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XmlSerializer and multi line strings


can somebody tell me how to serialize/deserialize
a object containing a multi line string using the
XmlSerializer class. One of the both windows
linefeed chars get dumped somewhere down the road.
It would be awesome somebody could answer this,
sadly most of my questions don't get answered.

Nov 12 '05 #1
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"stax" <ag*********@fd ghsgsgs.de> wrote in message news:d6******** **@online.de...
One of the both windows linefeed chars get
dumped somewhere down the road.
Look at the XML at each point down the road to
figure out where the problem lies.
can somebody tell me how to serialize/deserialize
a object containing a multi line string using the
XmlSerializer class.

Here's an example,

- - - MultiLineString Serialization.c s
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;
using System.Xml.Seri alization;

public class MyObject
private string x;
public MyObject( ) { x = ""; }

public string MyProperty {
get { return x; }
set { x = value; }

public class App
public static void Main( )
// Here is an object about to be serialized with lots of whitespace and
// blank lines.
MyObject goingOut = new MyObject( );
goingOut.MyProp erty = "Hello\r\nWorld \r\n\r\nHow are you?";

XmlSerializer xs = new XmlSerializer( typeof( MyObject));
XmlTextWriter xtw = new XmlTextWriter(
new StreamWriter( "serializeMulti LineStrings.xml "));

xs.Serialize( xtw, goingOut);

xtw.Flush( );
xtw.Close( );
// Breakpoint here and examine the file produced by Serialize( )
XmlTextReader xtr = new XmlTextReader(
new StreamReader( "serializeMulti LineStrings.xml "));
MyObject comingIn = xs.Deserialize( xtr) as MyObject;

// This is what the multi-line string property looks like when done
// deserializing -- see if the blank lines and extra whitespace are
// still there.
Console.WriteLi ne( comingIn.MyProp erty);
xtr.Close( );
- - -

In some situations what you describe sounds like normal Whitespace
normalization. You shouldn't encounter that in simple element content,
because your string's whitespace is significant. If you ever did encounter
this, your remedy is to turn it off by serializing an xml:space='pres erve'
attribute; and handling ignoring no whitespace on deserialization .

However, XmlSerializer doesn't require this (wouldn't be very useful if
it couldn't deserialize a string it had serialized into an exact copy, now
would it?)

If you're serializing as an XmlAttribute, then its possible some
consumers may subject you to whitespace normalization if they
read the attribute value as being NMTOKENS (a space-separated
list of different values, in which case you only need one whitespace
to delimit values). XmlSerializer doesn't fall into this camp though,
it escapes newlines (&#xA;, &#xD;, etc.). You can apply
[XmlAttribute( )] to MyProperty above and see this for
yourself in the example.

Look to see if you're going through any other XML processing
intermediaries that are doing this whitespace normalization (and
tell them to preserve whitespace, or treat attribute values as
Derek Harmon
Nov 12 '05 #2
thanks a lot, the example worked perfectly.
I compared it to my code and quickly found
what I was doing wrong. I was using FileStream
like the SDK sample instead of XmlTextReader
and XmlTextWriter.

Nov 12 '05 #3

Thanks! I had the same problem. This fixed my problem too.

I stumbled upon it thru a search...

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Mar 23 '06 #4

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