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how to change the php code to asp.net code

254 Contributor
the code written below is for calculating the number of days remain for a particular event based on the specific local time i.e. time in new york or time in london.

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  1. <style style="text/css">
  3. .lcdstyle{ /*Example CSS to create LCD countdown look*/
  4. background-color:black;
  5. color:lime;
  6. font: bold 18px MS Sans Serif;
  7. padding: 3px;
  8. }
  10. .lcdstyle sup{ /*Example CSS to create LCD countdown look*/
  11. font-size: 80%
  12. }
  14. </style>
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  3. <script type="text/javascript">
  4. ***************************/
  6. function cdLocalTime(container, servermode, offsetMinutes, targetdate, debugmode){
  7. if (!document.getElementById || !document.getElementById(container)) return
  8. this.container=document.getElementById(container)
  9. var servertimestring=(servermode=="server-php")? '<? print date("F d, Y H:i:s", time())?>' : (servermode=="server-ssi")? '<!--#config timefmt="%B %d, %Y %H:%M:%S"--><!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->' : '<%= Now() %>'
  10. this.localtime=this.serverdate=new Date(servertimestring)
  11. this.targetdate=new Date(targetdate)
  12. this.debugmode=(typeof debugmode!="undefined")? 1 : 0
  13. this.timesup=false
  14. this.localtime.setTime(this.serverdate.getTime()+offsetMinutes*60*1000) //add user offset to server time
  15. this.updateTime()
  16. }
  18. cdLocalTime.prototype.updateTime=function(){
  19. var thisobj=this
  20. this.localtime.setSeconds(this.localtime.getSeconds()+1)
  21. setTimeout(function(){thisobj.updateTime()}, 1000) //update time every second
  22. }
  24. cdLocalTime.prototype.displaycountdown=function(baseunit, functionref){
  25. this.baseunit=baseunit
  26. this.formatresults=functionref
  27. this.showresults()
  28. }
  30. cdLocalTime.prototype.showresults=function(){
  31. var thisobj=this
  32. var debugstring=(this.debugmode)? "<p style=\"background-color: #FCD6D6; color: black; padding: 5px\"><big>Debug Mode on!</big><br /><b>Current Local time:</b> "+this.localtime.toLocaleString()+"<br />Verify this is the correct current local time, in other words, time zone of count down date.<br /><br /><b>Target Time:</b> "+this.targetdate.toLocaleString()+"<br />Verify this is the date/time you wish to count down to (should be a future date).</p>" : ""
  34. var timediff=(this.targetdate-this.localtime)/1000 //difference btw target date and current date, in seconds
  35. if (timediff<0){ //if time is up
  36. this.timesup=true
  37. this.container.innerHTML=debugstring+this.formatresults()
  38. return
  39. }
  40. var oneMinute=60 //minute unit in seconds
  41. var oneHour=60*60 //hour unit in seconds
  42. var oneDay=60*60*24 //day unit in seconds
  43. var dayfield=Math.floor(timediff/oneDay)
  44. var hourfield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay)/oneHour)
  45. var minutefield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay-hourfield*oneHour)/oneMinute)
  46. var secondfield=Math.floor((timediff-dayfield*oneDay-hourfield*oneHour-minutefield*oneMinute))
  47. if (this.baseunit=="hours"){ //if base unit is hours, set "hourfield" to be topmost level
  48. hourfield=dayfield*24+hourfield
  49. dayfield="n/a"
  50. }
  51. else if (this.baseunit=="minutes"){ //if base unit is minutes, set "minutefield" to be topmost level
  52. minutefield=dayfield*24*60+hourfield*60+minutefield
  53. dayfield=hourfield="n/a"
  54. }
  55. else if (this.baseunit=="seconds"){ //if base unit is seconds, set "secondfield" to be topmost level
  56. var secondfield=timediff
  57. dayfield=hourfield=minutefield="n/a"
  58. }
  59. this.container.innerHTML=debugstring+this.formatresults(dayfield, hourfield, minutefield, secondfield)
  60. setTimeout(function(){thisobj.showresults()}, 1000) //update results every second
  61. }
  63. /////CUSTOM FORMAT OUTPUT FUNCTIONS BELOW//////////////////////////////
  65. //Create your own custom format function to pass into cdLocalTime.displaycountdown()
  66. //Use arguments[0] to access "Days" left
  67. //Use arguments[1] to access "Hours" left
  68. //Use arguments[2] to access "Minutes" left
  69. //Use arguments[3] to access "Seconds" left
  71. //The values of these arguments may change depending on the "baseunit" parameter of cdLocalTime.displaycountdown()
  72. //For example, if "baseunit" is set to "hours", arguments[0] becomes meaningless and contains "n/a"
  73. //For example, if "baseunit" is set to "minutes", arguments[0] and arguments[1] become meaningless etc
  75. //1) Display countdown using plain text
  76. function formatresults(){
  77. if (this.timesup==false){//if target date/time not yet met
  78. var displaystring="<span style='background-color: #CFEAFE'>"+arguments[1]+" hours "+arguments[2]+" minutes "+arguments[3]+" seconds</span> left until launch time"
  79. }
  80. else{ //else if target date/time met
  81. var displaystring="Launch time!"
  82. }
  83. return displaystring
  84. }
  86. //2) Display countdown with a stylish LCD look, and display an alert on target date/time
  87. function formatresults2(){
  88. if (this.timesup==false){ //if target date/time not yet met
  89. var displaystring="<span class='lcdstyle'>"+arguments[0]+" <sup>days</sup> "+arguments[1]+" <sup>hours</sup> "+arguments[2]+" <sup>minutes</sup> "+arguments[3]+" <sup>seconds</sup></span> left until launch time"
  90. }
  91. else{ //else if target date/time met
  92. var displaystring="" //Don't display any text
  93. alert("Launch time!") //Instead, perform a custom alert
  94. }
  95. return displaystring
  96. }
  98. </script>
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  1.     <title>Untitled Page</title>
  2. </head>
  3. <body>
  4.     <form id="form1" runat="server">
  5.     <div id="cdcontainer"></div>
  7. <script type="text/javascript">
  8. //cdLocalTime("ID_of_DIV_container", "server_mode", LocaltimeoffsetMinutes, "target_date", "opt_debug_mode")
  9. //cdLocalTime.displaycountdown("base_unit", formatfunction_reference)
  11. //Note: "launchdate" should be an arbitrary but unique variable for each instance of a countdown on your page:
  13. var launchdate=new cdLocalTime("cdcontainer", "server-php", 0, "April 23, 2010 15:53:00", "debugmode")
  14. launchdate.displaycountdown("days", formatresults2)
  15. </script>
  16.     </form>

