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Problems using exif_thumbnail( ) to create thumbnail image

PHP 4.3.2 with --enable-exif

I have the following class:

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  1. <?php
  3. class ThumbGenerator extends MethodGeneratorForActionPerformer {
  5. function ThumbGenerator() {      // CONSTRUCTOR
  7. }
  9. /**
  10. * This method can only be used if you are using PHP version 4.3+
  11. and if you have TIFF or JPEG image
  12. *
  13. * @access private
  14. */
  15. function generateTIFFJPEGThumb() {                            //
  17. global $section, $thumbLocationPath;
  18. /*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Because of the different methodologies of each method, the
  20. constructor must be called, thus, the class object
  21. must be initiated.  If "$this" does not exist, trigger an
  22. error
  23. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
  24. if (!$this || !is_object($this)) trigger_error('You must first
  25. instantiate a ThumbGenerator object to use this method',
  26. E_USER_ERROR);
  30. if ($this->isSuccessful) {
  31. $thumbStreamObj = exif_thumbnail($this->locationPath . '/' .
  32. $this->fileName, $width, $height, $mimeTypeInt);
  33. print_r('<P>thumbStreamObj: '); print_r($thumbStreamObj);
  34. if (!$thumbStreamObj) {
  35. $this->isSuccessful = false;
  36. $this->setErrorArray(array('section' => 'Could not extract
  37. embedded thumbnail contents from "' . $this->locationPath . '/' .
  38. $this->fileName . '"'));
  39. }
  40. }
  42. }
  44. }
  46. ?>
The class is being used to literally generate a thumbnail from an
existing image. I read in the PHP manual (see
http://us3.php.net/manual/en/functio...-thumbnail.php ) that
exif_thumbnail( ) only extracts embedded thumbnail information from a
image. In knowing that I've simplified my method to only handle TIFF
or JPEG images (this is done in the class constructor - sorting out
what image type you got).

At this point, however, I am receiving nothing into the
$thumbStreamObj binary stream string variable; it's "empty" (false):

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  1. $thumbstreamObj = exif_thumbnail($this->locationPath . '/' .
  2. $this->fileName, $width, $height, $mimeTypeInt);
I checked the values of $this->fileName and $this->locationPath and
both contain the correct values to be able to locate the image in the
system for the function to extract the embedded thumbnail information
reportedly found in TIFF and JPEG images.

Has anyone had any luck using this to create a thumbnail? I could use
some more experted advice than I would think to find in the manual
notes, which I am certain I'll find among you gurus here.

Jul 17 '05 #1
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so*****@erols.c om (Phil Powell) wrote in message news:<1c******* *************** ****@posting.go ogle.com>...
PHP 4.3.2 with --enable-exif

I have the following class:


class ThumbGenerator extends MethodGenerator ForActionPerfor mer {


Not sure about your code. But, sometimes ago Mike Bradley, one of
the regular contributor of this group has written a thumbnail script
named gzImage.php But, unfortunately, now his site <gZenTools.co m> is
down. I'm having a copy of his script Version 2.4 (not sure, if he has
released any new version). The script was much appreciated by the
regulars of this group. If you need that, you may contact me at my
email found at my sig-block.

| Just another PHP saint |
Email: rrjanbiah-at-Y!com
Jul 17 '05 #2

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