Pilot approach to implementing software. There is however a parallel or pilot approach to deploying software to a group of users or consumers.

Does that resolve your issue?
Dec 9 '09 #18
13 New Member
i want to know the exact meaning of pilot approach and parallel approach in regard of s/w deployment.

And as you say that that a person should always answer whether he is right or wrong, it should be in the case when the person asking the question already knows the answer and not in the case if a person is seeking for answer

I was seeking an answer for my question and the reply came that there is no term known as pilot approach.

Now i hope that you will understand what i am trying to say. Please take it positively and not as argument
Dec 9 '09 #19
13 New Member
please help me find what are pilot approach and parallel approach with regard to s/w deployment and maintenance.
Dec 9 '09 #20

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