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Hyper-Converged Integrated Streaming Engine for a New Era of Distributed Databases, AsiaInfo released AntDB V7.2 database

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On December 28, the special session for databases of “Full-Stack Empowerment Through Digital Intelligence" - AsiaInfo 2022 Series Product Launch Event was held online. It is worth noting that AsiaInfo has released the AntDB V7.2 database with "hyper converged integrated streaming engine", and has shared how the database has been applied in communication, transportation and other industries.

Nowadays various industries are undergoing the transformation of digital intelligence as corporate data is growing exponentially. The increasing sophistication of business demands is accompanies by the ever-more refined requirements of users for databases. Meanwhile, the rise of cloud computing and distributed computing capabilities can support the multi-business architecture with underlying technologies. In this context, the integrated capabilities of multi-engine databases have been emerging. HTAP, Data Lakehouse, and Stream/Batch Processing all pioneer the trend of hyper-convergence.

Release of AntDB V7.2
First-Ever Introduction of Hyper-Converged + Stream Processing Engine

In terms of the overall architecture, AsiaInfo AntDB puts forward a brand-new concept of "hyper-convergence". According to the concept, multiple engines and various capabilities are converged for enterprises to meet the increasingly sophisticated mixed load scenarios and mixed data type business needs. Meanwhile, in order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of users for "real-time performance", AntDB integrates and innovates streaming computing and database from the kernel level through the original "stream processing engine" for the real-time processing scenario requirements of real-time business analysis and reporting, as well as “Internet +” and other types of asynchronous transaction scenario requirements.

Figure: AntDB database hyper-convergence framework
AsiaInfo believes that in terms of the evolution of the database, HTAP, Data Lakehouse and Stream/Batch Processing are perhaps mere transitional products. In the future, the database will be centered on "data" and will gradually incorporate a variety of business data for the various use methods of IT systems and industrial data in China.
Integration of Needs in Five Major Areas
One Product, One-Stop Service

At present, the data application requirements of users are focused on five areas: traditional transactions, analysis, big data mining, high-performance memory computing and real-time streaming data processing. These five areas are now carried by different technology stacks. AsiaInfo AntDB strives to bring these five types of data services under a unified technical framework, which is "one product, one-stop service".

Figure: Integration of five major data application requirements
Making full use of the architectural advantages of distributed database engines, AsiaInfo's AntDB V7.2 database hyper-converged architecture expands the concept of HTAP and encapsulates multiple engines such as time series storage, stream processing execution, and vector analysis into a unified architecture. It supports multiple business models in the same database cluster, slashing the complexity of business systems supporting diverse data requirements. It also brings convenience to application developers, DBAs, and architects.
Born as Disruptor
First New-Generation Stream Processing Engine in the Industry

As the basic architecture of databases, hyper-convergence does not offer solutions to any specific scenarios. The AntDB-S streaming data engine launched by AntDB V7.2 database has completely reshaped the design and development mode of real-time computing applications.
The difficulty and high costs of streaming business development have slowed down the promotion and implementation of streaming computing in actual production. Mainstream stream processing frameworks such as Apache Storm, Spark Streaming, and Flink do not have the capabilities of a database. For their interactions with other data such as association and temporary storage, complex data extraction is required, and manual processing is operated through Java/Scala program codes inside the stream processing engine.
After over a decade of practical experience in the core business scenarios of communication operators, AntDB found that some business scenarios cannot be realized through traditional technology methods, but only through real-time processing capabilities such as stream computing. Therefore, AntDB creatively integrated streaming computing into the database kernel for the first time in the industry. In this way, under the framework of a database engine, the data structure and real-time processing logic can be freely defined through standard SQL. Data can flow freely between stream objects and table objects inside the database. Users also can optimize and process data, monitor data in clusters, and customize the business logic based on data at any time by establishing indexes, flow table associations, triggers, and materialized views.

Figure: AntDB database stream processing scenario
Under the integrated streaming engine mechanism of AntDB, developers will no longer use Java/Scala codes to define data processing logic, thus relieved of the complexity of real-time business development. The overall technical framework is much less complicated with significant improvements in the stability and development efficiency of the system. "One product satisfies various types of data processing".
Into a New Era of Evolvable Distributed Databases
The AntDB database is a product that emerged out of the transformation of digital intelligence across various industries. After 15 years of practical verification and trials and errors in the core scenarios of communication operators, it has striven for improvements in ultra-high-frequency and high-density core transaction scenarios to solve the demand problem that the international brand database find difficult to tackle.
According to Wang Li, Vice President of AsiaInfo and General Manager of AsiaInfo Anhui, win-win cooperation with partners is the unswerving efforts of AsiaInfo to pursue development. Only by fully integrating the basic database software with the industry solutions of partners can AsiaInfo create solutions for different industry scenarios and needs. Only with superior products can AsiaInfo provide customers high-quality experiences and build a better tomorrow for domestic software!
With the rise of the IT application innovation industry, AntDB, as a representative of homegrown databases in China, is always committed to its mission of IT innovation. From behind the scenes to in front of the stage, through inherent security, stability and forward-looking perspective for future application scenarios and cutting-edge technologies, AntDB and its industry partners will usher in a new era of development for homegrown databases and blaze a trail for database development on their own for the initiative Digital China.
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