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Web clipping of a "remote" web page for insertion into a "local" page: is it possible?

What I am trying to do is grab a little snippet of data from a remote
page based on user input in a form. Take a look at this page:

What I want to do is: when a user types the call sign (in this case,
KB2GSD) into a form field, I want to execute an XPath query (or somehow
otherwise process the contents of the page)
to automatically complete the Name, Location, etc. fields in my "local"
page from a "remote" web
page like the one listed above.

Is this possible with PHP? If so, what functions, libraries, etc. do I
need to read about in order to do this? I have searched a good deal for
examples/previously asked questions about this, but with little
success. What search terms might I use to find out a bit more about

Thanks for reading and thanks for a response if you're able to help.

Dec 12 '06 #1
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soren625 wrote:
What I am trying to do is grab a little snippet of data from a remote
This is typically referred to as "scraping"

see fopen or even file_get_contents
These functions will open a webpage just like a local file
Then you can do whatever.
see the string functions
or regular expression funcs

Dec 12 '06 #2

On Dec 12, 10:58 am, "BKDotCom" <bkfake-goo...@yahoo.comwrote:
>...This is typically referred to as "scraping" ...

see fopen ... file_get_contents ...

Awesome ... yeah, I guess that is scraping ... that term had not come
to mind for some reason.

Thanks a million for the help.

Dec 12 '06 #3
Message-ID: <11**********************@j72g2000cwa.googlegroups .comfrom
BKDotCom contained the following:
>These functions will open a webpage just like a local file
Doesn't seem to work with this particular site unless I'm doing
something wrong

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
It's only Usenet, no one dies.
My opinions, not the committee's, mine.
Simple RFDs http://www.ckdog.co.uk/rfdmaker/
Dec 12 '06 #4

On Dec 12, 11:17 am, Geoff Berrow <blthe...@ckdog.co.ukwrote:
>Doesn't seem to work with this particular site unless I'm doing
something wrong
I got it to work exactly as I needed:

--------- START OF PHP CODE ----------------------

$file = file_get_contents("http://www.qrz.com/detail/KB2GSD");
$name_pattern = '/Name:(.*)/';
preg_match($name_pattern, $file, $match);
echo strip_tags($match[1]).'<br />';

$city_pattern = '/Addr2:(.*),/';
preg_match($city_pattern, $file, $match);
echo strip_tags($match[1]).'<br />';

$country_pattern = '/Country:(.*)/';
preg_match($country_pattern, $file, $match);
echo strip_tags($match[1]).'<br />';

$state_pattern = '/State:(.*)/';
preg_match($state_pattern, $file, $match);
echo strip_tags($match[1]).'<br />';

$grid_pattern = '/Grid:(.*)/';
preg_match($grid_pattern, $file, $match);
echo strip_tags($match[1]).'<br />';

------------------ END OF PHP CODE -------------

Works like a charm! Thanks again!

Dec 12 '06 #5

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