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Runtime error when starting a game.

9 New Member
All i wanna do at this point is to test the (soon to be) game and see that the correct sprites are were they are supposed to be.

When i run the game the background is black instead of the green color of my field.png, no other sprites are visible and after a while i get a Runtime error and the game crashes.

Any ideas?

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  1. import pygame, math, sys
  2. from pygame.locals import *
  3. from livewires import games
  5. # FPS
  6. clock = pygame.time.Clock()
  8. deltat = clock.tick(FRAMES_PER_SECOND)
  10. class Endzone(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
  11.     endzone_no_td = pygame.image.load('endzone.png')
  12.     endzone_td = pygame.image.load('endzone_td.png')
  14.     def __init__(self, position):
  15.         pygame.sprite.Sprite.__init__(self)
  16.         self.rect = pygame.Rect(self.endzone_no_td.get_rect())
  17.         self.rect.center = position
  19. class Player(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
  20.     player_image = pygame.image.load('49er.gif')
  21.     def __init__(self,position,team,pos_in_team):
  23.         if team == 'offense':
  24.             player_image = pygame.image.load('49er.gif')
  25.         else:
  26.             player_image = pygame.image.load('defense.gif')
  28.         """ if pos_in_team... """
  30.         pygame.sprite.Sprite.__init__(self)
  31.         self.rect = pygame.Rect(self.player_image.get_rect())
  32.         self.rect.center = position
  34. def game():
  35.     my_screen = games.Screen (width=1024, height=768)
  36.     bg = games.load_image("field.png")
  37.     my_screen.set_background(bg)
  38.     def_safety = Player((400,400),'defense','safety')
  39.     off_tight_end = Player((500,500),'offense','tigth_end')
  40.     my_screen.mainloop()
  42. game()
Mar 2 '09 #1
4 4998
469 Recognized Expert Contributor
Is your background solid green? Livewires may be converting the green pixels to transparent. Try this:
bg = games.load_imag e("field.png" , transparent = False)
If that works, we'll have to work on your sprites next. I don't think loading the player images with pygame is a good idea. If you're going to be using livewires, you might as well let it do that stuff for you. Or you could just use pygame without livewires.
Good luck with the game.
Mar 2 '09 #2
9 New Member
Thanks for the tip, it took care of the runtime error.
I've played around a bit more and now i have another problem.

I get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "...", line 54, in <module>
File "...", line 47, in game
def_safety = Player('defense ',(40, 40))
File "...", line 36, in __init__
screen.blit(pla yer_image, self.position)
TypeError: invalid destination position for blit

And here is the code:
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  1. import pygame, math, sys
  2. from pygame.locals import *
  3. from livewires import games
  5. # FPS
  6. clock = pygame.time.Clock()
  8. deltat = clock.tick(FRAMES_PER_SECOND)
  10. screen = pygame.display.set_mode((1024, 768))
  13. class Player(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
  14.     player_image = pygame.image.load('49er.gif')
  15.     def __init__(self,team,position):
  16.         self.team = None
  17.         self.position = None
  19.         if self.team == 'offense':
  20.             player_image = pygame.image.load('49er.gif')
  21.         else:
  22.             player_image = pygame.image.load('defense.gif')
  24.         screen.blit(player_image, self.position)
  26. def game():
  27.     bg = pygame.image.load("field.png")
  28.     screen.blit(bg, (0,0))
  30.     #DEFENSE
  31.     def_safety = Player('defense',(40, 40))
  32.     def_safety.__init__()
  34.     # OFFENSE
  35.     off_tight_end = Player('offense',(100, 100))
  36.     def_safety.__init()
  38. game()
I have no idea why the "coordinate s" doesn't work...
Mar 3 '09 #3
469 Recognized Expert Contributor
Your init function does nothing with the arguments you pass it, and assigns the members to None. It should be
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.     def __init__(self,team,position):
  2.         self.team = team
  3.         self.position = position
I hope this helps.
Mar 3 '09 #4
9 New Member
Ah, that was kinda obvious :)
Thanks alot!
Mar 3 '09 #5

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