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[py2exe] py2exe and datetime -> No module named datetime

py2exe and datetime -> No module named datetime

I've begun to use the stdlib module datetime instead of my home brewn
Since then a py2exe app doesn't run anymore:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "MainFrame. py", line 26, in ?
File "Notebook.p yo", line 125, in ?
File "NotebookPage_A ctivities.pyo", line 7, in ?
File "Editors.py o", line 3, in ?
ImportError: No module named datetime

Strange enough, py2exe seems to have added datetime:

D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2>setup. py py2exe -O1 --packages encodings
running py2exe
*** searching for required modules ***
*** parsing results ***
creating python loader for extension 'wx._gdi'
creating python loader for extension 'win32evtlog'
creating python loader for extension 'datetime'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._misc'
creating python loader for extension 'zlib'
creating python loader for extension '_winreg'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._windows'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._html'
creating python loader for extension 'win32api'
creating python loader for extension '_sre'
creating python loader for extension 'select'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._core'
creating python loader for extension '_socket'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._controls'
creating python loader for extension 'unicodedata'
creating python loader for extension 'win32file'
creating python loader for extension 'winsound'
creating python loader for extension '_mysql'
creating python loader for extension '_ssl'
creating python loader for extension 'wx._calendar'
*** finding dlls needed ***
*** create binaries ***
*** byte compile python files ***


D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_mysql .py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_socke t.py to
byte-compiling D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_sre.p y
to _sre.pyo
byte-compiling D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_ssl.p y
to _ssl.pyo
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_winre g.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\dateti me.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\select .py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\unicod edata.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\win32a pi.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\win32e vtlog.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\win32f ile.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\winsou nd.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._ca lendar.py to
wx\_calendar.py o
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._co ntrols.py to
wx\_controls.py o
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._co re.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._gd i.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._ht ml.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._mi sc.py to
D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wx._wi ndows.py to
byte-compiling D:\Project\DDG\ exTract2\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\zlib.p y
to zlib.pyo
removing c:\dokume~1\ddg _fge\lokale~1\t emp\tmp1psfqf.p y


Has anybody else experienced this?

Python 2.3.4 on WinXP
py2exe 0.5.2

Many thanks in advance and best regards
Jul 18 '05 #1
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