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Having problems using Tkinter

Hi everyone ! ! !

I'm just a month old in the world of Python and trying to develop an
application using Tkinter in which a new window pops out on a
particular button press.The code for this new window is in
"AddKlas.py " file.
The problem is all the content of the new window is overwritten on
the previous window.
Below is the code of the two files

PLEASE help me out ! ! ! !

#1st file
from Tkinter import *
import AddKlass
class Klass(Frame):
def __init__(self):
self.menubutton s()
self.scrollandc anvas()
def labels(self):
label1=Label(re lief='groove',t ext=" Class
Id",width=20,an chor=W)
label1.grid(row =0,column=0)
label2=Label(re lief='groove',t ext=" Class
Name",width=20, anchor=W)
label2.grid(row =0,column=1)
label3=Label(re lief='groove',t ext=" Class Room
No.",width=20,a nchor=W)
label3.grid(row =0,column=2)
label4=Label(re lief='groove',t ext=" Category
Id",width=80,an chor=W)
label4.grid(row =0,column=3)

def buttons(self):
button1=Button( text="Add",widt h=10,command=se lf.CallAdd)
button1.grid(ro w=2,column=5)
button2=Button( text="View",wid th=10,state=DIS ABLED)
button2.grid(ro w=3,column=5)
button3=Button( text="Next",wid th=10,state=DIS ABLED)
button3.grid(ro w=4,column=5)

def menubuttons(sel f):
menubutton=Menu button(text="Op tions",width=10 ,relief="raised ")
menubutton.grid (row=5,column=5 )
menubutton.menu =Menu(menubutto n)
menubutton["menu"]=menubutton.men u
menubutton.menu .add_command(la bel="Modify")
menubutton.menu .add_command(la bel="Delete")

def scrollandcanvas (self):
yscroll=Scrollb ar()
yscroll.grid(ro w=1,column=4,ro wspan=7,sticky= N+S)
canva=Canvas(bg ="#fff",yscroll command=yscroll .set)
canva.grid(row= 1,column=0,rows pan=7,columnspa n=4,sticky=N+E+ S

def CallAdd(self):
AddKlass.root=T k()
AddKlass.AddKla s()
AddKlass.root.f ocus_force()
AddKlass.root.g eometry("275x25 0")
AddKlass.root.t itle("Add Class Information")
AddKlass.root.r esizable(width= False,height=Fa lse)
AddKlass.root.m ainloop()

app = Klass()
root.geometry(" 960x300")
root.title("Cla ss Information")
root.resizable( width=False,hei ght=False)

#2nd file
from Tkinter import *

class AddKlas(Frame):
def __init__(self):

def labels(self):
label1=Label(re lief='flat',tex t=" Class
Id :",height=3,wid th=20)
label2=Label(re lief='flat',tex t=" Class
Name :",height=3,wid th=20)
label3=Label(re lief='flat',tex t=" Class Room
No. :",height=3,wid th=20)
label4=Label(re lief='flat',tex t=" Category
Id :",height=3,wid th=20)

def buttons(self):
button1=Button( text="Add",widt h=10,state=DISA BLED)
button1.grid(ro w=5,column=0)
button2=Button( text="Cancel",w idth=10,command =self.quit)
button2.grid(ro w=5,column=1)

def entry(self):
entry1=Entry() #by default width =20
entry1.grid(row =0,column=1)
entry2.grid(row =1,column=1)
entry3.grid(row =2,column=1)
entry4.grid(row =3,column=1)

#app = AddKlas()
#root.geometry( "275x250")
#root.title("Ad d Class Information")
#root.resizable (width=False,he ight=False)
#root.mainloop( )
Jul 1 '08 #1
1 1831
On Tue, 01 Jul 2008 03:13:42 -0700, viv1tyagi wrote:
Hi everyone ! ! !

I'm just a month old in the world of Python and trying to develop an
application using Tkinter in which a new window pops out on a
particular button press.The code for this new window is in
"AddKlas.py " file.
The problem is all the content of the new window is overwritten on
the previous window.
Below is the code of the two files
There can be only one `Tkinter.Tk` instance per running program. Other
top level windows have to be `Tkinter.Toplev el` instances.

And you should reconsider your usage of classes. You are just abusing
them as containers for functions without using `self` really. And you
should pass the instance of the parent widget as first argument to
constructors of widgets. Otherwise the very first, i.e. the `Tk` instance,
is assumed, which is not true for the widgets that should appear in the
`Toplevel` instance.

Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch
Jul 1 '08 #2

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