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What is DAPP?

1 What is DAPP (distributed application)?

DAPP is the abbreviation of decentralized application, and it is called distributed application / decentralized application in Chinese (He Xi prefers to call distributed application). Generally speaking, different dapps will adopt different underlying blockchain development platforms and consensus mechanisms, or issue tokens themselves (or common tokens based on the same blockchain platform).

DAPP different development platforms of the underlying blockchain are like IOS system and Android system of mobile phones, which are the underlying ecological environment of DAPP. DAPP is a variety of distributed applications derived from the underlying blockchain platform ecology, and also the basic service provider in the blockchain world. DAPP is in blockchain, just like app for IOS and Android.

DAPP (distributed application), new species of blockchain, new gold tuyere for programmers! one

According to David Johnston's definition of DAPP, a real DAPP application needs to meet several conditions at the same time:
  1. 1. The application must be fully open source, autonomous, and no entity controls the application over 51% token. The application must be able to upgrade according to the feedback and technical requirements of users, and the application upgrade can only be carried out after most users reach consensus;
  2. 2. The data of application must be encrypted and stored on the open blockchain;
  3. 3. The application must have token mechanism (common token based on the same underlying blockchain platform or new currency can be issued by itself). The miner or application maintenance node shall be rewarded with token;
  4. 4. The generation of token must be based on the standard encryption algorithm. Valuable nodes can obtain the token reward according to the algorithm
DAPP (distributed application) is good and bad:
DAPP benefits:

DAPP has the advantages of data confirmation and value transfer function unique to blockchain. DAPP has great advantages in user authentication process change, transaction security, change of industrial production relationship, reduction of operation and maintenance cost and technical development cost, and can also greatly improve user experience.

The disadvantage of DAPP is that the technology prospect is uncertain, mainly reflected in the innovation of DAPP product design ideas, low efficiency and high R & D risk.

2. Several DAPP development platforms

To develop a DAPP, you need to understand what problems the DAPP can solve first. Then you should write a project white paper describing the technical principles and consensus mechanism used by the DAPP. It is too complicated to develop a complete blockchain project from scratch. So most ordinary developers will choose a relatively mature platform and develop their DAPP based on the mature development environment of the platform. So, DAPP development has been simple.

Currently, the most popular development platform of DAPP is Ethereum. Ethereum (Ethereum) is a one-stop development platform with complete Turing and complete blockchain. It uses a variety of programming languages to implement the protocol, and the client written in go language is the default client. It allows anyone to build and use distributed applications running through blockchain technology in the platform. We can understand it as Android in blockchain field. It is a development platform. Users can develop applications based on blockchain technology like Android framework.

DAPP (distributed application), new species of blockchain, new gold tuyere for programmers! two

Before Ethereum, the development of blockchain applications is like this: copy a bitcoin code, and then change the underlying code such as encryption algorithm, consensus mechanism, network protocol, etc.

Ethereum platform encapsulates the underlying blockchain technology, which allows blockchain application developers to develop directly based on Ethereum platform. Developers only focus on the development of the application itself, which greatly reduces the difficulty of DAPP application development.

At present, a relatively perfect development ecosystem has been formed around Ethereum: with community support, there are many development frameworks and tools to choose.

In China, DAPP development platform includes Bubi district network, lisk, arch, etc.

Bubi has a number of core blockchain technologies, and has been used in business points, game currency, game props, prepaid cards, electronic bonds, insurance card policies, securitization assets, mutual insurance and other industries and fields.

The Bubi blockchain platform is divided into basic framework layer and application adaptation layer. The underlying infrastructure layer provides the basic services of blockchain, and the application adaptation layer provides the functional components required by the upper application, provides interface and SDK for the specific application system development, reducing the difficulty of application development due to the complex logic of blockchain itself.

For the application adaptation layer of general development, Bubi provides the application development platform of the bourg blockchain. Based on the Bubi blockchain technology, the platform encapsulates the functional components required by the upper application. If the developer wants to realize the corresponding functions, the developer can obtain the interface access only by registering as the sprout developer. At the same time, the platform provides the visual management tools needed by developers operation and maintenance.

