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help finding "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING"

13 New Member
Hi I am a newbie trying to get some of my first code working, yada yada yada.

I have a drop down box which chooses a state then takes the post data to 'processform2.p hp' to use that to pull up all the rows which have the corresponding state.
I am getting this 'Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/attorney/public_html/' on line 13
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  1. <?
  2. $username="XXXXXXXX";
  3. $password="XXXXXX";
  4. $database="XXXXXXXX";
  7. ini_set('display_errors',1);
  8. error_reporting(E_ALL);
  11. mysql_connect("localhost",$username,$password);
  12. @mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
  13. $query='SELECT * FROM BIZ_APARTMENTS WHERE $_POST('bizState')';
  14. $result=mysql_query($query);
  16. $num=mysql_numrows($result);
  18. mysql_close();
  20. echo "<b><center>Buildings in State</center></b><br><br>";
  22. $i=0;
  23. while ($i < $num) {
  25. $name=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizName");
  26. $address=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizAddress");
  27. $city=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizCity");
  28. $state=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizState");
  29. $zip=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizZip");
  30. $phone=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizPhone");
  31. $email=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizEmail");
  33. echo "<b>Name: $name</b><br>Phone: $phone<br>Type: $type<br>Address: $address<br>City: $city<br>State: $state<br>Zip: $zip<br>Email:$email<br>";
  35. $i++;
  36. }
  38. ?>
Thanks a million,
Dec 16 '09 #1
14 5499
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
the apostrophe at offset 51 closes the string, after that you have to use the command end (;) or string concatenation operator (.).

and please please secure your SQL against SQL Injection (e.g. by means of mysql_real_esca pe_string())
Dec 16 '09 #2
1,044 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Line 13 is messed up a lot. Firstly, your query is invalid. It will return results, but not what you think. The WHERE clause requires a condition that each row that you want to select has to meet. If you were to say "WHERE 1", then all rows would be selected. If you were to say "WHERE `id` = 1", then only rows where "`id` = 1" is true would be selected. Conditions are more than just a single variable.

Secondly, you can't have the same type of quotation marks inside of the same type of quotation marks without escaping them (using the "\" character).

Thirdly, arrays do not use parentheses for subscript; they use brackets ("[" and "]").

Fourthly, all data in the $_POST array is user input. Therefore, it is unsafe in its raw form. Cleanse it using mysql_real_esca pe_string().
Dec 16 '09 #3
13 New Member
Hi, first let me say thank you to both of you for helping me, I really appreciate it. I have reworked it a little bit but now no error message, but just a echo of my heading only.
here are the 2 php scripts that are involved. Building Select try it out, plz
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  1. <?php
  2. /*  Program name: buildSelect.php
  3.  *  Description:  Program builds a selection list 
  4.  *                from the database.
  5.  */
  6. ?>
  7. <html>
  8. <head><title>Building info by state</title></head>
  9. <body>
  10. <?php
  11.   $user="attorney_test";
  12.   $host="localhost";
  13.   $password="Baronj55";
  14.   $database = "attorney_test";
  16.   $cxn = mysqli_connect($host,$user,$password,$database)
  17.          or die ("couldn't connect to server");
  18.   $query = "SELECT DISTINCT bizState FROM BIZ_APARTMENTS ORDER BY bizState";
  19.   $result = mysqli_query($cxn,$query)
  20.             or die ("Couldn't execute query.");
  22.  /* create form containing selection list */
  23.   echo "<form action='processform2.php' method='POST'>
  24.         <select name='b'>\n";
  26.   while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
  27.   {
  28.      extract($row);
  29.      echo "<option value='$bizState'>$bizState\n";
  30.   }
  31.   echo "</select>\n";
  32.   echo "<input type='submit' value='Select State in which building is located'>
  33.         </form>\n";
  34. ?>
  35. </body></html>
here is the 2nd script
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  1. <?
  2. $username="attorney_test";
  3. $password="Baronj55";
  4. $database="attorney_test";
  5. $table="BIZ_APARTMENTS";  
  6. $column="bizState";
  7. ini_set('display_errors',1);
  8. error_reporting(E_ALL);
  11. mysql_connect("localhost",$username,$password);
  12. @mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");
  13. $query="SELECT * FROM $table WHERE bizState='$_POST'";
  14. $result=mysql_query($query);
  15. $ret = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());  
  16. $num=mysql_numrows($result);
  18. mysql_real_escape_string($result)
  19.  mysql_close();
  23.  echo "<b><center>Buildings in State</center></b><br><br>";
  25. $i=0;
  26. while ($i < $num) {
  27. $name=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizName");
  28. $address=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizAddress");
  29. $city=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizCity");
  30. $state=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizState");
  31. $zip=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizZip");
  32. $phone=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizPhone");
  33. $email=mysql_result($result,$i,"bizEmail");
  35.  echo "<b>Name: $name</b><br>Phone: $phone<br>Type: $type<br>Address: $address<br>City: $city<br>State: $state<br>Zip: $zip<br>Email:$email<br>";
  37. $i++;
  38.  }
  41.  ?>
thanks again for all the help, having actual human break it down for you is invaluable.
Dec 18 '09 #4
1,044 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
You're going to have to be more clear abt what the error is if you want more help.
Dec 18 '09 #5
13 New Member
Hi Kovik
I am not sure what my error is exactly now, when I go to my first page Building Select and select a state from the drop down. On the following , 'results' page all i get is the page heading and nothing else.
My goal of the 2 scripts is to be able to select a state from the first script then display all the apartment buildings from that state in the second script.
I hope this clarifies.
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the help.
Dec 18 '09 #6
1,044 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. $query="SELECT * FROM $table WHERE bizState='$_POST'";
You do realize that $_POST is an array, right? print_r() $_POST and see what it gives you. You should know where to go from there.

Also, all data in the $_POST array is user input. As such, you have to cleanse or validate the data. For textual input, mysql_real_esca pe_string() will come in handy.
Dec 18 '09 #7
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
you may additionally want to look into PHP Filter Functions.
Dec 18 '09 #8
1,044 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
How long have you been hiding this little treasure from us? o.O
I love PHP. :D
Dec 18 '09 #9
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
wait until I rant about Prepared Statements again.
Dec 18 '09 #10

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