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I need a little help with Tkinter Entry widget

I'm trying to make a custom entry widget, as in the code that follows.
There are two problems I'm trying to fix:

1) I would like the widget to behave as myEntry.Escape( ) does now,
except that it happens on loss of focus, not when pressing Esc.

2) TABbing between multiple entry fields does undesired things with
the selection, and with cursor placement.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for how to fix this? I'm attemting to
replicate, more or less, the behavior one would get with, for example,
MS Excel, in navigating and entering data in an array of entry fields.

Also, I'd appreciate any critique of my overall technique,
particularly in how I've implemented the "undo" behavior - it works,
but doesn't seem particularly clean.



from Tkinter import *

class history:
"""this is a mixin for my custom widgets,
providing for "infinite" undo."""
LOG = []
COUNT = {}
def log(self):
history.LOG.app end((self, self.value))
history.COUNT.s etdefault(id(se lf), 0)
history.COUNT[id(self)] += 1
def undo(self):
s, v = history.LOG.pop ()
if history.COUNT[id(s)]:
s.value = v
history.COUNT[id(s)] -= 1
if not history.COUNT[id(s)]:
del history.COUNT[id(s)]
except IndexError:

class myEntry(Entry, history):
This works pretty well, with one exception: I would like the
widget to behave as Escape() does now, except that it happens
on loss of focus, not when pressing Esc.

Also, TABbing between entry fields causes the text in the next
widget to be selected, with the cursor at the end of the text.
When keys are pressed, the text is appended to the selected
text, rather than replacing the selection as would be expected.
def __init__(self, master=None, state=NORMAL, **config):
Entry.__init__( self, master, **config)
if master == None:
self.insert(INS ERT, str(self))
self.bind('<Ret urn>', self.Return)
self.bind('<Esc ape>', self.Escape)
self.bind('<Key >', self.Key)
self.bind('<Con trol-z>', self.ctrl_z)
self.mode = 'display'
if state == DISABLED:
self.config(sta te=DISABLED)
def Show(self):
self.delete(0, END)
self.insert(INS ERT, str(self))
self.mode = 'display'
history.COUNT[id(self)] # fails if no history
self.config(bg= 'pink', fg='black')
self.config(bg= 'white', fg='black')
def Key(self, event):
x = ord(event.char) # fails if not an ASCII key
if event.keysym == 'Tab':
self.Return(Non e)
elif self.mode == 'display':
self.config(bg= 'red', fg='white')
self.mode = 'entry'
E, I = self.index(END) , self.index(INSE RT)
self.delete(0, END)
self.insert(INS ERT, self.STR())
i = self.index(END)
self.icursor(i - (E - I))
def Return(self, event):
if self.focus_get( ):
self.Validate(s elf.get())
def Escape(self, event):
def ctrl_z(self, event):
def Validate(self, value):

class gui_int(myEntry ):
def __init__(self, value=0, master=None, **config):
self.value = 0
myEntry.__init_ _(self, master, **config)
def Validate(self, value):
v = int(value)
if v != self.value:
self.value = v
def __str__(self):
return 'INT: ' + str(self.value)
def STR(self):
return str(self.value)

x=gui_int(value =22.34, font='Courier 12', state=DISABLED, width=11,
y=gui_int(font= 'Courier 12', width=11, justify=RIGHT)
z=gui_int(value =10.99, font='Courier 12', width=11, justify=RIGHT)
Jul 18 '05 #1
3 4917

"Phil Schmidt" <ph************ *****@yahoo.com > schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:22******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
I'm trying to make a custom entry widget, as in the code that follows.
There are two problems I'm trying to fix:

1) I would like the widget to behave as myEntry.Escape( ) does now,
except that it happens on loss of focus, not when pressing Esc.

Then why don't you bind <FocusOut> and <FocusIn> ?

Michael P
Jul 18 '05 #2
Oh! Seems obvious when you say it! I've been using the Fredrik Lundh
documentation, and saw nothing about those. Perhaps I should follow
the recommendations of other posters and get that book about

Jul 18 '05 #3

"Phil Schmidt" <ph************ *****@yahoo.com > schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:22******** *************** ***@posting.goo gle.com...
Oh! Seems obvious when you say it! I've been using the Fredrik Lundh
documentation, and saw nothing about those. Perhaps I should follow
the recommendations of other posters and get that book about

Have alook at New Mexico Tech
There are two very concise as well as comprehensive documents.

Michael P

a.. Python 2.2 programming language quick reference, 46 pp. [HTML]
[PostScript] [PDF]
b.. Tkinter reference: a GUI for Python, 84 pp. [PostScript] [PDF]

Jul 18 '05 #4

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