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trouble with a timer (setInterval)

6 New Member
Ok, I have cleaned up the code and fixed some errors in it. The problem I am having is with the timer. If you uncomment the alert it pauses after every record. when I replace it with setInterval it runs through the code but doesn't pause. First time using setInterval and any help will be appreciated.

// in the head

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. var c=0;
  2. var t;
  3. function wait() {
  4.     document.getElementById('targetDiv').value=c;
  5.     c+=1;
  6. }
  7. function getData() {
  8.      var mozillaFlag = false;
  9.      var XMLHttpRequestObject = false;
  11.      if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
  12.          XMLHttpRequestObject = new XMLHttpRequest();
  13.         mozillaFlag = true;
  14.         } 
  15.      else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
  16.          XMLHttpRequestObject = new
  17.             ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
  18.         }    
  20.      if (XMLHttpRequestObject) {
  21.          XMLHttpRequestObject.open("GET", "xmlData/business.xml", true);
  23.         XMLHttpRequestObject.onreadystatechange = function() {
  24.             if (XMLHttpRequestObject.readyState == 4 && XMLHttpRequestObject.status == 200) {
  25.                 var xmlDocument = XMLHttpRequestObject.responseXML;
  26.                 if(mozillaFlag) {
  27.                     removeWhitespace(xmlDocument);
  28.                 }
  29.                 displayBusinesses(xmlDocument);
  30.             }
  31.           }
  32.         XMLHttpRequestObject.send(null);
  33.      }
  34.     //wait();
  35. }
  37. function displayBusinesses(xmldoc) {
  39.     var businessesNode, WbusinessNode, featuredNode, logoNode, nameNode, descriptionNode, contactNode;
  40.     businessesNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("businesses");
  41.     WbusinessNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("Fbusiness");
  42.     featuredNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("featured");
  43.     logoNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("logo");
  44.     nameNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("name");
  45.     descriptionNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("description");
  46.     contactNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("contact");
  47.     var imagesFront = "<img src=";
  48.     var imagesBack = " />";
  49.     var linebreak = "\<br>";
  51.     var counter;    
  52.     var temp= xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('featured');
  53.     var temp2 = document.getElementById("vars");
  54.     temp2.innerHTML="# of nodes in featured is: " + temp.length;
  56.     for (counter=0; counter < temp.length; counter++) {
  57.         //clearInterval(t);
  58.         //if (temp.length != last node of xml then execute code else if (temp.length = last node then go to first node.
  59.         featuredBusinesses = nameNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + linebreak + linebreak + imagesFront + logoNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + imagesBack;
  60.         featuredBusinesses1 = descriptionNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + contactNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue;
  61.          var target = document.getElementById("targetDiv");
  62.         target.innerHTML=featuredBusinesses + featuredBusinesses1 + counter + "this is the value for t: " + t;
  63.         //alert("you are node number: " + counter);  // when you uncomment this line it pauses after every record displayed but now with setInterval
  64.         //alert("t =: " + t);
  65.         t=window.setInterval('displayBusinesses()', 3000);
  66.         //alert("t =: " + t);
  67.     }
  68. }
  70. function removeWhitespace(xml) {
  71.     var loopIndex;
  72.     for (loopIndex = 0; loopIndex < xml.childNodes.length;
  73.         loopIndex++) {
  75.         var currentNode = xml.childNodes[loopIndex];
  77.         if (currentNode.nodeType == 1) {
  78.         removeWhitespace(currentNode);
  80.         if (((/^\s+$/.test(currentNode.nodeValue))) && (currentNode.nodeType == 3)) {
  81.         xml.removeChild(xml.childNodes[loopIndex--]);
  82.         }
  83.       }
  84.     }
  85. }
working example is at:
Jan 8 '09 #1
7 2469
6 New Member
updated code that almost works correctly. I can't figure out where to put the call for the wait() function. The way it is now in this example. It will loop back when it gets to the end of the nodes and start over at the beginning, however, it ONLY pauses at the alert between each business displayed. Of course, I don't want anyone to have to hit ok to see the next business. Where am I going wrong?

