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How can I set the menu control height?

6 New Member

I have a page with a scrollable DIV, and within that DIV, I have a few asp.net menu controls. The idea being, the user mouses over the small icons and is presented with a list of options.

One of these lists has more data than the page allows for, so the menu control automatically creates the scroll up / scroll down commands at both ends of the menu. The problem is; since it is within a scrollable div, the menu scroller are hidden! The user needs to scroll the div, in order to scroll the menu!

I'm attempting to resolve this, by making the menu shorter, but the height property doesn't appear to work.

I've attached concise sample code below, and as you can see I want the menu to be 2 inches long. The background is only colored for 2 inches, but the menu goes the full length of the window.

I've also attempted to resolve it by adding the following code to the top of the page, but when the user tries to scroll it, the menu disappears.
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  1. <style>#ctl01n0Items {height:2in;overflow-y:auto;}</style>
So my question is :
Does anybody know how to set the height of the menu?
Does anybody know how to get the menu to autosize according to it's container, not the full window client area.

Thanks in advance, I'm hoping I'm missing something simple.


.NET v2.0
IE 7.0.5730.11

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  1. <asp:menu 
  2.     DynamicMenuStyle-Height="2in"
  3.     DynamicMenuStyle-BackColor="LightBlue"
  4.     runat="server">
  5.     <items>
  6.         <asp:menuitem text="My Menu">
  7.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 1"/>
  8.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 2"/>
  9.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 3"/>
  10.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 4"/>
  11.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 5"/>
  12.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 6"/>
  13.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 7"/>
  14.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 8"/>
  15.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 9"/>
  16.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 10"/>
  17.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 11"/>
  18.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 12"/>
  19.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 13"/>
  20.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 14"/>
  21.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 15"/>
  22.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 16"/>
  23.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 17"/>
  24.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 18"/>
  25.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 19"/>
  26.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 20"/>
  27.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 21"/>
  28.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 22"/>
  29.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 23"/>
  30.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 24"/>
  31.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 25"/>
  32.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 26"/>
  33.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 27"/>
  34.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 28"/>
  35.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 29"/>
  36.             <asp:menuitem text="Item 30"/>
  37.         </asp:menuitem>
  38.     </items>
  39. </asp:menu>
Sep 16 '08 #1
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979 Recognized Expert Contributor
Hi John,

Welcome to Bytes.com! I hope you find the site useful.

You've posted your question in the ASP Forum which is for Classic ASP only - I've moved it for you but in future please post all ASP.NET questions in the .NET Forum.

Dr B
Sep 16 '08 #2
797 Recognized Expert Contributor
Hmm... I came across a question like this yesterday and called no joy on it... :oP
Sep 16 '08 #3
6 New Member
Hi John,

Welcome to Bytes.com! I hope you find the site useful.

You've posted your question in the ASP Forum which is for Classic ASP only - I've moved it for you but in future please post all ASP.NET questions in the .NET Forum.

Dr B
Thanks Dr B. I wasn't sure which forum was for asp.net, so I just assumed it was ASP since it was under web development.

Anyway, thanks again for moving it to the correct forum.

Sep 16 '08 #4
6 New Member
Thanks for the comments guys.

Anyway, I wound up grouping the items into submenus so I could resolve the situation immediately and deploy. I don't know if I'd get any ROI by doing anything else at this point.

One idea I did get in case anybody else ever has this issue is to implement control adapters. It's not worth it for me in this case, but it may be a good solution in other cases.

Scott Guthrie has a blog post about Control Adapters at http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2005/12/21/asp-net-2-0-control-adapter-architecture.as px
and the MSDN Magazine did an article on it in October 2006 Ö itís in the MSDN Library

Sep 18 '08 #5

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