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Accessing the properties of a checkbox within a repeater

I have a repeater control that contains a HeaderTemplate and an ItemTemplate.
Each item contains a checkbox with an ID of chkReconciled, and the header
contains a single checkbox with an ID of chkAll. I simply want to have
chkAll be checked if every item in the repeater has its checkbox checked. In
the code behind page, I can access the checked property of chkReconciled by
doing the following:

Dim CurrentCheckBox As CheckBox
CurrentCheckBox = rptDeposits.Ite ms(I).FindContr ol("chkReconcil ed")

Then I can check if CurrentCheckBox .checked is true. That works fine.
However, I haven't been able to set the checked property for chkAll. Since
it isn't part of the items, I have been trying the following:

Dim CheckAll As CheckBox
CheckAll = rptDeposits.Fin dControl("chkAl l")
CheckAll.Checke d = True

However, when I try to set the checked property, I get an exception saying,
"Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I've experimented
with a dozen different ways of setting the checked property of CheckAll, to
no avail. Can anyone set me on the right path?! I'm pasting the ASPX code
for the repeater below.


<%@ OutputCache Location="None" Duration="1" VaryByParam="No ne" %>
<%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup ="false"
Codebehind="Ban k_recon_deposit .aspx.vb"
Inherits="IAMVF O_DEV.Bank_reco n_deposit"%>
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<title>Bank_rec on_deposit</title>
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<meta content="Micros oft Visual Studio.NET 7.0" name="GENERATOR ">
<meta content="Visual Basic 7.0" name="CODE_LANG UAGE">
<meta content="JavaSc ript" name="vs_defaul tClientScript">
<meta content="http://schemas.microso ft.com/intellisense/ie5"
name="vs_target Schema">
<LINK href="Styles.cs s" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet ">
<BODY onresize="retur n Height();"
onload="setTime out('SessionTim eout()',1080000 ); return Height();"
class="backgrou nd">
<!--<p class="sectionH eader">Bank Reconciliation</p>-->
<form id="frmBankReco nDep" method="post" runat="server">
<TABLE id="Table1" cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" width="100%" border="0">
<TD class="Report_H eaderColor" style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; FONT-SIZE:
<asp:button id="btnBack" runat="server" Text="<
Back"></asp:button> <asp:button id="btnCancel" Text="Cancel and Lose Changes"
runat="server" Width="146"></asp:button>
<asp:button id="btnSave" Text="Save and Finish Later" runat="server"
<asp:button id="btnNext" runat="server" text="Next >"
DESIGNTIMEDRAGD ROP="65"></asp:button></TD>
<table cellSpacing="1" cellPadding="3" style="FONT-SIZE: 11pt; WIDTH:
<TD class="Report_H eaderColor" align="middle">
<asp:Button id="btnCleared " runat="server" Text="Total Cleared
Deposits" Width="141px"></asp:Button></TD>
<td class="Report_H eaderColor" style="WIDTH: 175px">
<asp:Label id="lblAmount" runat="server"
<td rowSpan="2" class="Report_H eaderColor" style="FONT-SIZE: 11pt">
Please check-off the deposits that have cleared the bank, as listed on
bank statement.</td>
<asp:repeater id="rptDeposits " runat="server">
<HeaderTemplate >
<div id="divTransHea der" style="VISIBILI TY: hidden">
<table id="tblTransHea der" border="0" cellspacing="0"
class="HeaderTa ble">
<colgroup class="ShadeCol HeaderDark">
<col id="colHeader1 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader2 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader3 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader4 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader5 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader6 " align="center">
<col id="colHeader7 " align="center">
<col width="*">
<tr class="TableHea ders">
<td id="tblTransHea der1_0">
<asp:label text="R/C" id="lblReconcil ed"
Runat="server"> </asp:label></td>
<td id="tblTransHea der1_1">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortDate " CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="transdate" text="Date" Runat="server"
ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der1_2">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortNumb er" CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="depositID" text="Number" Runat="server"
ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der1_3" colspan="2">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortDesc " CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="TransDesc" text="Descripti on"
Runat="server" ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der1_4">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortPayT ype" CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="paymenttyp e" text="Payment Type"
