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xml as an e-mail attachment job import/export/billing

Can anyone suggest the best and easiest platform for the following job,
possible freelancer and approximate budget for this:

"It must be a script that has as an input a long code from the "calling
scratch card" that

customers enters on our website. Script accepts the long code, validates
it with a

database, than offers a customer to create a login/pass to enter
customers personal area.
"Long code" consists of an open serial number that is printed on a
scratch card and closed

portion of a code under the scratch area.

2. In his personal area a customer enters his personal data and creates
a "subscripti on"

to some virtual service with several different service plans allowed.
Script accepts

customers input and creates very simple XML (actually a structured
summary of the

customers ID, number, date and the service plan choosen) with some 7-10
XML fields and

sends it via e-mail (attached to a message) to a service provider
address which is

connected to providers XML automation scripts.
3. Provider returns the result as a XML file attached to a message sent
to our e-mail

address, so the required script has to handle the incoming e-mail or
even be triggered by

an incoming mail (as for example the support tickets are triggered with
an incoming

e-mails from the customers in some perl/php support systems). Script
after being triggered

by incoming message from service provider should read the XML file and
import the data to

the database as well as send some message to the customer with the data
returned from the


Also the provider sends similiar XML files on a daily basis with the
information on an

extra charges (beyond the fixed monthly serviceplan fee), that should be
handled the same

way (script triggered by an incoming message to the particular address
should import the

data from XML file to the database).

4. Script must be able also to offer the following functionality to the

-To change the service plan from one to another (between 7 availible)
once in a month
-To terminate service
-To block service
-To prolong service by entering another "long code" from a "scratch
calling card"
-To check the history of the customer payments
-To notify customer about the close end of the billing period with an
e-mail message

requesting the customer to enter another "long code" from a scratch card
or some other

-To terminate/block user if no payment have been recorded for this user
in a database on a

daily basis.

All customer pages must be designed with the provided footer/header.

5. From the administrators end, the script should do the following:

- Generate a list of the "long code"s for scratch calling cards (this
module could be

taken from OSS project A2billing written on PHP:


- Give some simple interface to database (list of subscriptions, manual
edit of customers


- Allow admin to prolong the subcription manually (i.e. if the customer
have paid by bank

transfer or some other means)

- Allow to do a manual creation of the customer

- Allow to enter 3 kinds of prices for each out of 7 availible service
a) a providers price (i.e. - our costs)
b) a price for our resellers
c) a price for a final customers

- Some basic billing: total this month for us, for reseller(s), for

- Allow to create resellers accounts (login/password)

- Allow to block/unblock a single "long codes" for calling scratch cards
or in batch (the

whole blocks). This is to allow resellers to pay for the scratch calling
cards right

before the activation.
6. from the end of reseller the script have to offer the following
functionality only to

those customer that either were manually created by this reseller or
were registered with

a "long code" from a calling card sold to this reseller:

- Give some simple interface to database (list of subscriptions,
changing the status:


- Allow reseller to prolong the subcription manually (i.e. if the
customer have paid by

bank transfer or some other means to reseller)

- Allow to do a manual creation of the customer

- Some basic billing: total for reseller this month, total for all
customers this month.

Provider do provide a sandbox e-mail to test the application."
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