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trying to use mouse effect script in multiple frames?

I have my own website and i want to use a mouse effect.
My problem is that i use frames and when i put the javascript in the index.html like this:


<meta name="keywords" content="vacati on">
<meta name="GENERATOR " content="Micros oft FrontPage 5.0">
<meta name="ProgId" content="FrontP age.Editor.Docu ment">
<title>Vacation </title>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaS cript1.2">
<!-- Begin
var brOK = false, mie = false;
if (document.layer s || document.all) brOK = true;
if (document.all) mie = true;
var ex = 0, ey = 0;
var ae, le, re, x0, y0, tid, realx, realy;
function navMove(e) {
ex = e.pageX;
ey = e.pageY;
return routeEvent(e);
function mieMove() {
ex = document.body.s crollLeft + event.x;
ey = document.body.s crollTop + event.y;
function moveeye() {
dy = ey - y0 - 20;
dx1 = ex - x0 - 20;
dx2 = ex - x0 - 60;
r = Math.sqrt(dx1 * dx1 + dy * dy);
if (r < 20) r = 20;
dx1 = dx1 * 10 / r + x0 + 10;
dy1 = dy * 10 / r + y0 + 10;
r = Math.sqrt(dx2 * dx2 + dy * dy);
if (r < 20) r = 20;
dx2 = dx2 * 10 / r + x0 + 50;
ae.left = x0;
ae.top = y0;
le.left = dx1;
le.top = dy1;
re.left = dx2;
re.top = dy1;
function setHandlers() {
if (!mie) {
y0 = document.eyebal ls.top;
x0 = document.eyebal ls.left;
ae = document.eyebal ls;
le = document.leftey e;
re = document.righte ye;
window.captureE vents(Event.MOU SEMOVE);
window.onMouseM ove = navMove;
else {
y0 = document.all.ey eballs.style.pi xelTop;
x0 = document.all.ey eballs.style.pi xelLeft;
ae = document.all.ey eballs.style;
le = document.all.le fteye.style;
re = document.all.ri ghteye.style;
window.document .onmousemove = mieMove;
realx = x0 + 0.1;
realy = y0 + 0.1;
function moveall() {
rx = realx + 40;
ry = realy + 40;
rx += (ex - rx) * 0.1;
ry += (ey - ry) * 0.1;
realx = rx - 40;
realy = ry - 40;
x0 = Math.round(real x);
y0 = Math.round(real y);
tid = setTimeout('mov eall()', 100);
function placeeyes(x, y) {
if (brOK) {
ex = x + 40;
ey = y + 40;
s = '<DIV ID ="dummy" STYLE="position :absolute; ' +
'top:'+y+'; left:'+x+'; width:10; height:10;"> </DIV>';
s += '<DIV ID="eyeballs" STYLE="position :absolute; ' +
'top:'+y+'; left:'+x+'; width:80; height:40;"><IM G SRC=' +
'"whites.gif " border=0></DIV>';
// remember to get the image dir correct... for both whites.gif and pupil.gif
s += '<DIV ID="lefteye" STYLE="position :absolute; ' +
'top:'+(y+10)+' ; left:'+(x+10)+' ; width:20; height:20;">' +
'<IMG SRC="pupil.gif" border=0></DIV>';
s += '<DIV ID="righteye" STYLE="position :absolute; ' +
'top:'+(y+10)+' ; left:'+(x+50)+' ; width:20; height:20;">' +
'<IMG SRC="pupil.gif" border=0></DIV>';
document.writel n(s);
function clearEyes() {
if (tid) clearTimeout(ti d);
placeeyes(200, 100);
window.onload = setHandlers;
window.onunload = clearEyes;
// End -->

<frameset rows="94,*" framespacing="0 " border="0" frameborder="0" >
<frame name="vaandel" scrolling="no" target="inhoud" src="top.html" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0 " style="word-spacing: 0; margin: 0">
<frameset cols="142,*">
<frame name="inhoud" target="hoofd" src="left.html" scrolling="auto " marginwidth="0" marginheight="0 ">
<frameset rows="*,95%">
<frameset cols="*,10%">
<frame name="datum" src="datum.html " scrolling="no" target="_self" noresize marginwidth="0" marginheight="0 ">
<frame name="tijd" scrolling="no" noresize marginwidth="0" marginheight="0 " src="tijd.html" >
<frame name="hoofd1" target="_self" src="hoofd.html ">
<body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0">

<p>Op deze pagina worden frames gebruikt, maar uw browser ondersteunt geen



I don't see the frames anymore.
I only see the mouse effect.
Where do i have to put the javascript so that it will work for all frames?
Even when i load a new html in a frame?
I mean it has to stay there as a layer over my website.

Thanks in advance...
Jul 23 '05 #1
1 1830
ids schrieb:
I have my own website and i want to use a mouse effect.
My problem is that i use frames and when i put the javascript in the index.html like this:
I don't see the frames anymore.
I only see the mouse effect.
Where do i have to put the javascript so that it will work for all frames?
Even when i load a new html in a frame?
I mean it has to stay there as a layer over my website.

It's not possible to place an element on top of frames. However, you may
use IFrames within your document.

Jul 23 '05 #2

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