Runat="server" ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der1_5">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortRece ipt" CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="receipt" text="Deposit" Runat="server"
ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der_SCROLL_BAR_ HACK_COLUMN_1"> </td>
<tr class="TableHea ders">
<td id="tblTransHea der2_0" style="BORDER-TOP: white 2px solid">All
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkAll" AutoPostBack=Tr ue
OnCheckedChange d="CheckAll" Runat="server" EnableViewState ="true"/></td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_1"> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_2"> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_3" style="BORDER-TOP: white 2px solid">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortCat " CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="category" text="Category"
Runat="server" ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_4" style="BORDER-TOP: white 2px solid">
<asp:LinkButt on id="lnkSortSubC at" CausesValidatio n="false"
OnCommand="Sort Data" CommandArgument ="subCategor y" text="Sub-Category"
Runat="server" ForeColor="#000 000"></asp:LinkButton> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_5"> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der2_6"> </td>
<td id="tblTransHea der_SCROLL_BAR_ HACK_COLUMN_2"> </td>
<DIV id="divTransBod y" style="VISIBILI TY: hidden; OVERFLOW: auto;
WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 180px">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" id="tblTransBod y" width="100%">
<colgroup class="ShadeCol HeaderDark">
<col width="80" id="tblTransBod y1" align="center">
<col width="80" id="tblTransBod y2" align="center">
<col width="100" id="tblTransBod y3" align="center">
<col width="155" id="tblTransBod y4" align="center">
<col width="145" id="tblTransBod y5" align="center">
<col width="100" id="tblTransBod y6" align="center">
<col width="200" id="tblTransBod y7" align="center">
<ItemTemplate >
<tr class="Shade_Tr ans_light">
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkReconcil ed" Checked
=<%#Container.D ataItem("Reconc iled")%> Runat="server" />
<asp:Label ID="lblDepositI d" Runat=server Visible=false
text=<%#Contain er.DataItem("De positID")%>/></td>
<asp:Label ID="lblType" Runat=server Visible=false
text=<%#Contain er.DataItem("Ty pe")%>/></td>
<td><%# Format(Containe r.DataItem("Tra nsDate"), "MM/dd/yyyy") %></td>
<td><%# Container.DataI tem("Number")%> </td>
<td colspan="2">
<asp:Label ID="lblTransDes c" text=<%#
Container.DataI tem("TransDesc" )%> Runat=server visible=true>
<asp:Label ID=lblPayType text=<%# Container.DataI tem("PaymentTyp e")%>
Runat=server visible=true>
<asp:Label ID=lblReceipt text=<%# Container.DataI tem("Receipt") %>
<tr class="Shade_Tr ans_dark">
<td colspan="3">
<asp:Label ID="lblAdjustTr ans" text=<%#
Container.DataI tem("AdjustTran saction")%> runat=server>
<asp:Label ID="lblBatchID " Runat=server Visible=false
text=<%#Contain er.DataItem("pa yroll_ind")%>/>
<asp:Label ID="lblCategory " text=<%# Container.DataI tem("Category") %>
Runat=server visible=true>
<asp:Label ID=lblSubCatego ry text=<%#
Container.DataI tem("SubCategor y")%> Runat=server visible=true>
<td colspan="2">
<asp:LinkButt on ForeColor ="#3333ff" CausesValidatio n=false
ID="lnkAdjust" CommandArgument =<%# Container.DataI tem("DepositID" )%>
OnCommand="lnkA djust_Click" Runat="server">
<SeparatorTempl ate>
<td colspan="10" height="2" bgcolor="black" style="BORDER-RIGHT: white
1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: white 1px solid;"></td>
</SeparatorTempla te>
<FooterTemplate >
</table> </div>
<asp:button id="BtnRefresh " CausesValidatio n="false" Runat="server"
Text="refresh"> </asp:button>
<input type="hidden" id="hdnlnkAdjus t" runat="server"
NAME="hdnlnkAdj ust"> <input type="hidden" id="hdnCancel" runat="server"
NAME="hdnCancel ">
<asp:DataGrid id="DataGrid1" runat="server"> </asp:DataGrid>
<script language="javas cript" src="AlignGridH eaders.js"></script>
<script language="javas cript">
Resizecolumns(t blTransHeader, tblTransBody, divTransBody, 7);
divTransHeader. style.visibilit y = "visible";
divTransBody.st yle.visibility = "visible";

<script language="javas cript">
//4/11/05-Wrote this function, and added the onload & onresize events
to the <body> tag,
// to resize the transaction log based on screen resolution.
function Height()
{if ((screen.width= =1024) && (screen.height= =768))
return divTransBody.st yle.height = 402;
else if ((screen.width= =800) && (screen.height= =600))
return divTransBody.st yle.height = 192;}

// 03/06/2006-Added the SessionTimeout( ) function to warn a user of a
function SessionTimeout( )
alert("Your session will Timeout in 2 minutes!\n Any changes will be
lost if that happens.\n Click NEXT or SAVE AND FINISH LATER on the page to
save your changes.");

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