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Unlink and variables


I created a form to upload files. The formfield contents are stored as
records in an Ascii file "data.dat"; for reasons I am not using a
MySql database.
The upoaded file itself is stored in a directory called "files".
With an administration form I can read all contents of the data.dat
file and select records to delete (one at a time).
So far so good.

Now in one of the record fields the uploaded filename is stored.
To add some new functionality I will not only delete the record but
also delete the specific file mentioned in the filename field.

To realise this I use the standard PHP function unlink(). To extract
the needed filename from the selected record I use the PHP function
explode(); fields are seperated with "|".

By using the explode() function I can select the wanted filename in
this record with the correct array value.

for($i=0;$i<siz eof($records);$ i++) //Part of code that writes all
the records back to the data.dat file
if($i!=$id) //$id is the value of the choosen record to
fwrite($file,$r ecords[$i]); //write unselected records to data.dat
else // extract the wanted filename in specific record
$columns = explode("|",$re cords[$id]);
//$filename = "TryMe.txt" ; //Alternative used for testing
$filename = $columns[sizeof($columns )-1];
echo "$filename" ; //echo to screen for testing
echo "The file $filename is succesfully deleted";
//echo to screen for testing

Now the problem:

Running this code -in the else loop- the unlink function generates
an error. However the echo displays the correct filename on the

The oddest thing is when I seperately copy a testfile named TryMe.txt
into the files directory and then run the same code using $filename =
"TryMe.txt" instead of $filename = $columns[sizeof($columns )-1];
things work fine. The result is that echo displays the correct
filename and the
file TryMe.Txt is deleted from the ../files directory!!

(To activate code I then choose a random record to delete in the
administration. )

$filename = "TryMe.txt" ; - unlink runs fine
ref. screen output: echo, echo:
=============== =============== =============== ==
.../files/TryMe.txtThe file TryMe.txt is succesfully deleted
=============== =============== =============== ==

$filename = $columns[sizeof($columns )-1]; - unlink generates error.
ref. screen output: echo, Warning:
=============== =============== =============== ===
.../files/10_16_40_boef.g if
Warning: unlink() failed (Invalid argument) in c:\program
files\....\admi n\delete_file_r ec.php on line 43
=============== =============== =============== ====

Is there anybody who can help me out and give me a clue??
Thanks in advance.....
Jul 17 '05 #1
2 6685
Eric wrote:
else // extract the wanted filename in specific record
$columns = explode("|",$re cords[$id]);
//$filename = "TryMe.txt" ; //Alternative used for testing
$filename = $columns[sizeof($columns )-1]; [...] Is there anybody who can help me out and give me a clue??

Maybe there's some extra characters in $filename.


$filename = trim($filename) ;

to remove unwanted spaces and/or newlines.

I have a spam filter working.
To mail me include "urkxvq" (with or without the quotes)
in the subject line, or your mail will be ruthlessly discarded.
Jul 17 '05 #2
Pedro <he****@hotpop. com> wrote in message news:<bl******* *****@ID-203069.news.uni-berlin.de>...
Eric wrote:
else // extract the wanted filename in specific record
$columns = explode("|",$re cords[$id]);
//$filename = "TryMe.txt" ; //Alternative used for testing
$filename = $columns[sizeof($columns )-1];

Is there anybody who can help me out and give me a clue??

Maybe there's some extra characters in $filename.


$filename = trim($filename) ;

to remove unwanted spaces and/or newlines.

Hello Pedro,

Thanks for the advise. Solution works fine, problem solved!!

Jul 17 '05 #3

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