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Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Jul 14)

QOTW: "I'll claim without proof that how mixed-type comparisons work
with Python classes is also beyond wizard prediction in all cases: the
implementation of comparison in Python is crushingly complicated."
-- Tim Peters

"Honest to God, if it doesn't have coloured cells all over the place, then
they [the engineers] kind of stare at you like rabbits caught in the
headlights of an oncoming car." -- Mark Carter
While syntax coloring sounds nice, Mark VandeWettering shows
negative issues of syntax coloring in editors.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* *************** ********@keck.v andewettering.n et>

Aahz explains what threading is most often used for and why
Python usually doesn't have a scalability problem here.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* ************@pa nix3.panix.com>

Ian Bicking brings up Jason Orendorff's path module, starting a
discussion about a different Python interface to the filesystem.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* *************** *************** ******@python.o rg>

Bengt Richter and Peter Hansen use a helium-balloon metaphor while
explaining Python's object naming principle.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* *************** **@engcorp.com>

Paul Rubin takes a negative-for-Python - but arguably sound - stance in
the Python versus PHP web-applications discussion.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* **************@ ruckus.brouhaha .com>

Raymond Hettinger intrigues with the first episode of a series of
mysterious Python puzzles.
<http://groups.google.c om/gr************* *************** ****@nwrdny01.g nilink.net>
Guido is moving to the US West Coast. His devotion to Python

Congratulations to ActiveAwards winners Mark Hammond, Uche Ogbuji,
Mike Olson, and Martin von Loewis.
<http://www.ActiveState .com/ActiveAwards>

PortalTransform s 1.0a1, part of Archetypes, a framework
for the development of new Content Types in Zope/CMF/Plone.
<http://www.sourceforge .net/projects/archetypes/>

wxPyPlot 1.1, an enhanced derivative version of wxPlotCanvas
to provide simple lightweight plotting in wxPython.

Adept, a Declarative, Eval-based Program Tester. It is
an unit testing tool where you define test cases as tuples.
<http://csciwww.etsu.ed u/phil/samples/adept.htm>

EmPy 3.0.3, a system for embedding Python expressions and
statements in template text.

PyObjC 1.01, a bridge between Python and Objective-C that allows
full-featured Cocoa applications to be written in pure Python.
<http://pyobjc.sourcefo rge.net/>

Vb2py 0.1, a toolkit to aid in the conversion of Visual Basic
projects to Python (using PythonCard).
<http://vb2py.sourcefor ge.net>

YAMI 2.1, a lightweight and portable infrastructure for
message-oriented network communication.
<http://www.maciejsobcz ak.com/prog/yami/>

PyQwt 3.7, a set of Python bindings for the Qwt C++ class library.
Qwt extends the Qt framework with widgets for scientific and
engineering applications.
<http://pyqwt.sourcefor ge.net/>

SpamBayes 1.0a4, a Bayesian anti-spam filter.

Spyce 1.3.11, a server-side language that supports simple and efficient
Python-based dynamic HTML generation.
<http://spyce.sourcefor ge.net/>

ReportLab toolkit 1.18, a dynamic PDF generating solution.
<http://www.reportlab.c om/toolkit/>
=============== =============== =============== =============== ============
Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:

Python.org's Python Language Website is the traditional
center of Pythonia
Notice especially the master FAQ

PythonWare complements the digest you're reading with the
daily python url
Mygale is a news-gathering webcrawler that specializes in (new)
World-Wide Web articles related to Python.
While cosmetically similar, Mygale and the Daily Python-URL
are utterly different in their technologies and generally in
their results.

comp.lang.pytho n.announce announces new Python software. Be
sure to scan this newly-revitalized newsgroup at least weekly.

Brett Cannon continues the marvelous tradition established by
Andrew Kuchling and Michael Hudson of summarizing action on the
python-dev mailing list once every other week.

The Python Package Index catalogues packages.

The somewhat older Vaults of Parnassus ambitiously collects references
to all sorts of Python resources.

Much of Python's real work takes place on Special-Interest Group
mailing lists

The Python Business Forum "further[s] the interests of companies
that base their business on ... Python."

The Python Software Foundation has replaced the Python Consortium
as an independent nexus of activity

Cetus does much of the same

Python FAQTS

The old Python "To-Do List" now lives principally in a
SourceForge reincarnation.

The online Python Journal is posted at pythonjournal.c ognizor.com.
ed****@pythonjo urnal.com and ed****@pythonjo urnal.cognizor. com
welcome submission of material that helps people's understanding
of Python use, and offer Web presentation of your work.

*Py: the Journal of the Python Language*

Archive probing tricks of the trade:

Previous - (U)se the (R)esource, (L)uke! - messages are listed here:
http://purl.org/thecliff/python/url.html (dormant)
http://groups.google.c om/groups?oi=djq&a s_q=+Python-URL!&as_ugroup= comp.lang.pytho n
Suggestions/corrections for next week's posting are always welcome.
E-mail to <Py********@pha seit.net> should get through.

To receive a new issue of this posting in e-mail each Monday morning
(approximately) , ask <cl****@phaseit .net> to subscribe. Mention
-- The Python-URL! Team--

Dr. Dobb's Journal (http://www.ddj.com) is pleased to participate in and
sponsor the "Python-URL!" project.

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