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Create memory structure for receiving messages

115 New Member
i'm using vb.net application program. i need to create a memory structure like this.

<uniqueID ID="100">
<Item itemno="0" desc="coffee" />
<Item itemno="1" desc="tea" />
<Item itemno="2" desc="milk" />
<uniqueID ID="200">
<Item itemno="0" desc="cup" />
<Item itemno="1" desc="plate" />
<Item itemno="2" desc="spoon" />
or a memory structure like this.
when ever i receive a message i need to add that message to this kind of formatted memory structure. The message i receive will be in this format.
for example 1: "100,0,Coff ee"
for example 2: "200,1,plat e"

for the first time while i run the program for example i receive a message like "100,0,Coff ee". then 100 is the UniqueID for that message. so i need to create a header name 100 and put the message (0,Cofee) under that header. after that if i receive a message like "200,0,cup" . then 200 is uniqueID for that message. so i need to check whether header 200 is already exist in that memory structure, if not then create a header name 200 and put the message (0,cup) under that header. after that if i receive a message like "100,1,tea" . then need to check whether header 100 already exist in that memory structure, if exist then add the message (1,tea) under the uniqueID 100.

so if i receive an item who's UniqueID that's not exist in memory structure, then need to create a new header for that UniqueID and add the items under it. And if i receive an item who's UniqueID that's already exist in memory structure, then need to add that item under that UniqueID header.

so when i need, for example if i call the header 100 then i can access the items i received for header 100 ([0,Cofee], [1,Tea], [2,Milk], ...) will be accessed. so using each UniqueID we can access the entire messages received for that ID.

if you have any idea how to do this, please help me. i'm not getting any idea. if you can provide an example then it will be great help for me. please.

thanks in advance.
Mar 4 '08 #1
2 1122
115 New Member
i check Dictionary properties and tried this codes.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Class Form1
  2. #Region "Structure"
  3.     Structure Order
  5.         'Data members        
  6.         Private OrderID As Integer
  7.         Private OrderDetail As SortedDictionary(Of String, Integer)
  9.         Public Sub PlaceOrder(ByVal ID As Integer, ByVal Product As String, ByVal quantity As Integer)
  10.             OrderID = ID
  11.             OrderDetail.Add(Product, quantity)
  12.         End Sub
  14.         Public Sub UpdateOrder(ByVal Product As String, ByVal quantity As Integer)
  15.             OrderDetail.Add(Product, quantity)
  16.         End Sub
  18.         Public Sub Init()
  19.             Me.OrderDetail = New SortedDictionary(Of String, Integer)
  20.         End Sub
  22.         Public ReadOnly Property ID() As Integer
  23.             Get
  24.                 Return Me.OrderID
  25.             End Get
  26.         End Property
  28.     End Structure
  29. #End Region
  31.     Private placedOrder As Order = Nothing
  32.     Private OrderList As List(Of Order) = Nothing
  34.     Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
  35.         'new instance of the order structure        
  36.         placedOrder = New Order
  37.         placedOrder.Init()
  38.         'Place an order        
  39.         Me.placedOrder.PlaceOrder(100, "Coffee", 200)
  40.         'Save the order in a list of placed order        
  41.         Me.OrderList = New List(Of Order)
  42.         Me.OrderList.Add(placedOrder)
  43.     End Sub
  45.     Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
  46.         Dim placedID As Integer = 100
  47.         For Each o As Order In Me.OrderList
  48.             'check if the id already exist in the list of orders            
  49.             If o.ID = placedID Then 'if exist update                
  50.                 o.UpdateOrder("tea", 10)
  51.             Else 'create                
  52.                 placedOrder = New Order
  53.                 placedOrder.Init()
  54.                 placedOrder.PlaceOrder(placedID, "Coffee", 20)
  55.                 Me.OrderList.Add(placedOrder)
  56.             End If
  57.         Next o
  58.     End Sub
  60. End Class
but i'm using vb.net 2003 with framework 1.1. vb.net 2003 don't have SortedDictionar y at all. so i'm not able to continue right now. how can i proceed this in Vb.net 2003.

i'm adding this feature to an existing program. That existing program is in vb.net 2003 framwork 1.1. Right now i can't move forward to next version of .net.

if you have any idea please let me know and if you can provide and example then it will be great help for me. please.

Thank in advance.
Mar 4 '08 #2
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
I would think you could accomplish this with a DataTable object.
You roughly have three columns
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. UnID | ItemNumber | ItemName
So for example:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. UnID | ItemNumber | ItemName
  2. -----------------------------------------------
  3. 100   |      0           |  Cup
  4. 200   |      0           |  Cup
  5. 100   |      1           |  Spoon
Could be kept in your DataTable.

Doing myDataTable.Sel ect("UnID='100' ") would return a DataRow[] for all the entries that have 100 as the UnID column value.
Mar 4 '08 #3

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