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ERROR:root:Error, access violation writing 0x0000000000005140, Python Flask making a GPT4All Chatbox UI

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The error message I've encountered is; ERROR:root:Error generating model response: exception: access violation writing 0x0000000000005140, which seems to be indicative of an access violation exception that occurred within my application. This type of error apparently usually points to a problem where the code attempted to write to a protected memory address it does not have permission to access!?
I am attempting to create an interactive web application where users can input text and receive responses generated by a machine learning model, specifically using a model from gpt4all. The application uses Flask, a Python web framework, for the backend, and jQuery for the frontend to handle user interactions. Here's a breakdown of how they function together

Frontend (HTML/JavaScript with jQuery) User Interaction: The HTML page includes an input box (#inputPrompt) where users can type their messages and a button (#enterButton) to submit their messages. JavaScript/jQuery: When the document is ready, the script listens for the click event on the #enterButton. Once clicked, it fetches the user's input from #inputPrompt. AJAX Request: The script then sends an asynchronous POST request to the /chat endpoint on the server, including the user's input as data. This is done using jQuery's $.post method. Handling the Response: Upon receiving a response from the server, the script updates the content of #responseBox with the response data and clears the input box for further queries.

Backend (Python Flask with gpt4all) Flask Application Setup: A Flask app is initialized, and a route for the root (/) is defined to serve the HTML page. GPT-4 Model Loading: The GPT4All model is initialized with a specific model name, ready to generate responses based on user input. Chat Endpoint: The /chat route accepts POST requests. It extracts the user's input from the request data and passes it to the make_request function. Generating a Response: The make_request function uses a session with the GPT4All model, formatted with a specific prompt structure, to generate a response to the user's input. It then returns this response. Error Handling: If there's an error during the response generation, it logs the error and returns a default error message. Returning the Response: The chat function finally returns the generated response as a JSON object to the frontend.

Integration and Functionality The frontend sends user input to the backend via AJAX, ensuring a smooth, asynchronous interaction without needing to reload the page. The backend receives this input, processes it through the machine learning model, and sends back a generated response. The frontend then displays this response to the user in the #responseBox. At least that's my intend!

The Codes that produces the issue is somewhere in the below text, which I seem to not be able to find and correct, advice is highly appreciated:
Chatbox.py file: from flask import Flask, render_template, request, jsonify import logging from gpt4all import GPT4All

app = Flask(name)

Load the model name from an environment variable or default to a specific model
model = GPT4All('nous-hermes-llama2-13b.Q4_0.gguf')


@app.route('/') def index(): return render_template('index.html')

def make_request(user_input): logging.info(f"Received user input: {user_input}") # Log the received input try: with model.chat_session('You are a geography expert.\nBe terse.', '### Instruction:\n{0}\n### Response:\n') as session: response = session.generate(user_input, temp=0) return response except Exception as e: logging.error(f"Error generating model response:'{user_input}': {e}") return "Error processing your request."

@app.route('/chat', methods=['POST']) def chat(): user_input = request.form.get('inputPrompt') response = make_request(user_input) return jsonify({"response": response})

if name == 'main': app.run(debug=True)

In html file:

$(document).ready(function(){ $('#enterButton').click(function(){ var user_input = $('#inputPrompt').val(); $.post('/chat', {inputPrompt: user_input}, function(data){ var response = $('#responseBox').html(data); $('#inputPrompt').val(''); // Clear input box after sending the message }); }); });
I have been struggling with finding the problem and thus the solution to the issue. I'm a new, as green as can be, so please be gentle and pardon me for my ignorance on the matter. I've had a hard time with the issue and simply cant figure it out. All help and advice would be much appreciated. thank you in advance.
Mar 6 '24 #1
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