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Dynamic re-compilation of assembly doesn't use new assembly

I'm trying to dynamically compile assemblies and cache them to disk,
which seems to work fine. When the data I'm compiling from changes, I
want to re-generate the assembly and use the new version.

After I re-generate the assembly, I get the type I want from it and
then invoke a static method.

I have found the following behaviour:

1. If I always regenerate the assembly with a completely new name,
then it works fine... e.g. "GeneratedAssem bly.X.dll" where X is a new
number each time.

2. If I always use the same file ("GeneratedAsse mbly.dll"), which is
what I really want to do, then it always invokes the method in the
first assembly I generate, and ignores new assemblies.

3. If I change the format of the name to something like
"GeneratedAssem bly.dll.X", i.e. like case 1 but with the DLL extension
not at the end, then it always invokes the method in the first
assembly I generate like case 2.

So there seems to be something in the way .NET checks for loaded DLLs
that is causing my new DLLs not to be reloaded... can anyone help me
find a solution so I can regenerate over the top of the origional DLL
and have it load the new version?

I know you can't unload DLLs unless they're in a different AppDomain,
but I have lots of these small DLLs being generated continuously and
can't afford to put each in a different AppDomain. What I will do is
once I have too many 'dead' assemblies in memory, I will reload the
whole AppDomain in one go. So I really need my new assemblies to be
reloaded and used in the same AppDomain as the assembly it's

Any help will be welcome.

Here is some quick sample code which shows the problem (the DoStuff
method has the three cases to try - just uncomment the one you want to

using System;
using System.CodeDom. Compiler;
using System.IO;
using System.Reflecti on;
using System.Threadin g;
using Microsoft.CShar p;

namespace Temp
class Class1
static void Main(string[] args)
AppDomain.Curre ntDomain.SetSha dowCopyFiles();
Class1 c1 = new Class1();

public void DoStuff()
for(int i=0;i<4;++i)
Assembly a =
CreateAssembly( @".\Gen."+Guid. NewGuid().ToStr ing()+".dll");

//Assembly a =
CreateAssembly( @".\Gen.dll."+G uid.NewGuid().T oString());

//Assembly a = CreateAssembly( @".\Gen.dll" );

Type t = a.GetType("GenT emp.Gen");
MethodInfo mi = t.GetMethod("Pr int",
BindingFlags.St atic | BindingFlags.Pu blic);
mi.Invoke(null, new object[]{});
Thread.Sleep(10 00);

private Assembly CreateAssembly( string assemblyPath)
File.Delete(ass emblyPath);

string code = @"
using System;

namespace GenTemp
class Gen
public static void Print()
Console.WriteLi ne("""+Guid.New Guid().ToString ()+@""");
//Create an instance whichever code provider that is
CodeDomProvider codeProvider = new
CSharpCodeProvi der();

//create the language specific code compiler
ICodeCompiler compiler =
codeProvider.Cr eateCompiler();

//add compiler parameters
CompilerParamet ers compilerParams = new
CompilerParamet ers();
compilerParams. CompilerOptions = @"/target:library" ;
// you can add /optimize
compilerParams. GenerateExecuta ble = false;
compilerParams. GenerateInMemor y = false;
compilerParams. OutputAssembly = assemblyPath;
compilerParams. IncludeDebugInf ormation = false;

// add some basic references
compilerParams. ReferencedAssem blies.Add("msco rlib.dll");
compilerParams. ReferencedAssem blies.Add("Syst em.dll");

//actually compile the code
CompilerResults results =
compiler.Compil eAssemblyFromSo urce(compilerPa rams,code);

if(results.Erro rs.HasErrors)
throw new
ApplicationExce ption(results.E rrors[0].ToString());
//get a hold of the actual assembly that was generated
Assembly generatedAssemb ly = results.Compile dAssembly;
//Assembly generatedAssemb ly =
Assembly.LoadFr om(assemblyPath );

//return the assembly
return generatedAssemb ly;
catch(Exception e)
throw new ApplicationExce ption("Couldn't compile:
"+e.Message , e);
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