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Pig Translator in Python

Good morning everyone.

So here we go with the task.

Write a function that translates some text into Pig Polish and vice versa.

The Polish language is translated into Pig Polish by taking the first letter of each word, moving it to the end of the word and adding ano.

'Ala ma kota' becomes ['Laaaano amaano otakaano'].

The function should

detect whether the text is translated or not
read text from a file (default 'input = in.txt')
save the translation to a file (default output = 'out.txt')
translate only words, omitting punctuation marks

My code:

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  1. def translate_to_pig_polish(we = "in.txt", wy = "out.txt"):
  3.     result = 'ayayayano'
  5.     with open(we, 'r') as text:
  6.         # Gets the raw content
  7.         content = text.read().replace(',', '').replace('.', '').replace('?', '').replace('-', '')
  9.         # Splits into the lines without \n
  10.         lines = [line.rstrip() for line in content.split("\n")]
  12.         # Checks if it is already translated
  13.         if all(line[-3::] == 'ano' for line in lines for word in line.split(' ')):
  14.             result = ' '.join(lines)
  16.         # Translates if not
  17.         else:
  18.             result = ' '.join(word[1::] + word[0] + 'ano' for line in lines for word in line.split(' '))
  20.     with open(wy, 'w') as output:
  21.         output.write(result)
  23.     return result

It's working on just short text, or first line of the in.txt but i have to work on this quote:
Let's say it is in file in.txt
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  1. Podano do stołu. Królowały naleśniki.
  2. Z czym można je jeść?
  3. - z jagodami, bananami z serem i rodzynkami,
  4. na słono z szynką, ze szpinakiem...
My output:

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  1. Odanopaano odaano tołu.saano Rólowałykaano aleśniki.naano 
Expected output:

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  1. Odanopaano odaano tołusaano Rólowałykaano aleśnikinaano
  2. zaano zymcaano ożnamaano ejaano eśćjaano
  3. zaano agodamijaano, ananamiaano zaano eremaano iaano odzynkamiraano
  4. anaano łonosaano z zynkąsaano ezaano zpinakiemsaano
May 5 '21 #1
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