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Mixture between html and php- UNIDENTIFIED INDEX

36 New Member
Lo all,

Had me head wrecked the whole week with a really stupid problem that came down to me not reading something but now when im running the php file i have errors switched on and i have bout 15 unidentified index but the problem is that i have used the code
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  1. function addActual()
  2. {
  3. var myTab = document.getElementById('myTable2');
  4. var row=myTab.rows.length; var y=myTab.insertRow(row);
  5. var a=y.insertCell(0);
  6. var xx= document.createElement('input');
  7. xx.type="text";
  8. xx.name="Date[]";
  9. a.appendChild(xx);
  10. var b=y.insertCell(1);
  11. var xx= document.createElement('input');
  12. xx.type="text";
  13. xx.name="Staff[]";
  14. b.appendChild(xx);
  15. var c=y.insertCell(2);
  16. var xx= document.createElement('input');
  17. xx.type="text";
  18. xx.name="Wage[]";
  19. c.appendChild(xx); var d=y.insertCell(3);
  20. var xx= document.createElement('input');
  21. xx.type="text";
  22. xx.name="Hours[]";
  23. }
to add a row of a table in my input form but i have alot of them and as you can see they start array lists. the code in me php to call these is

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  1. $Date = $_POST['Date[]']; 
  2. $Staff = $_POST['Staff[]'];
  3. $Wage = $_POST['Wage[]'];
  4. $Hours = $_POST['Hours[]'];
I also think this is stopping my mysql select statement as i use

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  1. function getProjectDetails()
  2. {
  3.     global $ProjName;
  4.     $temp = mysql_query("SELECT   Float, Extension, Excusable, NonExcusable, Delays, Value, LiquidatedDamages, totalLiquidatedDamages 
  5.               FROM     ProjectDetails
  6.               WHERE    Name= $ProjName")or die('<hr />MySQL Error1: ' .mysql_error(). '<hr />'); 
  7.     $row = mysql_fetch_array($temp);
  8.     return $row;
  9. }
  10. // A function to allow overall project variables to be manipulated.
  11. function makeVariableProjectDetails()
  12. {
  13.     global $projectFloat, $projectExtension, $projectExcusable, $projectNonExcusable,
  14.         $projectDelays, $projectValue, $liquidateddamages, $totalliquidateddamages;
  15.     $temp = getProjectDetails();
  16.     $projectFloat = $temp['ProjectFloat'];
  17.     $projectExtension = $temp['Extension'];
  18.     $projectExcusable = $temp['Excusable'];
  19.     $projectNonExcusable = $temp['NonExcusable'];
  20.     $projectDelays = $temp['Delays'];
  21.     $projectValue = $temp['Value'];
  22.     $liquidateddamages = $temp['LiquidatedDamages'];
  23.     $totalliquidateddamages = $temp['totalLiquidatedDamages'];
  24. }
where the error message

MySQL Error1: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Float, Extension, Excusable, NonExcusable, Delays, Value, Liquid

comes. So is this connected and any1 ideas... im bout 99% positive me sql query is sound and i had ProjName in input form added so it wasnt that?
Oct 9 '08 #1
14 3012
8,658 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
if $ProjName is a string, you should enclose it in single quotation marks.

Oct 9 '08 #2
36 New Member
sound one that solved the mysql problem... still have to figure the
Undefined index: EmailFrom[] in /home/moneill/public_html/mainPHP.php on line 37

which are me arrays..
Oct 9 '08 #3
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
sound one that solved the mysql problem... still have to figure the
Undefined index: EmailFrom[] in /home/moneill/public_html/mainPHP.php on line 37

which are me arrays..
Post the code concerning your arrays. I currently can't find them in your given code.
Oct 9 '08 #4
36 New Member
lo markus

just got in from work there the code im using in the html file is basically having

header 1 h2 h3 h4 h5 etc |BUTTON|

There is zero input boxes below this so when you first press button javascript kicks in with the code

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  1. function addActual() 
  2. var myTab = document.getElementById('myTable2'); 
  3. var row=myTab.rows.length; var y=myTab.insertRow(row); 
  5. var a=y.insertCell(0); 
  6. var xx= document.createElement('input'); 
  7. xx.type="text"; 
  8. xx.name="Date[]"; 
  9. a.appendChild(xx); 
  11. var b=y.insertCell(1); 
  12. var xx= document.createElement('input'); 
  13. xx.type="text"; 
  14. xx.name="Staff[]"; 
  15. b.appendChild(xx);
  17. var c=y.insertCell(2); 
  18. var xx= document.createElement('input'); 
  19. xx.type="text"; 
  20. xx.name="Wage[]"; 
  21. c.appendChild(xx);
  23. var d=y.insertCell(3); 
  24. var xx= document.createElement('input'); 
  25. xx.type="text"; 
  26. xx.name="Hours[]"; 

I have a couple of these all adding rows to different tables and it updates them ok. The problem i am having is that the inputs that it creates doesnt appear to work in the php program as i get the error;

unidentified index

I am using $_POST to pass them from html to php by

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  1. $Date = $_POST['Date[]'];  
  2. $Staff = $_POST['Staff[]']; 
  3. $Wage = $_POST['Wage[]']; 
  4. $Hours = $_POST['Hours[]']; 
It is only the variables that i pass to php using this format all the normal inputs are accepted but not these. The problem i am guessing it is is that the javascript is not being passed to php but i cant be sure ... have you any ideas on this.
Oct 9 '08 #5
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
You're receive and undefined error, not unidentified.

When you pass an array to POST, you access it like an array.

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  2. $Date = $_POST['date']
Oct 9 '08 #6
5,821 Recognized Expert Expert
Heya, Micky.

When you name an input with '[]' at the end, it creates an array on the PHP side.

Oct 10 '08 #7
36 New Member
sound one guys in work now but having to work till 10pm gmt the night so uve helped me loads. its in for next friday an i cant work on it over the weekend.

Oct 10 '08 #8
36 New Member
lol hey guys well ive done what u say and fair enuf it works but how do i separate the array i get into smaller parts.
I have tried the usual
for($i=1; $i<=count("theA rray"); $i++) //"theArray" is generic

but this throws an undefined offset which is when the array part im accessing doesnt exist. I have also tried using

explode(",", "theArray")

but it throws array to string conversion...

because of this i get undefined offset within any for loop i use with these arrays.
Oct 10 '08 #9
5,821 Recognized Expert Expert
For greater efficiency, consider using foreach. Putting count() in the for loop is a bit inefficient, as the array elements are count()'ed with each iteration.

Oct 10 '08 #10

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