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Error in WCF IEndpoingBehavi or when creating a new Message.

I am working on a custom WCF EndpoingBehavio r that will modify the
messages coming in and out of my Service. I am having an error
related to the modification of the message in the
IEndpointBehavi or.AfterReceive Request(ref Message request,...) method.

In the method that creates a new message, I have something similar
to ...

/// xmlReader defined with new modified content....
/// 'message' is the original message...

Message newMsg = Message.CreateM essage( message.Version ,
null, xmlReader );

// Preserve the headers of the original message
newMsg.Headers. CopyHeadersFrom ( message );

foreach (string propertyKey in message.Propert ies.Keys)
newMsg.Properti es.Add(property Key, message.Propert ies[propertyKey]);

// Close the original message and return new message
message.Close( );

return newMsg;

This is similar to other code that I have seen on the Internet related
to creating a new message from an existing one. This code ran fine
when under the XP ASP.NET Development server, but when run on Windows
2003 Server (basicHttpBindi ng, HTTPS, Authentication) I immediately
get an error on the server side after the AfterReceiveReq uest method
completes and processing the message. I get the following error...

System.ObjectDi sposedException : Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'System.Service Model.Security. SecurityMessage Property'.
System.ServiceM odel.Security.S ecurityMessageP roperty.ThrowIf Disposed()
System.ServiceM odel.Security.S ecurityMessageP roperty.get_Ser viceSecurityCon text()
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .SecurityImpers onationBehavior .GetAndCacheSec urityContext(Me ssageRpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .SecurityImpers onationBehavior .StartImpersona tion(MessageRpc &
rpc, IDisposable& impersonationCo ntext, IPrincipal&
originalPrincip al)
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .DispatchOperat ionRuntime.Invo keBegin(Message Rpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .ImmutableDispa tchRuntime.Proc essMessage5(Mes sageRpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .ImmutableDispa tchRuntime.Proc essMessage4(Mes sageRpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .ImmutableDispa tchRuntime.Proc essMessage3(Mes sageRpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .ImmutableDispa tchRuntime.Proc essMessage2(Mes sageRpc&
System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .ImmutableDispa tchRuntime.Proc essMessage1(Mes sageRpc&
at System.ServiceM odel.Dispatcher .MessageRpc.Pro cess(Boolean
isOperationCont extSet)

I see where there was a similar bug in .NET before it was officially
release and supposedly fixed,


Apparently, something in the new message or in the processing still
keeps a reference to the original Message and throws an error if it is
closed. If I remove the message.Close() then things work ok.

Any ideas on how to properly create a new Message?

What is the downside if I do not close the original message?


Jun 12 '07 #1
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