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Using GetElementById in PHP loop

I will like to use javascript GetElementById in a PHP for loop whereby the ids are generated as the loop executes and not fixed ids as in the example below. Therefore function displayRow() once executed will collapse all cells with ids variably assigned on looping. thus i will have $i or a variable id instead of captionRow, captionRow2 etc.

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  1. function displayRow(){
  3.       var col = document.getElementById("captionRow");
  5.       if (col.style.display == '') col.style.display = 'none';
  7.       else col.style.display = '';
  9.       var col2 = document.getElementById("captionRow2");
  11.       if (col2.style.display == '') col2.style.display = 'none';
  13.       else col2.style.display = '';
  15.       var col3 = document.getElementById("captionRow3");
  17.       if (col3.style.display == '') col3.style.display = 'none';
  19.       else col3.style.display = '';
  22.       }
<table width="300" border="1">

<th class = 'hr' id="captionRow">TH-1</th><th>TH-2</th><th>TH-3</th></tr>

<tr><td class = 'hr' id="captionRow2">cell-11</td><td>cell-12</td><td>cell-13</td></tr>

<tr><td class = 'hr' id="captionRow3">cell-21</td><td>cell-22</td><td>cell-23</td></tr>


<p><button onclick="displayRow()" >Show / Hide</button></p>



thanks in advance
Aug 25 '08 #1
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You are creating the Table rows dynamically and once the dynamicRow() function has been called all the row element has to be made invisible. The Id's are generated at run time and u want that to be controlled through loop. are u creating the dynamic elements by DOM. wether u have tried any code for that. If so please post it

Ramanan Kalirajan
Aug 25 '08 #2
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
You don't even need PHP. This could be done entirely in JavaScript. Get the number of rows in the table and use a for loop in JavaScript, then something like:
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  1. var col = document.getElementById("captionRow"+i);
Aug 25 '08 #3
what am trying to achieve is hide all cells/<td> with view, edit or delete actions (that will be 3 columns) so that on preview of this table these cells will not be visisble.Am trying to give these cells (view, edit, delete) ids so that on click of a button i can hide or display them. Here's the code, thanks:

[PHP]for ($i = $startrec; $i < $reccount; $i++)
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res);
$style = "dr";
if ($i % 2 != 0) {
$style = "sr";


<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><a href="analysis.php?a=view&recid=<?php echo $i ?>">View</a></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><a href="analysis.php?a=edit&recid=<?php echo $i ?>">Edit</a></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><a href="analysis.php?a=del&recid=<?php echo $i ?>">Delete</a></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["lp_client"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["lp_assign"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["year_end"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["prepared"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["received"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["schedule"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["date_from"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["date_to"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["date"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["part"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["amount"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["desc"]) ?></td>
<td class="<?php echo $style ?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($row["remark"]) ?></td>

Aug 26 '08 #4
16,027 Expert Mod 8TB
PHP won't run once the page has loaded. If you need to hide columns on clicking a button, use JavaScript only. What you can do is use PHP to generate the IDs and JavaScript code.
Aug 26 '08 #5

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