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Read and display specific data from text file into listbox using VB 6

Mas Juliza Alias
67 New Member

I am building a program on Information System for Reservoir Operation for my Masters research. Now I have a text file which is an output file from a processing software (Terramodel) that lists out Elevation Range and Volume in columns and rows. The text file looks like this;

-software's distributor address-
-project description-

Depth range Volume
(m) (m3)
0.000 > 0.001 10.0
0.001 > 0.002 12.0
. .
. .
. .

cummulative volume

now i've written the code to display the data in listbox using AddItem, but the whole lines are displayed in one single line in the listbox. I want to display only the Depth Range and Volume data, starting from '0.000 > 0.001'. So, how to skip reading the file header (software's distributor address & project description) and the data column's header (Depth range (m) & Volume (m3))?

Thank You for your time.
Sep 24 '10
21 10155
Mas Juliza Alias
67 New Member
THANKS for the explanation. it REALLY helps my understanding on your code :)

but there's one line i can't understand.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. FrameCol(Index).Left = TextEdit.Left + 45 + (Val(TextCol(Index)) * 120)
why + 45? and why * 120? sorry for my limited knowledge on this.

the values in the grid should be in Double, because they will be used in later calculations. i've tried to change String to Double but they turns out values without the decimal points. how can we fix this?

yes, i agree with the CommonDialog idea. i already have it in previous dialog of downloading the data in this program. i'll edit your code in reading the file from App.Path to the datafile selected by user.

tq, hope to hear from u soon.
Nov 3 '10 #11
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
Framecol(index) are the red and blue lines over the textbox.
To place them on the right place on the textbox: the .Left dimension =
- TextEdit.Left = left side of the textbox
- + 45 [twips] = 3 pixels for the frame of the textbox
- + (Val(TextCol(In dex)) * 120) = the value of spaces we have set * 120 [twips] (= 8 pixels)
Remark: You have to use a font in the textbox with for each char the same width = Fixedsys, ... NOT Arial, ...!
You can experiment with these values and see what happens.
Also use the same font for the ruler !

Ok I will place the values in Double and find a way to make them visible with dot-zeros.
I wll also implement the commondialog and the settings of the default values.
Nov 3 '10 #12
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
I don't think it's possible to place the values in the grid in a Double format.
The grid has only String formats in the cells.
If You want the values later for calculation, You have to read them in the grid as string and transform them with CDbl(...) in the calculation code.

Attached are the latest modifications
Nov 3 '10 #13
Mas Juliza Alias
67 New Member
this code is perfect! now i want to read the data in the grid, do some calculation to the data, and display them in another table- in another form, perhaps. are the data of Depth1, Depth2, CutVol, and FillVol in array? let say in the new table there are 2 columns: 1)Depth 2)Volume
here's the whole picture:-

MSFlexGrid1____ _______________ ______
Depth1 | Depth2 | CutVol | FillVol |
-5.00 | -4.00 | 41.0 | |
-4.00 | -3.00 | 51.9 | |
-3.00 | -2.00 | 64.1 | |
-2.00 | -1.00 | 77.5 | |
-1.00 | 0.00 | 92.2 | |

and the new table should be like this:-

MSFlexGrid2____ _______________ ______
Depth | Volume |
-5.00 | 0.00 | 'Volume(1) always being 0.00
-4.00 | 41.0 | '=CutVol(1) + Volume(1)
-3.00 | 92.9 | '=CutVol(2) + Volume(2)
-2.00 | 157.0 | '=CutVol(3) + Volume(3)
-1.00 | 234.5 | '=CutVol(4) + Volume(4)
0.00 | 326.7 | '=CutVol(5) + Volume(5)

how to read the data from MSFlexGrid1, do some calculation on them, and display the result in MSFlexGrid2?

thanks a lot for your continuous help. i REALLY appreciate that.
Nov 10 '10 #14
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
I hope this will help ( see attachment)
Attached Files
File Type: zip Read and display specific data_v5.1.zip (40.2 KB, 256 views)
Nov 11 '10 #15
Mas Juliza Alias
67 New Member
i have tried running the program but the result (Volume) is not accurate. i have attached the data i used and the result should be the same as in my previous post. for this text data (DATUM_0.txt), there should be 6 lines of Depth and Volume filled in the grid (Depth= -5.000, -4.000, -3.000, -2.000, -1.000, 0.000). i tried to edit your code but i fail to get the result as i described above.

thank you for your time...
Attached Files
File Type: txt DATUM_0.txt (1.6 KB, 453 views)
Nov 12 '10 #16
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
In Your datafile there is no line with 0.000 so it is not taken in consideration by setting up the ARRAYDATA.
Must there always be a last line , not present in the data file?
I suppose it will not always be 0.000 ?
If so You will have to add it in the TextEdit window like in the next example You will have to add O.OO2 with no values?:
0.000 > 0.001 10.0
0.001 > 0.002 12.0

If so i must change the code because the splitting of the last line will give an error because there are no spaces in the line !!!
Nov 12 '10 #17
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
Is it in the data input file always a constant value between the depth1's ?
If so, I can integrate it in the code.
Nov 13 '10 #18
Mas Juliza Alias
67 New Member
the last line of Depth column (in the new form) should be the last value of Depth2. can that be coded?

yes, the values between the Depth1 are always constant within a single file. other files may use other constant values.
Nov 15 '10 #19
Guido Geurs
767 Recognized Expert Contributor
I hope this will help: see attachment
Attached Files
File Type: zip Read and display specific data_v5.3.zip (20.3 KB, 288 views)
Nov 15 '10 #20

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