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php-5.2.5 compile error with xmlrpc


I´m on SuSE 9.3 with xmlrpc-c and xmlrpc-c-devel installed (ver. 0.9.10)
I tried to compile php with xmlrpc support and got the following errors:
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x3 59): In function
`set_zval_xmlrp c_type':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1313: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_CreateV alueDateTime_IS O8601'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x3 6d):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1315: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eDateTime'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x3 dd):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1331: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xb f4): In function
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:565: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_GetValu eType'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc 30):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:574: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eString'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc 40):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:601: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eStringLen'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc 93):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:609: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_VectorR ewind'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc a6):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:616: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_VectorN ext'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc c7):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:614: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eID'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc df):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:582: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eInt'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xc f4):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:590: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eDouble'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xd 0d):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:594: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eStringLen'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xd 1a):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:595: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_GetValu eDateTime_ISO86 01'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xd 2f):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:586: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eBoolean'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xd 44):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:599: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetValu eBase64'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xe 0b): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_par se_method_descr iptions':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1185: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Introsp ectionCreateDes cription'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0xe 54):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1194: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 50d): In function
`PHP_to_XMLRPC_ worker':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:499: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_CreateV alueString'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 561):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:515: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV ector'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 5b3):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:534: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_AddValu eToVector'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 642):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:491: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV alueInt'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 65d):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:495: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV alueDouble'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 681):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:483: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_CreateV alueDateTime_IS O8601'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 69a):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:487: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV alueBoolean'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 6b1):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:474: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV alueEmpty'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 6b9):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:475: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_GetDefa ultIdCase'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 6c8):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:475: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_SetValu eID_Case'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 6ea):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:478: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_CreateV alueBase64'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 80e): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_ser ver_add_introsp ection_data':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1161: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerA ddIntrospection Data'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 819):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1162: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 8e1): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_enc ode_request':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:644: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request New'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 8f5):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:647: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request SetOutputOption s'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 943):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:652: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request SetMethodName'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 950):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:653: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request SetRequestType'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 968):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:659: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_REQUEST _ToXML'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 9a6):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:664: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request Free'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 9cc):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:656: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request SetData'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 b4f): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_ser ver_call_method ':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1048: undefined reference to
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 b65):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1051: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request GetMethodName'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 c43):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1084: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_ServerC allMethod'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 ceb):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1134: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 cfa):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1137: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request Free'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d31):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1095: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request New'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d59):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1108: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request SetOutputOption s'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d66):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1109: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request SetRequestType'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d71):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1110: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request SetData'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d7c):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1111: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request SetMethodName'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 d89):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1114: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_REQUEST _ToXML'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 dbe):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1120: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request Free'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 ded):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:1102: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request GetOutputOption s'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 ee3): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_ser ver_register_me thod':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:968: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerR egisterMethod'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x1 f6d): In function
`php_xmlrpc_cal lback':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:863: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request GetData'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 146): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_ser ver_create':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:813: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerC reate'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 159):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:815: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerR egisterIntrospe ctionCallback'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 209): In function
`php_xmlrpc_int rospection_call back':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:914: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Introsp ectionCreateDes cription'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 220):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:917: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerA ddIntrospection Data'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 230):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:920: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 399): In function
`decode_request _worker':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:714: undefined reference to
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 3a9):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:717: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request GetData'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 3bc):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:719: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_Request GetRequestType'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 3cd):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:729: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request Free'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 3fb):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:723: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Request GetMethodName'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 935): In function
`zif_xmlrpc_enc ode':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:691: undefined reference to
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 96f):/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/
xmlrpc-epi-php.c:699: undefined reference to `XMLRPC_Cleanup Value'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 98a): In function
`zm_info_xmlrpc ':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:238: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_GetVers ionString'
ext/xmlrpc/.libs/xmlrpc-epi-php.o(.text+0x2 a65): In function
`xmlrpc_server_ destructor':
/php-5.2.5/ext/xmlrpc/xmlrpc-epi-php.c:205: undefined reference to
`XMLRPC_ServerD estroy'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [sapi/cli/php] Fehler 1
Has someone an idea why this is happen? I really need some help here...
thanks in advance
Dec 4 '07 #1
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