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Need help disabling a submit button onClick

5 New Member
Hello, first time posting on thescripts.com, and I'm in dire need of some help.
All I want to do is disable the submit button (not the entire form) onClick, and am wondering if this is possible.

Here's the current coding:
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  1. <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="?id=completeupload" name="submitform" method="POST">
  2. <b>File to Upload:</b>&nbsp;<input name="userfile" size="50" type="file"><br><br>
  3. <span class="class3">
  4. <input type="checkbox" name="agree" value="22">I agree to the upload terms and conditions for mysite.com (<a href='agreement.php' target='_blank'>&nbsp;View Terms&nbsp;</a>)<br><br>
  5. <input type="submit" value="Upload File" name="uploadbutton" onclick="submitform.disabled=true; submitform.form.submit();">
  6. </font></span>
  7. </form>
It's a file upload script, everything works other then when i try to disable the button onclick. With this current coding in IE it disables the entire form and doesn't process the request. FireFox it processes the request, but doesn't disable the button or form.

If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Feb 27 '08 #1
9 7150
971 Recognized Expert Contributor
If you are wanting to do away with the JavaScript function 'onclick', then simply delete the code for it.

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  1. onclick="submitform.disabled=true; submitform.form.submit();"
Feb 27 '08 #2
5 New Member
Thanks for the quick reply ewish, still not working. I'm kind of new to this coding.

i found a new code of disabling the button onClick

onclick="docume nt.submitform.s ubmitbutton.dis abled=true;
document.submit form.mode.name = 'post';
document.submit form.onsubmit() ;
document.submit form.submit();"

Cool thing is is this works just fine in firefox, disables the button and then processes upload.php to upload the selected file. Only problem is in IE it just disables the button and doesn't process upload.php.
Feb 27 '08 #3
971 Recognized Expert Contributor
I guess that I don't understand. Do you want the data from the form to be sent to your php script? If so, would that not require the submit button? If not, then what is the purpose of the submit button in the first place? How else will you know that the user is done filling out the form and ready for processing if you don't use the button?

Feb 27 '08 #4
5 New Member
Here, ...

If you try it in IE, the button is just disabled and it doesn't process

If you try it in FireFox, it disables it and uploads the file just fine

All I want is it for the submit button to be disabled in firefox and ie and goto the upload.php script. As far is checking the filesize, terms of agreement, all that works fine. If the user has inputed a valid file and accepted the terms of agreement, i just want Upload File submit button to be disabled to prevent anxious users from constantly clicking it.

Sorry for the confusion, I'm not good with explaining things.
Feb 27 '08 #5
7,435 Recognized Expert Expert
You'll get better javascript answers from the javascript forum. I'll send this there.
Feb 27 '08 #6
5 New Member
No need, I finally figured it out. Thank you very much though, this can get mighty frustrating at times. I appreciate it.
Feb 27 '08 #7
4,258 Recognized Expert Specialist
No need, I finally figured it out. Thank you very much though, this can get mighty frustrating at times. I appreciate it.
Do you want to share your solution with our members in this forum? Thanks.

Feb 29 '08 #8
5 New Member
Do you want to share your solution with our members in this forum? Thanks.

Definately, onClick this disables the Submit button within a Form and changes the caption to 'One Moment Please...' (works in IE and FireFox)

[HTML]<form enctype="multip art/form-data" action="upload. php" name="submitfor m" id="submitform " method="POST">
<b>File to Upload:</b>&nbsp;<input name="userfile" size="50" type="file"><br ><br>
<input type="submit" value="Upload" name="submitbut ton" onclick="docume nt.submitform.s ubmitbutton.val ue='One Moment Please...'; document.submit form.submitbutt on.disabled=tru e; document.submit form.submit();" >
Mar 2 '08 #9
16,027 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Definately, onClick this disables the Submit button within a Form and changes the caption to 'One Moment Please...' (works in IE and FireFox)
Thanks for posting your solution, but please remember to use code tags when posting code. Thanks!
Mar 2 '08 #10

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