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RSSI on xbee

12 New Member
I have transmitted an APi frame fron one xbee radio to other.I am able to receive it in 2nd xbee radios.I can see it xbee terminal.If i want to find the RSSI value for it how can i calculate it.
Can anyone please explain it detail?

Jan 12 '09 #1
21 12691
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
Again all of this is very well explained in the XBEE manual you seem so bent on not looking at.
If you are transmitting with the AT modem commands, you can use the ATDB command.
From the XBEE manual:
- DB (Received Signal Strength) Command
<Diagnostics> DB parameter is used to read the
received signal strength (in dBm) of the last RF
packet received. Reported values are accurate
between -40 dBm and the RF module's receiver sensitivity.
Absolute values are reported. For example: 0x58 = -88 dBm (decimal). If no packets have been
received (since last reset, power cycle or sleep event), “0” will be reported.

If you are transmitting using the xbee API, then
For the 64bit Rx(Receive) packet the RSSI is contained in the 13th byte
For the 16bit Rx(Receive) packet the RSSI is contained in the 7th byte
Jan 13 '09 #2
12 New Member
thanks plater..
i saw it..but i didnt understand how to calculate in that byte.i tried it..
Jan 15 '09 #3
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
What is there to calculate? It returns a -db value representing the RSSI.
There should not need to be any calculation?
Jan 15 '09 #4
12 New Member
Hello . I hope you can help me.transmitting using the xbee API, i need to know exactlly wich bit bit in the { 64bit Rx(Receive) packet the RSSI is contained in the 13th byte,also practically how to capture this rssi????
Feb 19 '09 #5
12 New Member
Hello . I hope you can help me.transmitting using the xbee API, i need to know exactlly wich bit bit in the { 64bit Rx(Receive) packet the RSSI is contained in the 13th byte,also practically how to capture this rssi????
Feb 19 '09 #6
12 New Member
hello,at first i'm very intersting with u r qustion ,beacuse my project is similler to ur topic ,i need u r help first how can i enter api? if u can contact me to discuss about my project pliz join me at [DELETED]
Feb 19 '09 #7
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
Again, all of that information is found in the FREE reference guide that maxstream provides for their XBee product.
For the 64bit receive message, yes the 13th bit is the RSSI (which makes it 12 on a zero based index)
Feb 19 '09 #8
12 New Member
thank u plater for ur reply
1- i want to ask u if u have any source that explain how to install xbee series 2 API(i want to learn first how to install API in the xbee series 2)?

2- what is exactlly frame should be send to read the RSSI in the 2nd xbee ?

3- how to capture this RSSI in expermental ,should be connect microcontroller to read the 13th byt or 7th byt?

i will wait u r feedback

thnk u very much and your kind concern will be highly appreciated

best regardes
Feb 20 '09 #9
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
1) The X-CTU software that comes with the XBIB handles upgrading the firmware on the XBEE modules, there is a nice section for it in that software.

2) If you have two XBEEs, called them A and B, and you are attached to A, to get the RSSI of talking to B, you need to get B to send you an API packet

3) I use microcontrolers on each XBEE and I program those to create API messages and send/receive them.
Feb 20 '09 #10

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