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How to structure an access database

16 New Member
i have a combobox from table( specialization)

and i have a reports from table (managers)

the combobox name is( combo1)

the selections in the combo box are

the reports i want to open are

now i want to select managersjob from the combobox then the report mj open and when i select governorsjob the report gj opens and so on
what is the code? and remeber that the combox and the reports i want to open r from adifferent tables in the same db, so any one has an answer?
Oct 13 '09 #1
21 2591
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Well, you need to decide first of all how the data is connected. Computer programs are not going to be able to ask the programmer when it's released. The logic needs to be there in the first place. You haven't told us what that logic is (or how it's held in your database).

Clearly, you can have multiple columns in your ComboBox, and access those in your code. You need to get the correct, related, data into your ComboBox in the first place though.
Oct 13 '09 #2
kurai hikari
16 New Member
okay i didn't quiet understand all what u said but i want to say that in this db i have 3 tables and the relationship between them is one to many in access. and i have only one column in my combobox itis name is (career)
so what logic do u mean and what do u mean by the correct related data in my combobox? i need acode to put it in the combobox .so that when i select any selection from the selections i mentioned before it open aspecific report like i said before. and thank u for ur reply XD
Oct 13 '09 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
ManagersJob matches MJ. We know this because you've posted it.

Where is this information (correlation) stored in your database? If there is nothing to connect them, then how can you expect to be able to program it in? It can't look on the web page for it.

How is Combo1 set up at the moment? Where does it get the data from?
Oct 13 '09 #4
kurai hikari
16 New Member
okay iam gonna explain to u in details okay forget what i said earlier let's focus on this

i have 2 tables( personalinforma tion) table and (specialization) table
personal information table has these fields [firstname_ job_iD_section]
specialization table has these fileds[section_numbero fsection]
now i have a form in the form there is acombobox that get the data from specialization table from section wich contains
and i have areports that get it's data from personalinforma tion table the reports are
now i want to click on managers in combobox then the Mj report open
is that possible in this data base? there is no relationship between the 2 tables becouse there is no common field between the 2 tables the section field in the 2 tables are different from each other so i understood from u that i can't programme the combobox if there isn't aconnection between the tables is that righ? so if itis so what shall i do? i hope i covered all the questions u needed to know XD
Oct 14 '09 #5
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Fair enough. I have to ask these questions otherwise I don't know how well your database is set up or how much you are likely to understand.

It seems now that you have no way in your data to correlate these connections - Specialisation with Report. This can be done manually, but it is not recommended. After all, you are using a database, so why do a job manually when databases are a perfect place to store such correlation information?

If you were to do it manually, you would need to change your RecordSource (of the ComboBox) to a query (if it's not already) and add a new field. The field would have to be something on the lines of :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ReportName: Switch([Section]='President','Pj',[Section]='Governor','Gj',[Section]='Manager','Mj',[Section]='Employee','Ej')
Make sure the ComboBox settings are changed to reflect this. there must be at least two columns for instance.
Another method, assuming it is always the first letter of the [Section] followed by "j", would be :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ReportName: Left([Section],1) & 'j'
Seriously though, the better approach would be to add a field into your Managers table to indicate which report is associated with each record. That way the ComboBox is populated naturally, and the maintenance of the data is just like any other data, rather than someone needing to dig back into the code or design.
Oct 15 '09 #6
kurai hikari
16 New Member
what do u think if made it only one table wich means i will join the specialsation table and iti's fields to personalinforma tion table so that way i don't have to add afield or make any connections only one table will be the source of reports and my combobox and that is how my db will look like
prsonalinformat ion table with these fileds[firstname_ job_iD_section_ section2_number ofsection]

and i have aform wich contains acombobox the source of the combobox data is field section2(one column)
the combobox contains these selections
_ managers

and i have already made 3 reports they r

now i want to click on selection managers and MJ report opens
and click on governors and GJ opens
then click on ministries then LJ report opens
i think now things are much easier right and more simple so can u tell me how to do this with one table?
thnks so much for ur patience with me :D
Oct 18 '09 #7
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP

I understand that you're not English, so I expect your language to be imperfect. What I find very confusing is that you seem to take no care at all when you type out your post. You use abbreviations that are frankly not very clever (They are illegal on this site for the very obvious reason that they make it harder for you to be understood). You also mix up your letters and never bother to look at what you've written before posting. I would have thought posting in a language foreign to you would make it pretty obvious that it will make you almost impossible to understand. I'm not sure I want to read through this 5 or 6 times just to save you the bother of reading your own question before posting it.

I will do what I can with this one, but if more posts come in such a mess as this one I will not bother. I have no interest in developing the skill of trying to understand badly written posts. Please be clear. I do not expect good English. I merely expect to see that you have at least checked your post before submitting it.

Now. I have read through the post many times and I still cannot find any reference to where you store the name of the report that you want run. If it is in there then please let me know so that I can help you. If it is not in there then I'm very curious to know why. You seem to be talking as if you want to take that approach, yet without specifying where this single important information is held. Remember, I cannot read minds and I cannot see your database, so I only know what you tell me. You haven't told me where this data is held so I cannot help you to use it.
Oct 18 '09 #8
kurai hikari
16 New Member
iam so sorry i bothered you i appologize so much so sorry my friend iam just trying to satisfy my boss and iam so used to use the abbreviations and i really preview my reply before i submit it okay
you needed to know where my reports are stored ?
first i use access iam sorry i didn't tell you that before i thought you already know
so my reports are stored in reports in access and so are my forms are stored in forms in access and my personalinforma tion table is in tables in access they all are one database so does that answer your question about reports?

i will tell you more about the reports okay every report opens aquery for example the MJ report get it's data from aquery that i made to filter only managers data
the query is called (m)
also the Gj report get it's data from( g) query wich filters only governers reports
so is that clear enough?

so i have one table and i told u the fields of it
and 3 queries and 3 reports each one opens aquery as i told you
and i have aform that contains the combobox i told you about with the selections i mentioned and you already know what iam trying to do
click aselection then the related report opens

iam so sorry again for bothering you i really didn't mean to but iam not carless and common iam not that bad in english ^_^
p.s your reply was alittel harsh hehe, but nevermind itis my fault so if there is still something that is not clear just ask and i will make it clear as much as i can
Oct 18 '09 #9
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
@kurai hikari
No. Not really. I'm not sure how I can make the question make better sense to you, but I will try. By the way, this is not about being stupid. If I were trying to do this in any language but my native one (English) I would be thoroughly confused. Unfortunately though, I don't think you have quite grasped the question properly.

Where is the information about which report to use held? Where in your database is there information that tells the computer which report to run when it already knows which item has been selected from the ComboBox? As far as I can tell, you don't have that information in your database anywhere.

I suggested earlier what needs to be done (See post #6) to ensure this data (the correlation data) is held within the database. It should be added to the Managers table. In that post there are also two suggestions for handling the situation more easily/clumsily. These should both work too. If you can't manage to answer the question for any reason, then the next best thing is simply to work from that post and I'm sure you will have a workable solution that should keep your boss happy.

Good luck.

Where is the information about which report to use held? Where in your database is there information that tells the computer which report to run when it already knows which item has been selected from the ComboBox?

I suggested earlier what needs to be done (See post #
Oct 18 '09 #10

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