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open in new window

I downloaded a script for a menu (below) but I want all the links i
this part(ze_menu3) to open in a new window.
this probably a noob question, but i couldnt figure it out, so pleas
help me

"ez_Menu[3]= new Array("cbg.nl~C entraal Bureau voor Genealogie te De
Haag^http://www.cbg.nl", "genlias.nl^htt p://www.genlias.nl"
"rijksarchiefli mburg.nl^http://www.rijksarchie flimburg.nl"
"deschoolbank.n l^http://www.deschoolban k.nl"
"dewoonomgeving .nl^http://www.dewoonomgev ing.nl"
"genealogie-limburg.net^htt p://www.genealogie-limburg.net");"
"var ez_Menu = new Array();
ez_Menu[0]= new Array("Homepage ^home.html", "Onderzoek^onde rzoek.html"
"Contact^contac t.html", "Publicaties^^1 ", "BibliografieŽn ^^2"
"Links^^3") ;
ez_Menu[1]= new Array("!Persone n", "Carine Crutzen^carine. html"
"Daphne Deckers^daphne. html", "Toon Hermans^toon.ht ml", "Conni
Palmen^connie.h tml", "!Families" , "Dortu^dortu.ht ml"
"Kicken^kicken. html", "Patelski^patel ski.html"
"Savelberg^save lberg.html", "!Bevolkingslij sten"
"Simpelveld^sim pelveld.html", "1694^1694.html ");
ez_Menu[2]= new Array("Johan Gulikers^johan. html", "Ja
Hanssen^janh.ht ml", "Funs Patelski^funs.h tml");

ez_Menu[3]= new Array("cbg.nl~C entraal Bureau voor Genealogie te De
Haag^http://www.cbg.nl", "genlias.nl^htt p://www.genlias.nl"
"rijksarchiefli mburg.nl^http://www.rijksarchie flimburg.nl"
"deschoolbank.n l^http://www.deschoolban k.nl"
"dewoonomgeving .nl^http://www.dewoonomgev ing.nl"
"genealogie-limburg.net^htt p://www.genealogie-limburg.net");

var ez_fontInfo = new Array("verdana, 8pt,#000000,#FF FFFF");
var ez_tfontInfo = new Array("verdana, 8pt,#FFFFFF");
var ez_colInfo = new Array("#ABCDEF, #0000AA,#0007EE ,#111111");
var ez_borSize = new Array("1,1");
var ez_txtPad = new Array("3");
var ez_arrow = new Array(",,10");
var ez_root = new Array("0");
var ez_isBar = new Array(false, false, false, false);
var ez_xover = new Array("20");
var ez_yover = new Array("0");
var ez_bg = new Array("");
var ez_pname = new Array("Main", "SubMenu1", "Submenu2", "Submenu3") ;
var ez_pwidth = new Array("0", "0", "0", "0");
var ez_3D = new Array("3D1");
var ez_sfx = new Array("");
var ez_animate = new Array("");

Jul 23 '05 #1
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scorpiotgs said:

I downloaded a script for a menu (below) but I want all the links in
this part(ze_menu3) to open in a new window.

You posted a lot of assignment statements, but not the part of the code that
actually does anything.

Jul 23 '05 #2

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