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Horizontal CSS menu sounds wrong with Netscape, Mozilla and Opera

Hello all,

I have a problem with an horizontal menu which is managed using HTML/CSS

All sounds right in most of the major Windows's browsers (not tried
until now under Linux, will do after), but not using Netscape, Mozilla
(not the FireFox one) and Opera.

I've made a test page in which you can see the CSS code, snapshots in
every tested browsers and my observations at the bottom.


Do you have an idea about the reason why it's wrong with these three
browsers and what to do ?
Mar 7 '08 #1
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Yohan N. Leder wrote:
I have a problem with an horizontal menu

Do you have an idea about the reason why it's wrong with these three
They're old and senile? :)
Mozilla 1.6, Netscape 7 and Opera 7 are dinosaurs now. I suspect you
could count the number of people still using those versions on one hand.
and what to do ?
I'd do nothing, except get some more up-to-date versions for testing.
A more recent Seamonkey works just fine, as does Netscape 7.2. I
wouldn't bother with any Opera release before 8.x, and even that's

It's usually not worth the trouble of catering to ancient browsers. If
anyone is still using them, it's unlikely your page is the first one
they've come across that does something odd.

Mar 7 '08 #2
In article <63************ *@mid.individua l.net>, be******@visi.c om
Mozilla 1.6, Netscape 7 and Opera 7 are dinosaurs now.
I agree with you, but I've some "no-software oriented" visitors (if you
see what I mean) who use them... So, difficult to push then toward newer
versions unless if I do the install myself on their computer :(

Well, technically, do you think it's because of misinterpretati on of
these old browsers or because of a lack in my CSS/HTML ?
Mar 7 '08 #3
In article <63************ *@mid.individua l.net>, be******@visi.c om
I'd do nothing, except get some more up-to-date versions for testing.
A more recent Seamonkey works just fine, as does Netscape 7.2. I
wouldn't bother with any Opera release before 8.x, and even that's
Well, after my yesterday reply, I've tried to test further this morning
(knowing my own station is under Windows 2K):

- Netscape 7.1 : not tested yet because their live install has some
difficult to download what necessary (maybe the week-end effect).

- Mozilla : not updated yet.

- Opera 9.26 : the result is worse than with the previous release I used
(the 7.23)... Just see http://yohannl.tripod.com/menutest/index.html ;
I've updated the page at the bottom.
Mar 8 '08 #4
In article <e4************ *************@N AXS.COM>, lw*****@central .net
Well first off, use HTML 4.01 strict then your pseudo|invalid xhtml as
to not trigger quirks mode.

Next UL is a block element so no need for the DIV and let's remove all
the other superfluous elements.

If you are just adjusting one css property like background-color, don't
use the shortcut "background " it does more that you realize...

My method here doesn't toggle display but moves the absolutely
positioned block element in and out of the viewport so it does not
effect the flow of the page as toggling the display property of an element.

This works in IE5 to 7, FF and Opera up to version 8.x (9 seems to have
issues... but Opera still having trouble breaking 1-2% and maybe they
will fix it...)
OK; thnaks for this detailled replyu, Jonathan. I'm not at work just
now, but will see your way deeper at beginning of the week.

Have a nice sunday
Mar 9 '08 #5

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