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. var intervalID;
  2. function wait() {
  3.    intervalID = setInterval('getData()', 3000);  
  4. }
  5. function getData() {
  6.      var mozillaFlag = false;
  7.      var XMLHttpRequestObject = false;
  9.      if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
  10.          XMLHttpRequestObject = new XMLHttpRequest();
  11.         mozillaFlag = true;
  12.         } 
  13.      else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
  14.          XMLHttpRequestObject = new
  15.             ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
  16.         }    
  18.      if (XMLHttpRequestObject) {
  19.          XMLHttpRequestObject.open("GET", "xmlData/business.xml", true);
  21.         XMLHttpRequestObject.onreadystatechange = function() {
  22.             if (XMLHttpRequestObject.readyState == 4 && XMLHttpRequestObject.status == 200) {
  23.                 var xmlDocument = XMLHttpRequestObject.responseXML;
  24.                 if(mozillaFlag) {
  25.                     removeWhitespace(xmlDocument);
  26.                 }
  27.                 displayBusinesses(xmlDocument);
  28.             }
  29.           }
  30.         XMLHttpRequestObject.send(null);
  31.      }
  32. }
  34. function displayBusinesses(xmldoc) {
  36.     var businessesNode, WbusinessNode, featuredNode, logoNode, nameNode, descriptionNode, contactNode;
  37.     businessesNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("businesses");
  38.     WbusinessNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("Fbusiness");
  39.     featuredNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("featured");
  40.     logoNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("logo");
  41.     nameNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("name");
  42.     descriptionNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("description");
  43.     contactNode = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("contact");
  44.     var imagesFront = "<img src=";
  45.     var imagesBack = " />";
  46.     var linebreak = "\<br>";
  48.     var counter;    
  49.     var temp2 = document.getElementById("vars");
  50.     temp2.innerHTML="# of nodes in featured is: " + featuredNode.length;
  53.     for (counter=0; counter < featuredNode.length; counter++) {
  54.         //clearInterval(intervalID);
  55.         //if (featuredNode.length != featuredNode.LastChild) {
  57.         //if (featuredNode.length != last node of xml then execute code else if (temp.length = last node then go to first node.
  58.         featuredBusinesses = nameNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + linebreak + linebreak + imagesFront + logoNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + imagesBack;
  59.         featuredBusinesses1 = descriptionNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue + contactNode[counter].firstChild.nodeValue;
  60.          var target = document.getElementById("targetDiv");
  61.         target.innerHTML=featuredBusinesses + featuredBusinesses1 + counter + "&mdash; this is the value for intervalID: " + intervalID;
  62.         //alert("you are node number: " + counter);
  63.         //}
  64.         //else {
  65.         //featuredNode = featuredNode.firstChild.nodeValue;
  66.         alert(featuredNode.value);
  67.         //}
  68.     }
  69. }
  71. function removeWhitespace(xml) {
  72.     var loopIndex;
  73.     for (loopIndex = 0; loopIndex < xml.childNodes.length;
  74.         loopIndex++) {
  76.         var currentNode = xml.childNodes[loopIndex];
  78.         if (currentNode.nodeType == 1) {
  79.         removeWhitespace(currentNode);
  81.         if (((/^\s+$/.test(currentNode.nodeValue))) && (currentNode.nodeType == 3)) {
  82.         xml.removeChild(xml.childNodes[loopIndex--]);
  83.         }
  84.       }
  85.     }
  86. }
  87. </script>
<body onload="wait(); ">[/HTML]

Jan 8 '09 #2
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
If you want to display each business at 3 second intervals, keep the setInterval call outside displayBusiness es(), or use setTimeout if you use it within the function.
Jan 9 '09 #3
6 New Member
right. But if you look at my second piece of code it's not in the displayBusiness es(). I've tried placing it in numerous places. If I place it in the getData()... I get undefined variables inside the displayBusiness es(). I know it's probably a simple fix and I will kick myself when the problem is discovered.
Jan 11 '09 #4
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
That may be so, but the first version is closer to what you're looking for. Get all the data and then when displaying, use setInterval to call a function to display the next business every 3 seconds.
Jan 12 '09 #5
6 New Member
the first version is closer to what you're looking for.
thanks. that gives me a direction in which to go.
Jan 12 '09 #6
6 New Member
thanks for your help. This issue is resolved.
Jan 16 '09 #7
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Glad to hear it. Until next time...
Jan 18 '09 #8

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