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py2exe, mx.ODBC


- Win2000
- Python 2.3.3
- py2exe 0.5.0
- eGenix Comercial & Base Package

I am developing an app using mxODBC. On the home page they say


that one has to include

-i mx.ODBC.Windows ,mx.DateTime

for py2exe find the appropriate files.

Well, I did that and called my setup.py as follows:

python setup.py py2exe -i mx.ODBC.Windows ,mx.DateTime

The files and exes are created... here an excerpt of the creation log:

running py2exe
[... creating dirs zipped ...]

*** searching for required modules ***
*** parsing results ***
creating python loader for extension '_sre'
creating python loader for extension 'datetime'
creating python loader for extension 'wxPython.gridc '
creating python loader for extension 'wxPython.wxc'
creating python loader for extension 'mx.DateTime.mx DateTime.mxDate Time'
creating python loader for extension 'mx.ODBC.Window s.mxODBC'
*** finding dlls needed ***
*** create binaries ***
*** byte compile python files ***
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\ODB C\Windows\__ini t__.py
to mx\ODBC\Windows \__init__.pyc
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx\ ODBC
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx\ ODBC\Windows
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\ODB C\ODBC.py to
mx\ODBC\ODBC.py c
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \copy_reg.py to copy_reg.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\fonts.py to
wxPython\fonts. pyc
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\wxP ython
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\windows.py to
wxPython\window s.pyc
byte-compiling d:\myapp\grid_t ools.py to grid_tools.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \locale.py to locale.pyc
byte-compiling D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\_sre.p y to _sre.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\ODB C\Windows\dbtyp es.py to
mx\ODBC\Windows \dbtypes.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \macpath.py to macpath.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \popen2.py to popen2.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \stat.py to stat.pyc
byte-compiling D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\dateti me.py to
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \atexit.py to atexit.pyc
byte-compiling D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wxPyth on.gridc.py to
wxPython\gridc. pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\events.py to
wxPython\events .pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\utils.py to
wxPython\utils. pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\DateTime. py to
mx\DateTime\Dat eTime.pyc
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx\ DateTime
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\grid.py to
wxPython\grid.p yc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\controls2.py to
wxPython\contro ls2.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Mis c\__init__.py to
mx\Misc\__init_ _.pyc
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx\ Misc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\Parser.py to
mx\DateTime\Par ser.pyc
byte-compiling d:\myapp\addres ses_impl.py to addresses_impl. pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\Timezone. py to
mx\DateTime\Tim ezone.pyc
C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\mxDateTim e\__init__.py to
mx\DateTime\mxD ateTime\__init_ _.pyc
creating D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\collect\mx\ DateTime\mxDate Time
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\printfw.py to
wxPython\printf w.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\misc.py to
wxPython\misc.p yc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \linecache.py to linecache.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \warnings.py to warnings.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \_strptime.py to _strptime.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\streams.py to
wxPython\stream s.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \sre_constants. py to sre_constants.p yc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \re.py to re.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\ISO.py to
mx\DateTime\ISO .pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \ntpath.py to ntpath.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\ARPA.py to
mx\DateTime\ARP A.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \sre_compile.py to sre_compile.pyc
byte-compiling D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\wxPyth on.wxc.py to
wxPython\wxc.py c
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\filesys.py to
wxPython\filesy s.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\stattool.py to
wxPython\statto ol.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\controls.py to
wxPython\contro ls.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\__version__. py to
wxPython\__vers ion__.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \string.py to string.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \rfc822.py to rfc822.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \UserDict.py to UserDict.pyc
byte-compiling d:\myapp\addres ses_wdr.py to addresses_wdr.p yc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Mis c\LazyModule.py to
mx\Misc\LazyMod ule.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\wx.py to
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\sizers.py to
wxPython\sizers .pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \repr.py to repr.pyc
D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\mx.Dat eTime.mxDateTim e.mxDateTime.py
to mx\DateTime\mxD ateTime\mxDateT ime.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \sre_parse.py to sre_parse.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \copy.py to copy.pyc
D:\myapp\build\ bdist.win32\win exe\temp\mx.ODB C.Windows.mxODB C.py to
mx\ODBC\Windows \mxODBC.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \types.py to types.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \posixpath.py to posixpath.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\windows3.py to
wxPython\window s3.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\windows2.py to
wxPython\window s2.pyc
byte-compiling d:\myapp\inihan dler.py to inihandler.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \sre.py to sre.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\cmndlgs.py to
wxPython\cmndlg s.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\__i nit__.py to
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \os2emxpath.py to os2emxpath.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\frames.py to
wxPython\frames .pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\__init__.py to
wxPython\__init __.pyc
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \calendar.py to calendar.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\ODB C\__init__.py to
mx\ODBC\__init_ _.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\image.py to
wxPython\image. pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\mdi.py to
wxPython\mdi.py c
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\__init__. py to
mx\DateTime\__i nit__.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\gdi.py to
wxPython\gdi.py c
byte-compiling c:\Python23\lib \os.py to os.pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\misc2.py to
wxPython\misc2. pyc
byte-compiling C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\clip_dnd.py to
wxPython\clip_d nd.pyc
*** copy extensions ***
copying c:\Python23\DLL s\_sre.pyd -> D:\myapp\dist
copying c:\Python23\DLL s\datetime.pyd -> D:\myapp\dist
copying C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\gridc.pyd -> D:\myapp\dist
copying C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\wxc.pyd -> D:\myapp\dist
C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\Dat eTime\mxDateTim e\mxDateTime.py d ->
copying C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\mx\ODB C\Windows\mxODB C.pyd ->
*** copy dlls ***
copying C:\WINNT\system 32\python23.dll -> D:\myapp\dist
copying C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\wxPyth on\wxmsw24h.dll ->
copying C:\WINNT\system 32\ODBC32.dll -> D:\myapp\dist
copying c:\Python23\w9x popen.exe -> D:\myapp\dist
*** copy data files ***
copying clients16x16.bm p -> D:\myapp\dist\
copying clients16x16_ma sk.bmp -> D:\myapp\dist\
copying clients32x32.ic o -> D:\myapp\dist\
copying C:\Python23\lib \site-packages\py2exe \run_w.exe ->
D:\myapp\dist\a ddresses.exe
The following modules appear to be missing
['mxDateTime.__v ersion__', 'mx.ODBC.Window s.DriverConnect ']
As you can see, in the last two lines it complains about not finding
mxDateTime.__ve rsion__ and mx.ODBC.Windows .DriverConnect.

The wxWindows application runs but has of course no database connection.
Am I missing here something? Here are the files created in the dist-folder:

clients16x16_ma sk.bmp
clients32x32.ic o

As you can see: mxDateTime.pyd and mxODBC.pyd are here...

Do you have any ideas what I must do, that mxODBC can be added properly to
the "exe"?

Thanks for any hints,
Jul 18 '05 #1
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