Lisk is a new generation blockchain platform, which allows the development of JavaScript (and javascript technology, as noted by engineers) and the use of an easy to use and fully functional ecological blockchain system for distributed and distributed applications. The advantage of lisk applications is that it is a decentralized application solution written in JavaScript, and that it adds each application to the separate side chain of the list compared to the underlying layer of other blockchain.

Arch is a public chain project, planned in early 2016, and the main network officially went online on August 16, 2016. As long as you master JavaScript, you can develop DAPP based on arch. Arch adopts the side chain architecture, and each DAPP is a set of side chains. The side chain can have independent blockchain and node network. Different dapps do not affect each other. Unlike Ethereum, the increase of DAPP on Asch system will not increase the burden of the main chain, and it is a more advanced mechanism.

3. Will DAPP be the future of blockchain?

Mobile phones bring people into the era of mobile Internet, APP enriches our mobile internet life. In the past few years, the rise of APP economy has changed people's many living habits, from point to place selling, watching movies, taxi, cycling, online shopping, social, office, information, video... App is everywhere.

It can be said that app is the most disruptive innovation in the Internet Era (including mobile Internet), which has transformed our business, life and work in different degrees from different dimensions.

It is because of the emergence of app that we have entered the mobile Internet era. But app's impact on us is not about "remolding" or subversion.

It is undeniable that, after the rapid development of these years, app is going to decline. So, who can go beyond app? Will it be DAPP?

Although blockchain technology brings us a huge imagination space, DAPP based on blockchain technology is still in infancy, and there is no DAPP with large-scale practical application value. DAPP is a gold mine to be developed for programmers!

Currently, there are two main types of DAPP in the market, one is "mobile mining", the other is "blockchain game". The former is represented by the city of public trust block, and the latter is represented by Ethereum games.

Public trust block city is a DAPP, block city created based on the bottom block of gxchain, or becomes the real mapping of public trust to the real world.

At present, Gongxin baoblock city is a mobile mining DAPP, and users can use mobile phones to mine after downloading.

DAPP (distributed application), new species of blockchain, new gold tuyere for programmers! three

Although the city of Gongxin baobrock is still very simple, it has great potential for development. Later, block city or become an open platform for blockchain, where qualified people can create valuable blockchain applications based on their own resources and provide them to residents of block city.

The hottest application of Ethereum is game. Although it has innovation, it is still relatively simple. Cryptokitties, crypto countries, crypto all stars, crypto celebrities, these blockchain games based on Ethereum intelligent contract application exploration are of little practical value and will be eliminated soon.

DAPP (distributed application), new species of blockchain, new gold tuyere for programmers! four

DAPP brings us the imagination of the future blockchain world described by blockchain technology such as consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, cross chain integration and so on.

In the future, we may need only one DAPP to handle a lot of cooperation and transactions based on trust and value. Because this DAPP already contains most of your important assets, including your personal credit, bank deposits, consumption, friends, etc.

With it, you can quickly complete the loan application, quickly get the recognition of strangers, quickly build trust relationship, and get more authentic and effective endorsement.

In the future, DAPP is also your pass to travel the blockchain world. With it, you can exchange countless resources among numerous service institutions in the blockchain world, ignore the limitation of time and space, and complete resource acquisition anytime and anywhere.

If so, DAPP is a new species that breaks the time and space distance and breaks the existing business barriers.

Of course, the above is only the personal imagination of He Xi. In fact, blockchain technology is not only DAPP, but it may travel in different forms in front of us.

Will DAPP be the future? We'll see!
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DAPP stands for "decentralized application." It is a type of software application that runs on a decentralized computing network, such as a blockchain. Unlike traditional applications that are owned and controlled by a central authority, DAPPs operate on a distributed network of computers, which means they are not controlled by any single entity.

DAPPs use smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. This allows DAPPs to operate in a trustless environment, meaning users don't need to trust any central authority to execute the terms of the contract.

DAPPs can be used for a wide range of applications, including finance, gaming, social media, and more. They offer a number of benefits, including increased security, transparency, and immutability.
Mar 17 '23 #2

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