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Using unified Event Handling mechanism for COM events

Hi all,

Where can I get some insight on using the __hook, __unhook, event_source and
event_receiver for specifically COM events. The documentation given in MSDN
is very minimal. I have the following scenario

Server (COM event source) is written in VC++ 6.0 using ATL (event interfaces
can be either dispinterface / IDispatch based)
Client (COM event receiver) is written in VC++ 2003 using attributed
programming and unified event handling
I ran into many compilation problems for the client (C3712, "a custom
interface that fires COM events cannot inherit from IDispatch", etc).
Finally, after doing a lot of trial and errors, I am able to compile the
client. But I am not getting the events.

Also, I am trying to write an Addin in to Office applications using VC++
2003. I would like to use the unified Event handling __hook and __unhook
functions. The first problem I faced was the #import'ing the OLB file. It
looks like the new compiler does not like these OLB's when imported with
"embedded_idl". Some of the compiler errors are C3319 (propget and propput
methods), C3317, C3303 (again propget and propput), C3139 (export empty
UDT's), C3110 (again propget and propput methods).

Has anybody tried this before? Or is it too early to use unified event
handling mechanism? should we defer using __hook and __unhook till the
Service pack for VS.Net 2003 comes out?

Any recommendations please.

Ashok Kumar K
Nov 17 '05 #1
3 2052
Hi Brain,

Thanks for the links. These threads are more than a year old. Is it still in
this state with the current VS.NET 2003 release? Are there any patches, SP
that will fix these problems? Is MS planning to release a SP for VS.NET 2003
or is it going to be only upgrade to VS.NET 2005 (probably with more

Ashok Kumar K

"Brian Muth" <bm***@mvps.org> wrote in message
The unified event handling is extremely buggy, and should be avoided




Nov 17 '05 #3
> Thanks for the links. These threads are more than a year old. Is it still
this state with the current VS.NET 2003 release?
Are there any patches, SP that will fix these problems?
None yet.
Is MS planning to release a SP for VS.NET 2003 or is it going to be only upgrade to VS.NET 2005 (probably with more problems!)??

I'm pretty sure a SP is in the works, but the release date is unknown, and
whether the bugs described in these posts will be addressed is also unknown.

In the meantime, the consensus amongst the experts is to avoid using the
unified event handling.

Nov 17 '05 #4

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