in the above code how can I change the line var servertimestrin g=(servermode== "server-php")....... which is a php scripting and I want to change it to asp.net code so that I can run it.

how can I do it?
Nov 23 '09 #1
10 2774
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
All I saw was javascript code there
Nov 24 '09 #2
254 Contributor
in that javascript code some php code is also written at line 9 and when I run this code in .net it gives error and that is of php so i wanted to change/modify so that i can run/use this without error
Nov 25 '09 #3
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
Ok so it's just this line:
var servertimestrin g=(servermode== "server-php")? '<? print date("F d, Y H:i:s", time())?>' : (servermode=="s erver-ssi")? '<!--#config timefmt="%B %d, %Y %H:%M:%S"--><!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL " -->' : '<%= Now() %>'

I'm not sure what that line does, just print the time in a specific format?
Nov 25 '09 #4
9,735 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
If that's the only line of PhP code that has to be converted to ASP.NET then you would probably just do something like:

var servertimestrin g=(servermode== "server-php")? '<%= theDate.ToStrin g("dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") %> : (servermode=="s erver-ssi")?'<%= Now() %>'

Mind you this line doesn't make sense to me..... but I think you get the point.
Nov 25 '09 #5
6,050 Recognized Expert Expert
Hm, I don't see why you need either language. You're already using SSI, so why not use it in place of the PHP / ASP.NET?
Nov 25 '09 #6
254 Contributor
but when I run this code it gives following error
Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'Now' does not exist in the current context

so what i need to change in this code to run it correctly.
Nov 26 '09 #7
254 Contributor
what is theDate.ToStrin g here means where you have defined this?
Nov 26 '09 #8
9,735 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
"theDate" is a DateTime variable that contains the date.
theDate.ToStrin g returns the string version of the date so that it can be displayed in a way that makes sense to people (dates are stored as numbers usually)

Nov 26 '09 #9
254 Contributor
but it gives the error Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'Now' does not exist in the current context
Nov 27 '09 #10

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