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Project Management Interview Questions June 5th, 2006

All answers to the below interview questions are at


you can download the complete answer zip file from
What is project management?
Is spending in IT projects constant through out the project?
Who is a stakeholder ?
Can you explain project life cycle ?
Twist :- How many phases are there in software project ?
Are risk constant through out the project ?
Can you explain different software development life cycles ?
What is triple constraint triangle in project management ?
What is a project baselines ?
What is effort variance?
How is normally a project management plan document organized ?
How do you estimate a project?
What is CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution)?
What is DAR (Decision Analysis and Resolution) ?
What is a fish bone diagram ?
Twist:- What is Ishikawa diagram ?
What is pareto principle
Twist :- What is 80/20 principle ?
How do you handle change request?
What is internal change request?
What is difference between SITP and UTP in testing ?
What is the software you have used for project management?
What are the metrics followed in project management?
Twist: - What metrics will you look at in order to see the project is
moving successfully?
You have people in your team who do not meet there deadlines or do not
perform what are the
actions you will take ?
Twist :- Two of your resources have conflicts between them how would
you sort it out ?
What is black box testing and White box testing?
What's the difference between Unit testing, Assembly testing and
Regression testing?
What is V model in testing?
How do you start a project?
How did you do resource allocations?
How will you do code reviews ?
What is CMMI?
What are the five levels in CMMI?
What is continuous and staged representation?
Can you explain the process areas?
What is SIX sigma?
What is DMAIC and DMADV ?
What are the various roles in Six Sigma implementation?
What are function points?
Twist: - Define Elementary process in FPA?
What are the different types of elementary process in FPA?
What are the different elements in Functions points?
Can you explain in GSC and VAF in function points?
What are unadjusted function points and how is it calculated?
Can you explain steps in function points?
What is the FP per day in your current company?
Twist :- What is your company's productivity factor ?
Do you know Use Case points?
What is SMC approach of estimation?
How do you estimate maintenance project and change requests?

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